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Shenzhen Niyajia Technology smartwatch

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            User Guide

(s 1, Pleaseread this Instruction Manzal caretuty
       before operation:
   2. tshould be charged fo atloast2 hours before
       being used for thefrstme;
   3. Ate turning on the equlpment, !tis equired to
       load APP.Inloading APP.a authorization
      spplications should be agrood, thonwise ts
      functions can notbe used.


                   Touch key

  Requirement of the mobile end
  system adaptable to watch

MB mnoroiss.a antavove
0B ross rensabove
 —. Application method
  1. Charge the equipment
in charging, sleaso aff h USB charging wireto thecharging
eleciic point on the back ofthe watch accorcing to e
connect the USB interfaceofthe other end with the shone charger
or computer USB torminal wih the rated output valtage of 5V and
the oulput current f over 500mAto charge the watch

2, Use the watch
 (110n: When the watch is in OFFstatus, itcan beturmad on by
 holdingand touching th touch key or 3 asthe dlagram
 (21—1) The display me can bo adiustod in APP
 (2)Operation: Toueh the toueh area for one timet stchthe
sereon ntorface. !fthereisany subsidiaryinterface at prosont,
holding and touching the touch area for 3s wil eterInto the
correspanting subsidiary interface.
(3)8rightview: When the watch is in theblack sereen status,
the use can touch the touch areafor onetime tbighten the
sereen. Ifthas been iniated the sereen brighteningswich by
turning wristin APP, h user can brighten the serean by urning
the wrist Than, the watch will show t main timeintorface
(4)0FF: Switc the watch t the OFF interface just as the
diagram (2—1—2). Holding and tauching the touch kay for
3s wil presentthe OFF animation and vibrate. Afrnards,
the watch wil btumed oft.

                 @—a—n             @2

3. Operation of APP download and APP connection
(1ARP downloa The watch can be connected with the mobile
phone with applleaton supportThe APP can be downloaded
through seanning the GR code, trough searching *A Band®
from the appilcation marketfor Android system,or through
searching °H Band from APP Store for10system
 (2)Connect watch and APP
 Te frststep:initate the Bluetoothofthe celiphoneThe
 second stop:Launch °H Band®applleaton on the calphone.
 regterthe Indivdual accountas the requirement, or choose
 to register it no aceount,enterthe main APP intertace after
      ng the relovantindividualnformation
 "The thir stop:"Click o connoctthe device" ontAPP
 interface, search the Bluetooth ofthe watchto be connectod,
 and bindthe equipment. Justas te dlagrams (2—1—3)and
 (2—1—4)indieats,the ealphoneof 108 system can completsthe
    ndingby clcking‘paiting‘, otherwise, some finctions shall
 notbe used. Justasthe diagram (21—5),the main interace
 shalldisplay thatthe Blustooth has bean connected after
 connecting watch and the cellphone APP. Just as the diagram
 (2—1—8)isplays, the dlagram (2—1—7) shallnotb displayed t it
 is not connectod

         @13               go+o             @+s

(2)Operation of unbinding APP
a. Unbinding aperation of Android callphone: Glick®
discannection® on °H Band" APP Interface,just as the dlagram

5 Unbinding operation of 108 calhone: Ater clcking
"disconnaction‘on‘H Band" APPInterface, and then enter
callhons system setting—Bluetooth—cicking the exctamation
markaftor o equipmont name—igncring the oqutoment,to
completely unbind Blustooth.

    Function introduction and operation
1. Common function
1.1Exercise model
(DFunction ntroduction :
      a.In sxercise model, watch can record the ime, heart
rate, alore and step number in exerclsng. n the haltvay,
the user can choose to ause or continue,
      5 Auto—axit n doing exercisewatch can jusgo f he
useris n exercise state atpresent automaticaly.!tithas
en Judged to reach the exercise extreauiroments t wil
sutomaticall exitfrom the exerciso mode
      o. Data storage: Watch can onl storethe exercisedata
of the latest3 tmes

      ata displayn the main nterface status,touching the
touch keyfor ons time tawitch to the sxercise ntorace,just
as the diagram (3—1—1) lsplays. n the exercise nterface,
pressing and holdingfor 3s to onter into the xerciso data
isplay interface,justas the diagram (3—1—2) dsplays. Atths
moment,the interface displays the exercise time, heartrae,
calerie and stop number.
Pause and continue;Inthe exercise data isplay nterface,
touching the touch key for one Ume to sultchtothe pause status,
just as the dlagram 3—1—3 dlaplays. Atthis moment, prossing and
holdingfor3sto pavse the exarcise mode Watch vibratasfor
11 and then displays the continue nterface, Justasthe diagrom
3—1—4 shows. Pressing and holdingfor s to recover exercise
the userhas no operationfora period in thisinterface,watch
displaysthe lack sereen automaticaly. Once tis brightened
again,it wl show the data display intrface
Exit:Touchingthe ouch key forwo tmes in the data dislay
interface wil nterthe axitinerface as diagram(3—1—5).Atthis
moment, ressing and holding the touch key for 3o ext e
exercise mode. Ifthe user conducts no oporation or B n this
intortace, watch turnsto the black seroon automaticall. Onco
itbrightened again, t wl shov the data display nterface
        @——n               c—+2              @3

                   go—a             @5
 1.25tep counting, calorie and mileage
(1Functio ntroduction:Watch wil dsplay he ota top number,
calorie, mileage and exercisig target porformance othe user
of hat day in the ntertace.The data wilbe resetat0:00 everyday.
(2) Operation instruction: Single touch in the main interface wil
switchtothestop countig nterface,Just asthe iagram (3—1—6)
displays. t wil urntoblack sereen and become standby
avtomatiell ifthe user has no operationfoa cartai poriod
 1.3Heart rate               @0
 (Function introduction:
a. Heart rate monsuromont: Watch wil moasure the hoartrate of
the use in the heart rato measuromont interface. Ator
moasurementthe result wil bdisplayed. t becomes black
seroon automatieall i thare is no oporationfor 60#
i. Automatic monltoring fthe heartrate: The function can bo
turmed on and off through APP settng. When this fiction is on,
watch willconduc automatic monitoring on time(overy 10
mminutes) and record the heart rate data. Ifa callphone is bond,it
willconveythe data to the APP torminal.
6. Heartratealarm: When the heart rate automatic mon‘toring

 functiois         ntatod, this function can bturnad on and off
through APP setting. And the heartrete upor mitcan besot
\When the hsart rats ofthe userreaches the upper mt watch
willvbrat, alarm and diplay the hearrate alarm intorface,
just as th dlagram(3—1—7) displays
(2)0peration instruction:
      a: Heartrate measurementSwitchto the heartrate
momsuremontintorface in the main intertace,just s the iagram
(3—1#) isplays. Onceitonters theinterface,the measurement
startsInthe measurement process,the fgure shown in the
intorface is zero. Aflr measurement,the fgure wibedisplayed
 Ifthe resultis always unable to be detectod,the fgureshould
always be shown as zero untth standbystatus:
       b. Atomatic monitoring of ONIOFF: operation procedure
opon Hband‘~—>setting——>my dovice—>ON/OFF sottin
automatie montoringof heartrate
     6 Hoartratealarm: oporation procedure: "open Hband=>
seting—>my device=—>heartrate alrm ONIOFF:—>sotthe uppor

               @an                  @+n
(DFunction ntroduction: Watch wil displaythe slaap ime, doep
steapduration, ightsteep duraton and sleap qualty ofthe user
of the previous nightinthe intrface

     (2)0peration Instruction:i wllconvertto the sleap ntertace
through singlo touch n the main intertace, ust as te diagram
(3—41—0), and iturms tothe black scroon and becomas tandby if
the user has no oporationfora continuous 5s
     1.Search the cellphone
(1}Function introduction This function can be set ONIOFF in
APP.WhenItis O it antersthecallphone searchingintrfoce
1t thecellphone and watchare connected,wateh can search
calphone and cellshone vibrates and sounds
(210peration instruction
ONOFF: Open H Band —»setting—>my device—>ON/OFF seting
"Then ths function of search the calishons" can be turned on or
Searchh calishons: Switchto the calphone search inteface
in tho main ntorface, just as the diagram—1—10}.pross and
holdfor3s to search celiphone, dispiay the caliphons search
animation as the diagram 3—1—11. Atthe momentthe calphone
viratos and rings for 3wth an intorval of2s.
Search ext:in searching callphone,touching thetouch hey for
one tm willhave search sxitAfter searching the cellphone for
1 minuto,itwil xt automatcaly from the function and turnto
the black seroon. Singlo touch ofthe eauiomont wl stop
searching and exting from thefirst intorface ofcllphone search

                @ot—10)                   g—m
(1DFunction Introduction: This unction can be set ONIOFFin
APP. Whanitis "ON,thestopwatchfunction can be used on the
(2)Operation nstructon:
ONIOFF: Open H Band——»setting—>my davies—>0NIOFF
suting—Than th function of stopwatch"can be turned on oroff
Stopwatch operation: Thefrstinterface ofthestopwatch can be
reachod byswtching overte ntortace i the homepage,Just as
the diagram 3—1—12. Pressing and holding for3 enters the
secondaryInterface ofthe stopwatch,justasthe diagram 3—1—13
Afterwards, t startstotime by touching thetouch key foone tme
Inthetiming process,the touch key canbe touched for ne time
to pause/startswich,Iturms tothe back scroon after startng the
stopwatch for1 minuts Pressing and holdingthe stopwatch
Interface for 3 exltsthe stopwatchfunction, and returns tothe
secondaryInterface ofthe stopwatch

17 Count down
Function ntroduction: The count down finction can count cown
the fced time set y the useWhen time is up, watch will leplay
animation and have viration alarm:
Operation instruction:Thisfunction has two operation modes
a Operation procedure ofsingle countdown: open H Band‘~—>
seting——>my device—>countdoun—»startto count doun——>set
the duration ofsingle ime~>contirm. Athis moment,watch
brightens ts sersen and starts tocount down, justas the
diagram 3—1—14. ttuns to he black screen when thare is no
operation ftera certain period n the countdown peried,the
countdown U! is n the rotary status(pressing and holding this
Interfacefo 3swl extthe countdon function). When the time
is up, wateh vbrates talrm andis accompanied with
erminting animation, which lastsfor 3.
b Operation procedureof permanent countdown: open "H Band®
~—»setting=—>my deviee——>countdoun——>turn on the Intrface
display switch—»setthe common duration —»contirm. Watch
sultches the Interface to show the countdown inteface. Just as
the dlagram 3—1—15, pressing and holding fo35 atthis moment
to enter the secondary countdowniterface. Just as th diagram
3—1—16, when it startsto count down, it tums to the black crean
aftera certain erlod. n the countdoun prtos, the device
daplays the countdowninterface and the countdown U ise
rotary status, Pressingand holding thsintrface or 3 wil it
the countdown function. When thetimeis up, watch vibratas to
alarm and is accompanied with reminding animation, which

      @orm)                @9                   @or1e)
2. Prompting function
2.1 Alrm clock
(DFunction ntroduction:The user can set an alarm clook in APP.
Asinglealarm clock or repeated alarm clock can be set
Moreaver,th alarm clock can also be set with labels of a total
t 20 groups forthe users‘selection. Singlealarm clock can be
deleted while repeated alarm clock can be set ON/OFE or deleted.
(2)0peration Insruction:settig procedure:open "H Band®—>
setting~—>my device—>alarm seting~>lickthe *« n thetop right
comer—»setthetme and promotingdate(select the repeated
time fotrepeated alarm clock,—>selectthe label>click the
 \" in the topright comer Afr the alarm clock sotting, watch
willvbrateand displaythe alarm clock abel when thetimeis u.
Just as the diagram3—2—1) shows, watch turns to the black seroon
for standby ater vibating fo10 times. f thetime sotfor single
alarm clock conficts with the time seforrepsated alarm clock,
the device vil displaythe single alarm lock with pronty)


2.2Answer the incoming call mute, reject
(1}FunctionIntroduction:This finction can be urned ONIOFF n
APP.Whan "ON*, watch vibrates when there is any incoming
allof the calphone(There wil be promptafterpating the
cellhone Bluetooth in 1GS system, isplays he ncoming cal
label,Incorming number(i he address Ist f the cellphone
records the number, the name ofthe calerwlb cisplayed),
Just as the dlagram 3—2—2 untlthe user answers ohangs up
Through watch operatlon, mute orrefectforthe ncomingcall
can be realized. Aftethe successtul operation, watch turns to
black sereen and becomes standby.
(2}Operation nstruction
Sefting otncoming cal prompt: operationprocedure: ‘open H
Band?—> seltng——>information prompt—>turn on the incoming
Mute: Watch viirates when cellshone has ncoming cal. Atthis
moent,touching the touch key for onetime will mute the
Incorning call watch stops vibation,and the Iterface prompts
to have muted
Refect: Watch viirates when cellshone has ncoming cal. At
this moment, pressing and holding thetouch key for 3 can
rejectthe Incoming cal. t uns o the blacksereen 0. attr
the screendsptays the refection.

2.3 SMS/celphone APP Information prompt
(1)Function Introduction: This function can be turned ONIOFF
in APP. Whan thisfurctionistumed "ON‘, watch can cisplaythe
push content!f the cellphone recaivas any SMS or celhone
APP(WeChat, QQ and so on)has nformation push@require
pairingfor 108 and inttion of Android authorty,the iformation
prompt can be pushad ortinary) Justasthe clagram 3—2.9
()Operatin nstruction:
ONIOFF seting: operation procedure: open H Band—»setting
——>Information prompt«—>setthe category ofth Information
required tobe pushed
Browse the information: Taking Facebock as an example, when
cellhone recelves Fecebock push, watch vbrates and dlsplays
the push content. The page can be turmed by touching the ouch
key forone tme(become black serean when there is no
operation for 3).Aferdisplaying allthe content, t becomes
black sereenbysingle touch

2.48edentary prompt
(MRunction introdction This functon can betrned ONIOFF
in APP. Whan the status s ON®the user can setthe sedentary
Jugomenttime, o that watch wil keap on monitoring i the user
is n the sedentarystatus, f he userexcends the set doration in

the sedentary status, watch vibrates and dlsplays the sedentary
prompt animation just as the diagram in 3—2—4
(2)Operation instruction operation procedure: open °H Band®
—> selting—>my device—»intite t sedentary promgt—»cick
to entethesettingpage(setthe starting and ending time as wal
as the sedentaryjudgment duration}—>save.!fthe user exceeds
the setduration in the status, watch virates t prompt.

2.SPrompt of reachingthe oxercisetargot
(1Function introduction: n APP, he user can sot ts own step
number target everyday. When thestep number t the user
reachos ttargat, watchvibratosto promptand cisplays ho
target achiove UlJust as the ciagram 3—2.5
(2)0peration instruction:open H Band‘——»sotting—>exercise
targt—>setthe stop number—>save

3. Other functions
Function introduction: This function can be turned ON/OFF
in APP. After nititing the function, before conducting

heartrate(blood pressure) measurement, watch cany
out weartest to check if the user wears the watch correctly
at presentIfyes, it tarts to measure the heartrate(blood
pressure).If not, the sense light willtwinefora while and
then extinguish automatically,the watch turns to black
sereen and becomes standby.
(2)Operation instruction: operation procedure: "openH
Band" ——>setting——>my device——>ON/OFF setting——>
wear test ON/OFFThere is no weartestfunction in black
people mode.
(DiFunction introduction: After entering the photography
interface in APP, it an take pictures through watch.
(2)0peration instruction: "open H Band"\ ——»setting——>
my device——> photograph. At this moment, watch displays
the photograph UI asthe diagram 3—3—1 displays. Thenit
can take photos by touching the touch key for one time or
shaking the watch.Pressing and holding for 35 will eitfrom
the function.If there is stillno operation within 1 minute
after entering the function, both the watch and cellphone
will ext from the photograph functions automaticall.

3.3 Sereon brightoningbyrotting wist
(DFunction ntroductions n APP, t function orscroon
brightoning by rotating wristcan ba intiated. Whan this function
islaunched, watch turns trom black sereen to brightsereen
when the userrotatesthe wistor ts hand. Moreover, APP can
ho used to setthe time and sensitvily of sereen brightening
a.ON/OFsettng: open H Band‘—>»sottng—>my device>
    fate the function ofsereon brightoning by rotating wist
b Parameter acjustment: open "H Band‘~—>setting——>my dovice
  >clik seroanbrightoning by rtating wrist—>s0tthestating
and ending Umes,aswellas the wrist rotaing sensitvity
3.48etthe sereen brightaning duration
(1)Functio ntroduction:The seraon bightaning duration of
the watch can be setin APP.The shortesttime is 3swhle the
tongost me is 30s.Afr settng, excopt any indvidual
functional intrface ofthe watch,the seraen brightoning ime
setby APP shallprevailto thelet
(2)operationinstruction: open "H Band=>setting=>my device
——>clicthe sereen brighteningduration——>sette sereen
brightoning time—»save
3.580tthe seroon brightnoss
(1Function ntroduction:The brightness can be adjusted
astomaticallyor customized by t user.
(2)Operation Instruction: openH Band"—»sotting—>my davice
  >clk the brightness setting—>turm offthe automatic
adiustment—>setthe brightnass ndox—»>return
3.6Renstthe equipment password
User an setthe password on ts oun. Attesettig the
password. tis required to putin the password when the

callshone is connected with the watch. The nilat passwordis
9000, and the usercan seas ts ownwish. The specifmethod
is as follows:Open "H Rand" interface~—seting—my device~
resetthe equipment password—putin the new and old
passwords—reset the password. Whon the password has boen
forgottm, pressing and holding thesloep interface ofthe watch
for 6s willlearthe password. Then, the user can connect with
the watchwno password.If you choose to reset ncagain,
th old password is t 0000.
=, Disclaimer
Warning:This prouct is nota medtcal equloment. Both the
watch and ts APP aro unable to be used for clagnos‘s, roatmont,
ordisease prevention and soon Ifyou want to change the
exercise osleephabit, please be sureto consult win the
qvalfied professional madical personnein thefrst,thus
                    us inluy ordeath. Ourcompany resorves the
rightto orrect rImprove any function deseribein this manual
without making any advanced notico. Meanvil, our company
is entited to keep on updating the product contents.Arelevant
contentsshallbe subject o the real obJect


FCC Caution:
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2)
this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may
cause undesired operation.

Any Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for
compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.

Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class
B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to
provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not
installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference
to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not
occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to
radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off
and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the
following measures:
-Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
-Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
-Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the
receiver is connected.
-Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device
can be used in portable exposure condition without restriction.

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