PC-RC611 2.4G Wireless Mouse User Manual 09 PCTECH ELECTRONICS (SZ) CO.,LIMITED


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Caution: Any changas or modfcaions to this
device not exalcity approved by mantacturer
could void your autharty to aporate thi equipmont
This device compls wih part 15 ofthe FCC Rules:
Operation is subjecttothefallowing two
condions:(1) This dovico may not cause harmfal
Intrference, and (2) this device must accent any
Intrference received,including nteference that
may causo undasired oporation
The device has been evalyated o meet enora RF
exposire requirement, The device can bo used in
portable exposure condtion wihoutrestricton:
Wireless Optical Rechargeable Mouse
6 Buttons 1600091
MEANMOE Optical 6 Button 1600DPI
Wireless Mouse
U8B — Rechargeatle
Included in Package:
USB Recever
Charging Gable
Instrction Manval
aovance runctions
a Leftbuton
5 Serolwheet
(r600 1200 s0009 Cycl)
o Bacivard
Charge Mouse
Plug USB Receiverinto PC US8 PortPross Lot
orRight Mouse Buttonfor S Seconds
recharome menon
' (» +
a b c
F0 Warnning:
"This eauipment has been tosted and found to
comaly wit the lmits fora Glass & digtal dovico
pursuantto part 15 ofthe FGC Rulas, Those Iimts
are designes to provide reasonable protecton
auainstharmiu interfrence in areside l
instalaton, This equipment generatos. uses and
a radiate radi frequency energy and.itnot
instlled and used in accordance with the
Instuctions, may cause harma interarenceto
racio communications. Howeve,ther is no
varantes hatintorforonco wilnot ccurin a
partcutarinstaltin, Ifthis equipment does
eause harmfutinterterence to racio ortlovision
recaptin, which can be determined by urning the
eastoment af n an,theuseris encouraged to
try o corect t nterlerence by one or more ofhe
following mensures
+ Reorientor relocato the receiving antonna
+ Increase the separation between the equipment
and recuiver.
+ Gonnectthe eauioment into an outat on a creut
difarentrom thatto which therece var is
« Consul te deatoror an experienced radloTV
technican torhalp
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