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© 2018 Zeltos, nc. Mip is a trademark of Zeos, Inc. Pod,
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Lmited One Year Warranty.
To activate your product warranty go to our
website & registerthisproduct.
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Operating Instructions
How to use it?
Pairthe headphones with a blvetooth enabled device
Tur the headphone On by long press the power switch a tone
will b heard and the LED indicatoright will ltemately fash
Keep your bletooth headphone and bluetooth enabled device
within 3feetof ech other during the pairing process set your
mobile phone or other bluetooth enabled deviceto search for
Bluetooth devices.
When the bluetooth enabled device finds the headphone,select
"tstiihx from the lst offound devices. f required,enterthe
passward 0000.Select OK t es to pairyour device
Note:if you would ike t connect the headphones to
another device you must unpairthe headphones rom
the currently paied device fist. On your device‘s bluetooth
s, select ststaiin then select unpairWhen
the headphones have been unpaired it automatically
goesinto pairing mode again.
Driver Unit 40mm
Bluetooth Version:s.0
Playing Time: 12—14h
Battery Capaciy—250mah
Operation Range: 10—12m
Charging the bluetooth headphones
Connect the small end ofthe Micro USB cable to the
charging port on the headphones.Connect the large end
of the Micto USB cable t your computers USB port or an
AC adaptor(notincluded) The LED indicator ight turns
RED when charging t will tum off when fuly charged.
| _ Frequency: 2020642
Aftera successfu regisration a tone willbe heard and the LED Builtin Mic
tor ight willslowly bink BWE | AucPort
|_ Volume controlimusic
_ ControUPlay/Pause/Answerang—up
Location of Controls |_ Using as wired headphones
Connect the one end ofthe included 3 5mm Aux cable to
|— the AusInjack on the headphonesand the other end of
|._ the cable to an extemnal devices headphone jackismarts
| phonetabletcomputeror MP3 playen.Open a media
Glckandhold r device and lickon play tostart playing
player on your device an play playing
3‘:::; toraisevolume 1. your music.Use the controls on your connected device to
|._ control musicplayback and valume(Or you can use the
Tieien volume control on the lvetooth headphone to contro the
restartsong . volumeand controlmusicplayback by using the controls
k liktwiceto .. | _ OnYour connected devica)
ship backwards
‘ ®
exeasim i ®
tolowervolume j
Long Press) I
um 2. muse uy |
. je ces
2 merouse L":.., and end 1 @ @
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