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Smart Light Strip
verks win
Apple HomeKit
Product Overview
tef &
| 1
y i code labe
Comector uon fnteline
J] whats incudedt
= $01 Smar LightStip
— Adaptor (Comnectt USB )
Instucton Manval
— Ouick S Guide
— Sickerx2 (Fixed a contol box )
[J Rrocuet Requrements
— Free Sartala app ( malable on the App store)
To contl this HomoFitonabled accesson; 108 ltest
verson is recommended
— Contrling this HomeK—anabled accessory actomatcaly
and away om home requres an Apple TV win 108 11.0 r
lteror an iPad w 08 11.0 o lter set up as a home hub
IJ Speciicatons
Modet $.01
Intrlace: USB port
Inpur: Do 5y 2 row
Operating temperatue:5°C — 45°C
LED lght calor 16 mitlon ooors (Sn
Dimmable: ¥es
LED quanty: 60 x Ightemiting clodes
Lurinous fux 480Lm (Max)
Stip lengih 7824 nch / 2000mm
Waterprodt and dustproo! rating: P (LED lght stip part only )
We B02.1to/gh, 2 4Gite ONDY
Generalincor use only
th ce change becton)
Turn of pover before nspecton, instataton and removal
For ndoor use only
Keep chilien away hom the LED lightstip
Mainin wit a d clom dustr
Avoid tropping
©0 NOT touch when it working
00 NOT disassemle
D0 NOT ctoan wth lauid
00 NOT use abrastves or satvents
00 NOT use in wetor damp aroas ( . bathrcoms )
D0 NOT use in encased envrormonts
D0 NOT exceed t recommended elecricalretngs
Enabling HomeKit
Comect ho USB comnectar t an adaptor The Smart ight
sttp wil ightup to red colo (10% bright ) is reacy for
ratwork soup
[J Seup Homeict
1. Make sure youriPhone o iPad (09 latest version) is
connected o a 2.4GHiz WeFnatwotk
(This product does not sipport SGrHz WeFi Newworks.)
2 Make sire you have at east 3 bars of WF signaltere
2 Dounload the free SANTALA app tom the App store and
. Tap *+" and scan the OR code. Ten folow t steps to
a the devie to the Home and Reom, Pleaso keep the
O code fo hturo use
5. Name ths productto help you dentl it in t Home app
and t conta it wih 51. For example, you can name the
product* Master Light,thenlaunch Stiand speak "Turn on
the MastorLignt
6 Adustthe brigtness by tapaing and holing the ight stip
Iean in the appfo 2 second thenfalow APP instucton to
adiustthe rightness. O ust asking Sri o a. Sot Master
ightto sow
7. Greate a scone uhich contols mutiple accossoriesat e
same tme. Tap t scene totum it on or off orust ask S
For example it you asign he "Good Morming® command
tothe scone o taring of roam Ightand turring on the
Iving room it when you spesk "Good night t Sn
eventhing is done
Enablng Alexa
1: Pease download SANTALA anp rom App store
(Flay storefor Andld device or App storefor 10 devie)
2. Greatean accountn SANTALA app (user name and
password are case sonstve ) and logi o your account
3 Launch SANTALA app and falow the on—screon drectons
to complete netwark stup
4. Go t Santala Agp > long press the device on to orter the
detal page, Enablea coud sonice (108 app only ).
5 Launch the Alxa Anp Tap Meny > Skil > search " Sartala
and tap° Enable *
6. Logn an
untand p
ward same as Sentale app
7. Choose ‘DISCOVER DEVICES® and match untls
8 No you can conto!he Smart Light Svp by asking Alxa
For exampic,° Aexa, um on t ight
abling Google Home
1. Pease download SANTALA app rom App store
(Play stor forAndld device or App strefo 108 devis)
2. Greate an accountn SANTALA app (user name and
password are case sonstve ) and logi o your account
3 Launch SANTALA app and falow the on—screon drectons
to complete notwark stup
4 Go t Santala Agp > long press the device on t enterthe
detal page, Enable a caud sonice (108 app only ):
5. Launch the Google Home App Tap Menu > Home contrl
6. Tap + "to select SANTALA dovice
7. Login an account and passward same as Santala app
8. Aferlogaing in successtul, t wil cleplay l the device in
your Santla account Tap Done on the unpor nght
10 Now you can cantal he Smart ight Stip by asing
Google Home For exampls,° Hey Google um on the ight
The use of a HomeKt» enabled accessary need ho
foloning permissions
Seting > Coud > Coud Drive > Tum On
Soting > Coud > Keychain > Tum On
Seting > Prvacy > HomeKit > Santala > Tun On
2. Conteling his HomeKI—onabiled accossory automalcaly
and avay fom home requres an Apple TV wit OS 11.0 or
lter o an iPad with 08 11.0 o ltorsat u> asa home hub
Hestore Factory Settin
Canmeetthe USB comectortoan adaptorPress and hold the
swtch butonfo 5 seconds and the LED light stip willbe of
Atthi tme,release the buton and the LED ight t wiltun
to red calo(10% brigh) . Itindcates thatyou have restord
the device to actoy sotings
[J ¥hy old fal t add my Smart Ight s to the SANTALA app?
1 Make sure your accesson is powered on and nearby
2 1lyou use a cual 2450 nowork router pleasetun o
the 5G natwork Connect your ghone win 2 4G network
and add te device again
3 Make sure thatthe roster seting meats th relevant
requirements,The device ony support the mode of
4 Make sure the Smart ight stip is in paiing mode.Ifn
pleaseresetight s t restor factoy seting
5 Selectthe accessory shoun on screan hen scan the OR
code which can be found on device, nstucton manual
or imer packaging
6 1 t app prompts‘ No Dscovered Accessores botor
you seanning the OR code
1) Glose t anp
2)Tun off mabie phone We
2) Reboat he mabie phone
4) To on mabic phone and tum on moble phone WeFi
3) Restore Smart ightstip to factoy sotings
) Add te device again
Clean ho instalaton surlace
botore instll Smart Ight sip
Do notsick on uneven surtaces
rough surface or pled o walt
Stck t he nsalaton surface Do
notsick to angle over 80 degree
or do rotblend LED aron on angle
Stck two stckers on back of
contolbox and stck on insalation
i w1 SmartLight S can bo cutto
¢ desied size atthe scissor marings
Pay atenton
Cutot a power betom cut
5 Connecthe USB connectort an
t adapto befor sotup
[] The device wotks rormaly t testoring factoy setings o
sutcting onfot, but it occasionaly gets clscomnected fom
the netrk and can not be recognized
1 Make sure he rurmber of WeFi comected devics is
wittin ho wreless network capaciy f you router
Othormise, please replace with anathor router
2 Recannect you 108 deviceto Wei and make sure your
WePisign ong enougt
3 Wat unt the notwork is fred. Ifyour roster performs
pooty in wreless networks hat mightresul hom newrork
4 Chack e router sting and soe it tere is any Imi t ho
number of smutaneous clent comectons
5 Restart your HmeKtaccessary o restore your HomoKt
sccessory to fatary seting,and add your Home¥Kt
accessoy to t SANTALA app
6 Updated frmmae t the latest version
Useofte Works wih Apple HomeKlogo means th
electonic accessory has been designed o comect
specticaly o iPod touch, iPhone. o iPad, respectvely and
has been cortfed bythe developerto meet Apple
pertrmance standards. Apple s not responsols orthe
aperaion o this device o ts complance with safaty and
regulatoy standards
C Complance Notice
This device comples wit Part 15 ofthe FCC Rules. Operaton
is subjecttothe foloving two conditons:(1) This device may
rt cause harmiyinteference, and (2) is devce must
accept any iterlerence recaive inclucing interlrence that
may cause undesied operaion. NOTE 1: Tis equipment has
bon testadand found to comly wit the imis o a Class 8
datal device, pursuant to pat 15 f the FCC Rules. These
Iints are designed to provid reasonable rotecton against
harma intrlrenco in a roidental intatatn. This
eaviement genertes, uses and can radiaterecio requency
energy and. t no instald and used n accordance with the
instuctons, may causo harmi nterence torado
comminicatons. Honever, thete is no guarantce tat
interlrence wil not ccur in a partoular instataton. ts
eaviement does cause harm nerlrence to radio or
television recention which ean be determined by urning the
eaviement ffand on, t useris encouraged t ty to corect
the interfrence by one or moreofth oloving maasires:
Rearent orrlacatetherecuiing anterna . Increase the
separaton between he eavipment and recaver—Comnectthe
eaviement io an outet on a cirout iferent fom thatto
which he recaiver is comected—Consut he deate o an
experienced radioTV tachniian for hlp. NOTE 2: Any
anges or modiications to this un not epressly approved
hy the pary responsible tor complance could vaid he users
authorty t oporate t eavipment
FCC Radiation Exposure Statement
Ts equipnentcomplas wth FGG radiaton exposse Imas se foth o an
uneenroled ervronment n ordrto avod the possnity of excending e FCC
rada requency exnonure ini,Human prouniyto h aniemna shal nc e
lesshan 2tem (8nche dutng nommaloperton
Quality Certificate
l Product name:
Smart Light Strip
Jf rocuctmodet
JJ Ghecker
Customers Name :
Mc / iss / ies
|I Gismnoors Address 1
[[rosawess T rewiors Name & Samp: ] |
[f Een : ‘
JJ Daieof Rurchase
Thanks to by SANTALA product please complte and retum this
warranty card From the date of purchaso, you can got a yoar
warranty Th wartanty card ony apples o formal chamnel of
SANTALA produet 1
Shenzhen meihua wadom technology co td
Address ‘805block C.South of Mineapals, bui ingnan south
road shozhon longaang distct, quangdong province
China f
To orss—sasz«0s1 f
i — : 3031200380@ga.com
Webste : vinsantaictcom
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