MFFK0001 Haloboard Operational Description 17_[model] AntSpec,v01 Makeblock

Makeblock Haloboard

Makeblock Co., Ltd.
Declaration concerning Antenna Specification
It is hereby declared that the product
Model No.: MFF-K00-01
fulfills the requirement in FCC test relating to the antenna type.
The device specified above confirms to the FCC recommendations for internal antenna type(s)
described below:
Model No. of antenna: N/A
Type of antenna: PCB Antenna
BT 4.0 BLE:
Gain of the antenna: 1.5 dBi
Frequency range: 2402MHz~2480MHz
WIFI 2.4G:
Gain of the antenna: 0 dBi
Frequency range: 802.11b/ g/ n(HT20) 2412-2462MHz
802.11n(HT40) 2422-2452MHz
The mounting of the antenna is fixed to the radio module and no other antenna should be used.
Company name: Makeblock Co., Ltd.
Address: 4th Floor, Building C3, Nanshan iPark, No.1001 Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 518057
City: Shenzhen
ZIP / Postal code: 518057
Country: China
Place: Shenzhen Date: 2018-12-22
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