HYRCDRONE02 Flying Saucer Series User Manual Users Manual Shantou Chenghai Huiying Toys Factory

Shantou Chenghai Huiying Toys Factory Flying Saucer Series

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W or maaincations not expressly appraved bytne parry responsrbie rorcompitance cauie vote the
user‘sautnortty to operate the equipment.
Gentiy press the humm in the
upper Iett corner and the
Intermediate Mode transmtIter wIH beep twree
"Use ONLY the supplred usa
cord Ior charging,
This equipment has neen tested and round to comply wrth tne limits Ior a ciass B atgrtat aevroe, pursuant
2.4G Quadrocopter
I E r #5? Iiflfiflr
/ a i W “2 use [I3 91 Iii Indicating Intermediate Moden‘ In Part 15 dtthe FCC Ruies These iimlts are ueslgned to provrde reasonable prorecridn against narrhtut
2 4G m-Efifi K?) Awtauwc. I fifiéiflfifefigm I Interrerence Ina restaennai InstaIIatran, Thls equipment generates uses and can raarate rat-ha treauency
. é , g - , re, x . ,
When PMS“ upward "'9 l9“ MICK "‘3 blades \ energy and II‘ no! Instaiied and used In accordance wIIn Ine instructions. may :ause harmml Interference
.‘ a tt h h Id b II I II
| || 5 '[ I [I I: '|' | n [I M A u [I I l e (r dgneeruynftear'gd'utssulp'ewtsin athI Ascend e73; mm; w' be New” "'9 ”as" w‘ (”my ”955‘“ ““0" ‘" "‘9 toradto communicatlans, However, there Is no guarantee that tnrerIerenoe wut nor occur In a particular
gr trrrte xenggepemenm, Jlfl' ’2’ 8508" - . a , . upperIeII comerandthe ,, 5\
t ,, WW 6 Iiéfi’iflfifiwrt ametfimmmfi Advanced Mode transmiller wIII beep twice {\@I Instailatiune
”‘3 3 ‘ Vfiufi. Itthts equtpment does cause harquI Intertereneeto radio or leievtsiori reception. which can De
—.-=—g .. Indicahng tntennedtate Mode ,i
'Elfi’fgfi magnate, imasetnsi ,
_ . a aeterrnrned by turning the equipment mtana an the user I5 encauragea to try to :nrreame tnterterenae
§§Ifi:i, fiflmfléfi. /
by one ormore drtne rotiowrng measuresw
u Rebnenr or reioeate the receivrng antenna .
-- Increase the separattpn between the equipment and receivert
e Canned the equipment mm an uutiet on a CirCuIl dttrerent Irurnrhat |o wnrm the recetyer IS connected e
, consuitthe oeaier oran Exuenencea radiU/TV technician rorhetp n
— EH in B)! 1’5 3
LEDindIcaIm LED ea chamvspacmuflehi germs
It???" 3 o “235%” O ‘31! ”$223?“ 1‘“? When push the downward the Iert sttck. the
C"a7t'efe°§m°" ought w “MW“ m my De scend bIades rotation will be siower then the
J atrcrait will descend. > '
BATI'ERV AND CHARGER SPECIFCATION exiteéetaaetmte TE fifififiw“ ameesseetm
Battery usage and charge duration relerenve eeunnnamwmeei
Battery type Battery Specification Usage Duraunn are, 5 m.
/— — R vat-tat "EM NO enema Human-I Regrertm ,- "
Aupmx Apprpk SDMmmas Tu m |eft -- When push the Iert stick. the nose oI the
. We my, 3 NHWMM HeItmpIev IIIngI lIme Mme; ‘anme we", . atrcrati thI turn Ieti.
, “an “my?“ swim ”9““) Kg flifigmfig‘g, “gametes. Press the FIips&RoIss Buttonnt beep 1 ttrne to enter the advanced mode and push the direnional sttck to do hipserous.
95w” fiTfiifiR, EEiSéfitfl ‘ 997:. fififimfimfimfififiuxfififlifi.
Cavbonlinc y 5V Transmiuer OperaIIon nrrte to News Nun Reachmgelhi:
(Non Rechargeable) tsp 156 mp, cementum-1 5113mm xarma
e A ‘ -.t When push the en stick, the hose or the
i't‘ ’ ,
. I. ' t»
Tum ”9m (/1: aircraft will turn nght
~- ' - i ‘ = r - A e .
/@ BINDING OF RADIO TRANSMITI'ER AND RECEIVER teteeseteisesaaxrth 75$? ,_ 32 3 MM” was“ 5”
1/ t s s ,
rilliihgvlr 59mm“ III-2:21;“!!! Ikm’lxgzi/Igzlum ‘22:}; limitingttimim s‘ep‘ 5" fi==§llggiinflb§1m Is Shownmtphm
Yum 0N atrerart uahr xwmchw pattern side PM: the
aims“ an a rat swabs (do M71 mavetne atrcrart flwmg Ford W0 I’d
the hindlng museums”. haeymseps a unread
a! Amegiit Mlfifll¥¥hflil It "fifijfi
ntrcran ourorr e inmnniwmet iflifl
switch a .e.
WI true) M
When you push upward the right stick,
Ihe IaII of the aircraft slopes downward
and the eiromit wiII move Iorwant.
Iiirfifiims‘éwfi. 'Kfiésfil‘x‘fifiifi.
2.CONTROLLER DIAGRAM Effifimé‘fifiifl
What 3:555!“ e
fitffatfifl rig/Err
VfiHrakrng pictures
"m r we
/ \:
‘%7/¥ Pholngmpny
permeate" \ , are u np ‘
mm: 7" ’:\\"E Slsp2 than \ “MN-““-
r. t r n r / r , \ Dimmimm When au ueh downward the n ht stick
"7 “W "7 "' r / , kin/El Yum It» mlmtiar mrhullbn In In. ON than Yr» LED II nlwili Main y p g ‘ ' '
m. , t t a was a \ ,
[us/tabs / I I I, I W AKIN/em watts tame and tht hind has path mauahat BaCk Word the WI 0' the aims“ slopes downward \ Q r // I 68% Before you take photos or shoot camera, please confirm the SD Card is inside the right piaoe,/(r ttzrtthnaifiitfimzni,
thaw“ z _rnw2m mm mm , magnate“; tar-TstT'mfiwfi. stammmmen I: 1E and the aircraft thI move backward t \k 9/ remuemAme-E.
ggtmwt. I r 9). {y I tar. hymen untm , 1; \, ””i‘fi‘ E' ‘ 'Ffifiillfiflmr Vfififl‘x’fi i1 , When you want to take photos, piease press the camera button then you thI get 1 photo,
#e'a’fih , , ems ‘, 7 / \ am! that, stem tr. We, para, uh. the paste.“ western, prewar-m, with. teeth
nears, hat. I oneflfiga aura" t‘ \ i $21,323:“ ‘“"“‘”"““°” W” “M” "V“‘“'"““’“‘ ‘I‘ W“ When you want to take a video, please press the video button, then the camera start shooting. when you press the
ester I Fri a t t A e , vtdep button a an on will eta Viden.
, u t ,, muruh min" , WK my» BATIERY COVER , tethnmrttmmstee, newsman, Iiuflmmiwtfi P ‘y 9 _ e A
"My" \ 7/ a on WI” , tu at r \77/ EM 1, We”, mmemm T WEEIEQ, MIQ‘FRME, tamemrt‘atata, antennae, mmmfitfimz
/ rmmutyararuhpah
rm rtrr
steps {am
nal IE
IEEIfi$1§§HfiVIfiEIOnIV for Am
Anernying. mm the newer swrrph an the transmitter re the or: posmonLPwer Ilgntwill turn or) and aiso turn
the power swrtchon Ina bottom srde ottha aimafl to the OFF pasrtten tughts thI turn on) tndreehng eII systems
@ are now powered OFF
xfigi, emanates; ttfir’nmemtifixfianeiaretthfinnm, Ifixmefifistmtemm
up her nIsAssEuaLE
t: It ii 3 an E
step I
One Key Take oft—mun
when Code paired press the One key Takeoff the drone wIH fly up and keep the height by itseit.
NEW . fiTfiKfi r Kfiififlx r #Emafiéfi.
Slepfl 5!!!
\ Blflfry rra Yum wmetmmmmflItmetrfinxminerianmgang ene Key Landing/WEE
t 173E he be wilt: In EmnflrLe‘nnd entrant-aw Press the one key landing button, Ina dmne wilI autamaticalIy landing slowly and Ihe made SIOp running, during Ihe
"mav- a man s . trap-y _ - . . Iandrng you couid trrnr ngnl strck to make rt landing tn right place
itfifimlmzfi. KEIII'I‘IEHHIMNIIQSLH — V /— s ~ - = t ,
uremia“. 5- “W '3“ "We se'ec‘m" “Hi" er—eeren . mageeotetemeraeemem , emflewwmmem ,
uxfiasuaetmme !
/ Framers: - 0 a. ,. utter... :33: gm. AN mm mm“ _ Ssgéiylgaecsgrt‘t: gum: the fill
Pieue nuwdrrver Make sure me batteries are """ " ‘" One Ke sto /—K
2.2.; 12:22:50"! ln::z:L:dl£I;::‘:ol;::L:Il§::n gfjmmmfiglgfigx'EM {Staffaig‘lr‘flflttiiflgg‘fsrkfiIEISmer Beginlers Mode tgznsgrggglfir: an; I If the drontetit an obslade, press One key Stop running emergency
a 2 e r - my chm-Iv emu. 3" W? Y m e a an . ‘ ” ' I ' ' tussfiasmstneterstn , tar—teem , eaten/mess.
e“ mafia?“ memes. mm i
tmnmtmertt whats: aim—fit ifiAWi¥at§fC
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