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Certification Service Agreement
This Certification Service Agreement was written to cover the Scope of Service and Certification holderl
grantee responsibilities for the countiresldomains that MiCOM Labs can issue compliance certificates j
under its ISO 17065 accreditation status — USA (FCC), Canada iISED), Japan (MIC) and European Union.
General Requirements
This Service Agreement covers the requirements of the following tour certification schemes as operated by MiCOM
Labs Certification,
Country Recognition Body Designation Identification No.
USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC) TCB U80159
Canada Canada ISED FCB U50159
Japan MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication) RCB R210
Europe European Commission NB NE 2230
1.The certification holderigrantee acknowledges and agrees to the following;-
(a) always fulfills the certification requirements, including Implementing appropriate changes when they are
communicated by MiCOM Labs;
(b) ensures the product for which a Certificate is issued always fulfils the product compliance requirements
under the certification scheme and that all ongoing production ol‘ the certified product continues to fulfill the
product requirements and agrees that it the conditions under which the Certification was issued are not
met, that the Certification will not be valid and will be revoked;
(c) makes all necessary arrangements for:
1) the conduct of the evaluation and surveillance (it required). Including provision for examining
documentation and records, and access to the relevant equipment, |ocation(s), area(s), personnel, and
certification holder / grantee's subcontractors;
2) investigation of complaints.
3) the participation of observers, if applicable;
(d) makes claims regarding certification consistent with the scope of certification;
(e) does not use its product cenification in such a manner as to bring MiCOM Labs into disrepute and does not
make any statement regarding its product certification that MiCOM Labs may consider misleading or
(f) upon suspension, withdrawal. or termination of certification, the certification holder I grantee discontinues its
use of all advertising matter that contains any reference thereto and takes action as required by the
certification scheme (e.g. the return of certification documents) and takes any other required measures;
(9) ifthe certification holder! grantee provides copies of the certification documents to others, the documents 3
shall be reproduced in their entirety or as specified in the certification scheme; :
r 7
(h) in making reference to its product certification In communication media such as documents. brochures or
advertising. the certification holder! grantee complies with the requirements of MiCOM Labs or as specified
by the certification scheme;
(i) complies With any requirements that may be prescribed in the certification scheme relating to the use oi
marks of conformity. and that conformity marks are only on specific products found to comply with the
requirements. and on information related to the product,
(i) keeps a record of all complaints made known to it relating to compliance With certification requirements and
makes these records available to MiCOM Labs when requested. and:
1) takes appropriate action with respect to such complaints and any deficiencies found in products that
affect compliance with the requirements for certification.
2) documents the actions taken.
2, MiCOM Labs will issue Certification that is valid for the specified equipment as it is presented at the time of
certification. The certification holder I grantee will inform MiCOM Labs. without delay. ofchanges that may affect
its ability to conform with any of the requirements under the certification scheme.
Some examples of this may be. but are in no way limited to the following;-
Product modifications; Changes in the chassis material. chassis gasket methodology / material. grounding,
antenna gain. antenna type. shielding material, modification of transmissions lines. changes to transmission line
matching circuitry. operating duty cycle. change of product usage. operating frequency. bandwidth. transmit
power/ EIRP).
Changes to; the Legal. commercial. organizational status; contact address and production sites.
Such modifications shall require additional approval in the form of a review and amendment to the original
product certification and changes to the product certification records including the certificate.
3. MiCOM Labs shall exercise the control as specified by the certification scheme over ownership. use and display
of licenses. certificates. marks of conformity, and any other mechanisms for indicating a product is certified.
Incorrect references to the certification scheme. standards or misleading use of licenses. certificates. marks. or
any other mechanism for indicating a product is certified. found in documentation or other publicity. shall be dealt
with by suitable action by MiCOM Labs and/or the appropriate regulatory authority.
4. Confidentiality - MiCOM Labs will hold all forms and documents that make up the certification application
confidential and will not release any information to third parties Without written consent from the applicant
General Terms and Conditions:
Documentation required for evaluation of the certification application must be provided in its entirety. Technical
evaluation of the application will not begin until all of the required documentation is made available to MiCOM
Applicant agrees to be fully liable for the quality and accuracy of the application and all documentation provided for
certification purposes.
Requests for additional application documentation (corrected / additional forms; attestation letters, application
exhibits, technical information, etc) shall be delivered to MiCOM Within 60 days of the request. Failure to provide
the requested documentation within this timeframe may result In dismissal of the certification application or may
incur the full fee.
Electronic Signatures
MiCOM Labs, lnc. uses an event driven cloud based system to manage certification programs. Client electronic
signatures may be used on an as needed basis at key swges in the certification process as a record of
agreement/acknowledgement on application and certification details
I acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions in their entirety.
Signature: Wk" {ZM Date: 2’0/3 ‘ 7'17
Name: ka é‘en
Title: NoJlT Ti") 5M: lthJ'M Zulu . ”will. Town ,me, fimw‘dh‘
Company: Gowum W 7455:? 56NI‘LL 61., Cd
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