BCON-10 BCT Bluetooth smart glasses User Manual SEESUN.CO.,LTD

SEESUN.CO.,LTD BCT Bluetooth smart glasses

Page 1 of BCON-10 BCT Bluetooth smart glasses User Manual  SEESUN.CO.,LTD

Rey 1.0KR
rho SEESUN a CON is a light weight wireless hndu! aungium that In
arueraetrm reenneluey Ind Ben. esnduerien lunvduc"
Nere Piease read arr rnrennarren eareruriy prrerte usrng sEEsuN a con
rn erderte prevenr damages to rrre produsrerrd re enroytne besl peflumrancs
www seesuntv
Cepynem 2017 SEESUN cor TD Air Rrenrs Reserved
Do net use repiaeenrenr or components met de not esnrpiy wrrrr standards
rr can cause a breakdwm se tanner neve a euaranree sernee even under warram‘l
included in the package
peeertetren er par-rs
Right mnpre
/ Mrcrnphone h m
f rower/viewsuse/tsii/Srep
vdrorne up outton / Next song
f Voiunre DOWN outren / preneos song
7chargrng Pan
a red rndrsersr
new Io Palrlng
How to Call
Btuetunnr w
a COMO Conneaed
e | s
Press Power purron rsrcrseeonds
to turn sn
E Ms,
Mermm on e oruetoetrr or me dense.
seresr ‘5 COMM
e c.- e
‘ [H Prrsxllime ‘ B
errerry press rne power purron
re ger a ca”
Press 1 runs
errerry press rne power purron
re end a sari
How lo Mulic III-y
How on charge
(09mm Zim5
B assrrnr
D I «
r.) SlrirgM 21mm
arr-fly press to power Next Sang/Previes Sang
ourren re prey/paus- Press (e) or (er 2 snarerrr
a mini: runes.
Voiunre Ormlml
,Press (er or it) ourren
esnnesta enargrng same to tne pen on tne eertorn
etternpre tcnareer rs not prsndedr
Do not drop tne devree
Do not rnedrfy, reparrr or drsassenrrrre
Do not expose drreetiyte water, alcohoir benzensr ere ferdeanrne
Do not expose drreetiy ts riarnrnarrres
Do not piece or xeep rne devise near flarnrnapies
Keep me devise away from exesssrve nunrrdrty and dust
Do not piaee neavy ooreets en rne dense
. cnanees or modifications not expressry approved rry rne parry responsrrrie rer
senrpiranee eeuid verd rne user‘s aurnonfy re eperare tne equrprnent
. rnere rs a nsx ofexpiesron rrrne battery rs repiased by an rnsonest hyper
. Drspose of used partenes assordrne to the rnstnretrens
. Do not arrange grasses ienses by yourserves Lenses er frames an as broken
by ever pressure or rnexperreneed Piease ursrt near opt-ear store te change ienses
. Do not nreve BOT nead wrtn exeessrue rerse above tne range or mining,
it may rause damaged eroroxen
rnrs dense senrprres wrtn Pan t5 errne FCC Rures
Operatren rs sumeclm rne rerrewrng rwo eerrdrrrons
(tr rrrrs dense rrray nor eruse nannrur rnrsnerense, and (z) rnrs dense rnusr aooepr
any rnrerrerenoe reserved rnsruerne rnrerrerenoe rnar may sause undesrred ooerarron
oone mnfludron rs rrre mnfludron or sound re rne rnner earrrrrouen tne oones or
rne sxurr aone sonduorrorr rrarrsnrrssren can be used wrrn rrrdrnduars willr norrnar
orrnrperred neanno
oone mnfludron rs one reason wny .n permn‘s value sounds drrferenr re rnenr
wrrerr rr rs reserded and prayed ersx Eemuse rrre skuH oorrdusrs rowertreeuensres
oerrerrnan arrr oeoore perserrre inerr own uoroes to ee rowerand rurrer rrran orners der
and a reserdrrre or ones own uorse rreeuenrry sounds nrener rnan one exoeors rr
to sound
Musrorans may use oone senduorron wrrrre urnrrre srnneed rrrsrnrnrenrs re a urnrrre rorx
Arrer rne rsrx suns norarrng, orasrno rr rn rrre rneurn wrrn rrre srern
oerween rrre buck reern ensures rnar one oorrunues re near rne nore
na bane oonduetron, and eorrr hands are rrrse ro do rne runrng
Now re val!
Jusl wear tne grasses as eenerai grasses Ya find good sounds and rseatren
for seen rndrndoar prease purr dawn act nead re rne rronrefeer
before weanng grasses
rrtryrng re more 507 need as weanngr rt can make unesnrfsrrarrre
Fcc RF Exposure rnrornrarron
True qurprnent comprres wrm FCC RF exposure irmrt requirements set for rn an
uneonrroiied envrrenmenr
Hewte adiulf rn- roe-tron.
Eaen rndrurduar rras drrrerenr snaoe oroene er sxurr Aeoerdrnery rne oornrs wnrerr
users can neerwerr are drrferenr SEESUN a CON nas find adrustrnenr nrenne
-eysrern so please find esnecr pssrtren by rnsnne ecr need
snare "g
.wrren rne charger rs sonnesred, wrlh rne peweren srsrf rne neadserwrrr rurn err
.wnrre snarerng, trre LED rndrearsr wrrr shi7w a sore red rrenr
.wrren energrne rs eerrrorerer rne rsn rndrearerwrrr snow a orue rrenr
Low rum-w
-A rew bafiery rene wrrr ammunce wnen a barter re rew
.rrrrre barrery re net charged, me needser wrrr rurn err
Power on r Fewer err
.r=ress power button ro power ‘ON‘ or OFF rout sewnds
-Befsre usrng rne headset rerrrre nrsrtrrner you rnust oarr rr wrrn a aruerserrr.
enaored nevree
tr Easy Parnng
ar Press power burrsn feré sessnde to power on
or rr rt rs ysur nrsrrrnre panng rrre dense rt wrrr aursnratrearry enter parrrng rrrsde
rfrr nae been paved but no pared dense rs rn range rt wrrr errrer earnne nrede
after is seconds the LED rndresrerwrrr nrdrer. red and a erue rrgrrt
e) On tne dense you wrsn rs parrr find rrre bruereotn nrenu and 'selrch ref
or 'add" new devices
dr Sereer-e cert-to- me rne rrsr efdenees
er Onee oarnne rs eerrrorere yw er near an announeernenr
and red rrgnr er snew a sure rrenr
nrne e CON wrrr aummllrcaHy turn or rr ner paired wrrnrn a nrrnores
LED Indicator
a cart sratus Astra-r
earnno Mode rne orue one red rrgrrr nrsxerrepearedry
smeared rne erue rrgnt rrrsxers every strrrras
can and Pay sonnesr rne orue rrgnt rrrsxsrs euery stones
Summary of Call functlon
Speci cation
Moder v SEESUN is some
Warent 45g
rrarrre rnarenars rReo/urrswsrrroort
Sfatus of battery
Conn-ct errareine eaere to the pen on rrr. oertern oftmnpre.
(charger is "at provided)
rec rndrosror srarus
twrrsn merger rs eenneered)
earrery sretus
' Floalo err-re. 5:00" over zrrrs bofor- flm uarne.
Aura reconnect
, ifrrre a CDN wrri disconnect The neadset vrrir aursnratreariy reeenneet
wnen rt rr romeo hack on We rn range curefranee
, ifrrre par-ed menses are separated by a range m: rear to: mere-s) or mmr
tne needserwrri drsesnnesr
, ifrrre neaaset does not auternarreaiiy reesnnesrwnen rt rs oaex
wnnrn tne requrred ranger power on again to reeennest manuaHy
The Red LED srays on we sure rse may; on
cnarorns meMe
issue Fnurbie serurren
cnesanernerrne earrery or
rne e CON rs rurry snareed
Does not rurrr on
sneex Werner ore earrery or
me e CON rs roe
Chxk maker rn. nendser sunwns
trs nsseset crhands—fvee eruereern orerrrss
sneex and rnraeare rne ydrurrre reuer
unsure rs eernrnunreete wrrrr me a cow
new round
Wm 31m Am“ Lenses rrrsrarrsrs recredanzeor. erue ironr/ seaseo
Answering s ca“ Rmmg enery press rne pews! bulwn erueroorn Ver eruerostr. 4 trees
serrrne eawerrar rrmrrwmsvnsn,‘ erreroorn Proms mar sneer srnse r 2,AchPt 5
e coN writ eonnsrr to can admmarreafly rnsnrssren range . up or aJreersti o nsrersr
Radmi Power on Vress me printer when 2 stmrghl trmes Chargy Type MiWUSB
Carl farscl Ringing Press Ihe power bunch fur hounds ("WSW "WM . DC W "W' U 5“
Ending a ear rsrxrng enery pres: rne pcwsfbulwn Emmy Lr-w‘vmera rv manner
usrurns comm! Talking Press » ma humm charge me Approximsrsiy 2 more
hits rrne Up re re neurs
Surnrnary errvrusis function way mm, “mm“
Fttrrmcrrr srarus Action srandoy rrrrre Up re rzu raurs
Nay power on errerry press rrre power ourrsn 0mm Cmmmm renoersruer at Wasn't
Pause Musrt on snary sass tna sewer eunon wunrrdrryr sovs~mve
uororne £0"er Muxr: on press r or s surron ceurrry or orrern Kerr-z
Nen/vamus sane Muxr: on Press r or 7 enter 2 st ghffrmes
Yyrre eene Cnndudrnn rrarrseuser
eerre conduerron rrsnsduoer re Ohm 21er at r rtrrzs
Fredueneyresponse roe HZ ~ rznoonz
sore Conduction Senerrnry (IKhz)lx roornv nns 77 or; : see too re t odyner
Twe Ereerrsrs condenser rrrrooonene
output rrrrosdanoe z 2 xonrns
Frequency resoense zn H1 - zn KHz
Mrs ssnsrnnry ’ to 05116! at r xro
erresunry ’ OMNi erreetrnry
we CON ssn'reennest re a eruerdetn on a devioer
ysu sarr reset B‘CGN to rts rastery serrrnes
wrren power is CON on. prease press Mrs) ourrsns rogetrrerrdr rwer asessnds
And rrren rne use rndrsarorrrrsrrers a red and a orue rrgrrt wrtn a women
is CON wrrr return to a restory reset
Addrtrsnai rnferrnarion
Radio frequency exposure
rnrs aruereorrra Bone Condumun Headset, a COM rs a radre rransnrrrter and reesrver
wnen rn sperarren rreenrrnunreates wrtn a aruereerrra equrpped inspire de ’
by resernng and transnrrrtrr-p radre frequency (RF) eiesrrsrnagnetrsreids (nrrermaves)
rn the frequency range 2 4 to 2 m5 GHz rne eurput powerefrrre radre transrnrrrer
rs iew to out wartsr Veur Brueteetnm Headset is desrened rs sperare rn esnrprranee
wrm rne RF exposure guide‘ as and irrnrts set by natrenai ammres and rnrernarrenar
meahh agenees
rrnrrted warranty
Simian re tne eendrrrorrs sf rnrs Lirnrred Wananryr SEESUN ccr rm) wanants
rnrs produetre be rreerrern defects rn designr nrarenar and wsrxrnansnrp at rnetrrne
ofrts engrnar pursnase py a Whitman and for a subsequenr pened efene tir year
snsurd your pmdun need wananfy lewiuar pieare Mum rr re tne deaierfrsrn wnenr
rt was pursnased or contact a eontaet eenrrete get More rnfonnatren
srzsurr cs nzpr
srys Hwalanga , Dangagu,
psegu. Repub er Korea moo
m : Hr mam—20m
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