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Mono lholoolh um”!
FCC |D;2AL|2-BV370
Dear Users:
Thanks for purchasing'SeeMeHere"s product
.please read thls user manual caretully before
using it.
Thanks . Let“ s enjoy muslc together!
KT (MIMI— lqllrunll
(Ii—r Myihmurulnlh: Inn-Ermh alfihfidu Mir-i
cum-r; gym-a hy Imp-fly nun-nul- In null-Ia mu y-um. n-rs nun-um;
rug-m "newly-n
1n menu-lulu will pm Isl It Kl" mum-I.“ linen It In Mir-1n:
mu-fll‘niulnbmh m .1 all hlluhlllthnnl
m "Id-II" nun up my run-nu. umuJ-mu. Ifllvtnlu- In mg
m ‘0le wuh.
no mun-m lunmillflc-y nan: rv wan-cum by
II—Imd Mill-h II M mlpmr an l—IMI! ulfl Nil ll! I11"!
nllnfityluopcr-lr m «pipe...
“I tclvuulr II; he. lat“ m km“ Ion-ply wlrl m In! hr 3 Us: Baum
lain pmum :- run I5 u to Pat a.“ nu nun m any-u - pnwk}
wl-Ibkllrulflh -hl hilll lnrrlnnlt h I all!!!“ MI‘IM 'I'Ilb
«pin-Iguana:- ulna I‘m-MI- hq-Ixy my JAIL In! it!“
t-Innl'llun Ilnnu. tkn buulrflfl Ill Illrfnulw IlIII— mIr In I
pink-hi haul-nu "mam—n l—uuchunlfl lumen-m Mn!
mhmmflsmvmflmkmh llllhuluqdpunloll-dnm
mun-wan, bum och-rim..- n; "pm-mama that.
- Warn“ durum nl-m
— Inm- Ih nap-mu um urn-gun.- In! navy.
_ C-Iul qufin-l ill unlit ‘- (lnul dllkr—l l!- Ihl hIId It nub"
II "Ila“.
— Cal-HI III lulu-ran W "MY tort-Mn l‘ur Nip.
-Please use and slore this praduct at room
‘Do not expose this producl (0 rain or wet
~P|eise avoid ‘hrowing and dropping the
-Do not self-dismamling, repair Ind tlansfalm
the precinct
TF >AUX ordellv
":|l wmroul TF curd or Aux. press mode
me made Shim Just S‘OV an BT mode
Q) a Illa-loom:dllconnecvlrconnecv/hundme
”when a cal comes In, snorr press ro
answer the cal snon press 10 hang up
wnrle on me call
zllona press 25. enrer rnro Muelno'h
mode 0! dlsconnecv Bhetoorh.shon Dress
to lsconnect
Slshon press to reconnect the lusl palred
mg I vlous:shorl press, qa ro the previous
long press.volume acwn
Wow-usher! Dress lo play/pause
S Noxmhon press go lo the nexr sang; long
Dre“, VOIU’W Up
Get Started
Noted me kevs‘s mncnon on 5V3 70
@(3) IE
: L 01!!
®é 1F card - Insen TF card and Dlavme
stored muslc:
0 Run: Press "when speaker crashes
mm In: Connacr 3.5mm Audio cable
connecr me campurer lo access rne TF
were run unchanging
Bum In Microphone
I-sfl o
m.- lndlcmv "gm; banary capaclry
ION." lndlca‘ol Cnamlng Indlcanu
. vac-1. w. cnurfii in mm
mm, LED nay
° 75“"""" maroovomag
wvoLEDnm I
. c a 3mm
thmnm 5.1,: mm m m
G a mask". mm».
law Pawn mm time an am
an m mwmum
Mpg.- mummmm
ememwculy ,_ Cnarg‘ng
o u Vumuflm
«w in mm
When ulna low Powev. red [ED Qu‘ck
flash when mm on, and avno WIII mm
0" In T 55.
E Bull? In snapshooflng luncilon
When BV37U connecvea wlvh Apple devlces
[\Phune. IPad e!c).Opeva1e cameva app, men
men was he rake nlcmves.
a compailblo Im
IPhone 4/45/5155/5C/é: IP06 etc.
a * Mon. Innlcum
1am on: whlle LED qulck Hash, wunlng Va be
connecyed, whlm [ED 510v when connec’ed
an“ under IIuoIoolh mode: whlie lED slow
Play undlr Micro ID card: whl'e LED svay
Faun undo! Mlcm so card: whne LED flash
y underuxln: Mme LED smy
Mute undavAux In: wrme LED "ash
Max volumo: wrme LED qulck "ash
Operallon R Blueiooih
I] 25 long pm- mm on/ mm on
Power on ‘D-ng Donu‘ men‘ voice
plump. 'Blueioom moae‘ Mme LED
‘ mm on and flash.
E ltd-loon- connocilon
mm on Blueioam (unchan on smuvl phone, table! 0'
other davlcas, saalcn ma xneaker'sva In'anu
connec! n.
Conmlud and play
mere ls “Dmo-donq-dlna‘ sauna once patrea.
wnrte [ED may, then you can enlov you! mum: vla
W370 tram your man phone or tablet etc.
I. u need password, 2. BV370th reconnect
ptease input '0000' the last paved device
and conlrrm to cannect autommtculv
Mlcro SD card
mode and play
II rrmt I'F can! and turn an
Insert "19 'F cam. mm on .718 speaker
and mm to ~n= cara mode'. me
speaker wrl play the sloled music.
um: II trts speaker I: on stand by model Insermre tr
card," mll ammo IF card mode amomuflcally.
Connaci other
Bluemolh devlces
I] norm». atreorrrrect
Lona mess
man unconnect
culrem alrm'taotn amicaJhen ttra
snacks! enter pamng mode, whlle
LED uastr and the trance prompr I:
snort pmr
ELI to reconnect melust palraa device.
u Hundsfree
snon Dress
‘ shun pm:
Long prasr
turn on the muetootn
tunctron on man phone or
other aevtces. then search
'avam' to connect.
H van connnclad min
"I. marl Dhono
"‘ wnan a can come: In . rne Dluvlng
J wil be nausea, men ring tong,
r to onswsrthe call
a arn lo hung up‘
In ralact the cal
connect to
pray aevtce
Conneci '0 Evil 70
Audlo cable
.Llne In made paly
Long plea! to turn on the speaker, press 6] to mm
the "une rn mode" ttten use me audla caaieto play
my man
chafing: nuke Dc sv-suomA adapm or
compute: us: pan
Plume chuvglno me weakev I! long "me no ualng.
, ”Mm,“ Imam-pom
“MM" 2. Mod mud Dhnu W
LN“ . emu». Mam common:
Mumplaybmal Vlalal mnuulmmmmnnm
s we
' I pm: m V: 1mm com. or my.
rr ma mm wwfl um
mm mm 21n- «we roman anew“. mum.
us. Fug: 0! mm
V,CMckM- yum autumn-m on
M mm In mm
uan no wunu
Kuhn mm on
Sp!” rm:
acne-a m. speaker is n m o: puma
LCM-m w m. am can. cmnamu w
llquw ‘
MAI-nu mmmmmnom
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