CMIIT ID 2018CP3709

Device: Beijing Communication System (China) Co., Ltd.

Manufactured by LTE FDD base station

A CMIIT ID is the product ID assigned by the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to identify wireless products in the Chinese market. The CMIIT assigns product identifiers to approved products which must be labeled with the given approval code. The Beijing Communication System (China) Co., Ltd., manufactured by LTE FDD base station, has an Authorization Number of CMIIT ID 2018CP3709 and was approved on 2018-06-15 (valid until 2018-12-31).

CMIIT ID 2018CP3709

Application Number: 2018-3709
Approval Number: CMIIT-ID-2018CP3709
Alphanumeric Authorization Number:CMIITID2018CP3709
Approval Prefix: CMIIT ID
Manufacturer:LTE FDD base station
Device Name:Beijing Communication System (China) Co., Ltd.
Equipment Type:ENB-35, A73
Frequency Range:870-880MHz
Emission Power:46dBm±2.7dB
Occupied Bandwidth:≤20MHz
Emission Limits:≤ -30dBm
Date of Approval:2018-06-15
Valid Until:2018-12-31
Labeling:This device contains SRRC approved Radio module CMIIT ID 2018CP3709

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