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Shenzhen Renqing Excellent Investment Co.,Ltd Bluetooth Speaker

FCC ID Filing: 2ALT3-RQZY2201
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Mmphmi I177 LEDrnrticater
Play/Pause @ a Power euttan
use Power Port
AUX pert
Turn on/off
Long press the power button for 3 seconds to
turn on/off the speaker
* 530 speaker Will be err automatlcally it no music
play in 15 minutes
)3 Bluetooth Mode
1, Turn on yourS30 speaker; white LEDlndicator
will start blinking rapidly.
2, Enable Bluetooth functlon on your device;
search for the 530 speaker, the name
"rock space 530” Will appear in the list,
3, Select the “rock space 530" and pairyour
device. If necessary, enter the PIN “0000"
when pairing is success, the white LED
indicator Will keep on.
NOTE: When turn on the 530 speaker , the
speaker will automatically connect to the device
it connected with in the last time, If Connecting
is not success, the speaker Will enter pairing
mode. when try to connect with other devl(es,
please make sure you have turned oh the
Bluetooth function of current connected device
or long press the power button to enter the
pairing mode again
© AUX Mode
1. Connect your device to the AUX connector on
the 530 speaker with 3.5mm stereo cable.
. Turn on your 530 speaker, and the speaker
Wlll switch to AUX mode
. Play music on the audio device,
LED Indicator Will start blinking red light when battery is
LED indicator Will turn red when charging the speaker.
LED indicator Will turn 0“ when battery is rully charged.
More Please charge the 530 speaker by using the prnvided
use charging cable Please make sure the speaker is tully
charged betere first use.
530 Bluetooth Speaker
lnput‘ 5v, 1A Audlo output 3w
Battery. ISDOmAh Chargln913H
Play time 6H Slze: 62x62x68.5mm
Bluetooth: v4 1 Sensltivtty: >80dB
Frequency;200*20khz Weight: 204g
Please store and use the devtce at harneeathennic
Please keep the eevice away troni water, don't drop any liquid
rnaterial :e the dev ee
Please don‘tthlowthe device to avod drapplng aarnage
Please use the rated veltage chargei to charge the device
Please zdlust appreprate veluine te avnld damage ta yeur
Please contact prelessienal sen/ice personnel Ior any dainage,
the warranty beceine invalid Ior any unauthorlzed alsassemble
Shenvner kenehe ttttiiencinvectnttt ct , L'd
Aaaiet arr, that ar, he can int
he les' kueyust taau Nznehir ettrtt
sireiuier chi-ta
tiatiire MUM! mr
cm. t ua aha o'kclrmn fate
Waes t. WW 'ucksuice rk
It you have met any difficulty while
using 530 Bluetooth Speaker
Contact us dlrectly
RFWimmg statement
rhe devlce has heer evaluated to rneet general RF exposure reguirenent rte
cevlce can be uterl in portable exposure cont: tion Without Ieutldlon
rcc statenents
rhit devlcecemfllles t-rith part 15 at the rcc rulet Operatier is sublet: to
theIollowmgtwoconditions it tritaevicernay tetcaleeharnirul
ntcrrt-rtnce and lzithiteevitt- nutt accept any intent-enct rnculvnd
nclutt reinterrerencethatntaycatttunaetiree operntlan
NOTE rhe ntanu‘aflwe'li net rexoonSlbleIor any raaie prrv interrerence
cauteapyunautherirtarneaiticatiansarchargettathsequipnient such
naairicativnsarchangcsceu dvaldtheuser tautheritytaeperatcthc
NOTE rlriseauipnienthastaeentestteanereuntttacainpywtnthelirnitster
atlzxxsdlgtaldevlce,:m'suanttapanlsaItheFCCRule: ihetelirritt
aredexlgr‘edtoprnvldereatonnhlepretectlon agalnxtharmlullnte'lerenu r
aresittential inttallation Thli equipinent generates use and can rat: ate
raaiaireauencytnergyana, it he: insta led and used in accaraancevlith the
nttrtictiansnaycautcharntru interrercnceterattiecenntuticatiert
However, there it noguarantee th - te'lerenze tv ll net occur in a aartlcular
nttallation llthlseqmpr‘lentdoescause tarrniulinterierencetorarliopr
anaen theuserl:encouraged:otrytocorréctthelnter‘erencehyonemmore
, heerietterreocatethereceivingantenna
, increasetheseparatianbetwerntheeauipnitntand receiver
Wr ch lhereceiver itcpnnctlca
'Cunxult rte rlealerer an experienced raciortheehnitian tar help
rrecllency 7anr MEX Cetpllt ilerricr
mummy main
repay Silt‘rligr htriieine, rkttrlcvit lvivtrttvinnit eelle rltrelartt
the: the recie ccuiaineii: tyar knunsse are in :einalierc
Dl'ettlveZDM/SE’EL 'heIulltemetheEL declaratanoImlIm'l
tyisalai i ulsalllc rein nglrtr'rslttulr s
hnp:llwww.vockphonemk/newydelz s.axpx?citegory:lltid:14
Duc tetht utttt rnclesurc 'namnal, rte prettuctthall only taecannectett
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neveretppse the hluetooth weaker undersuong sunshine or too wet
ihetuitataltttniptraturererthtpreauctanaacctssaritt SU'EJU'C
whcnchartint pleaseplace:tebluetoethspeakerinaneny ronnient
ternperaturunaeeeevcnti atian itisrccenirnenaeatachasgcthc
hluetoeth weaker in an envirenrnentwith a tenaerature :tatraneet
IVONS'C'IS'C Pleasaentllretpuseptlytheeharterotierec bythe
nanutacturtr usingunautherirtachargernraycauscaangrrane
warranty :nm
Release date
tar thesakeerveurnahts cr-d interests aieaseni initeaierui v
aha rnakegaaa serekeeping which isas tnevaccnerrarrepaii
nreeueryae Dealer Nome
Centeclrei SalcsDatc
user s in-errnetien
UsersName centeetrei
nesteiaaeress enicii 500
Warranty Content warranty Date
Mktwcevmdtectuflsl Sclssevvcscomrv‘lt'nenl leeieercerneei Sar‘
nreeeelrvpe cernmitmentpeiiev Servlccmode
CahlrbtAuttsCuLlr threat-rrnucl.ail-tt ”WWW,
», t rte—the wu
ceiivev ll:
i rastvu mitt-
enl-es carpets
tiuet Ni iet 1K ~>ne
tre e pew-m t»:
E ock space
U s a g e M a n u a l
530 Bluetooth Speaker
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