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Concurrent 11AC
W -Fi AP/Router
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Open Source Code
Thrs product tneludes settwere cedes deyeleoed tty thrrd petites These
sotmare oodes are supreme either the GNU General Public chonse lsPLt.
Version 2. June last or the GNU Lesser Geneml Puelrc License tLGPLt,
Verslen 2 t, February 1999 Van can copy, dlstnente, end/er many in
accordance with the lenns and conditions o1 GPL or LGPL.
The senrce eede sneutd ee complete, ltyeu thrrtk we sheutd to provide any
additional source code tiles nnder GNU General Pnplrc chensa lGPLh please
contact us, We are cernnrttted to meeting the reentrernents et the GNU
Gen-ml Puplrc ch-rts- (GPL) .
Ynu are welcome to contact eur local ottlee to gel the certsspendrne oettwere
and licenses. Please rnlonn rrs yonrconteet details and the product code We
will send you a cut With the sottmre and trconse tortree
Please reter to the GNU GPL Web site torhrrther rrrtennarion
http //www grin erg/ltcenses/lrcenses en htrnl
The AC APtReuter is mainly nsed terpreyldlng tree Wl-Ft serylee rn ole area
such as taclory. community. street or etc, The AP/Ramer can take an lxls|ln§
2.46m or SGHz wtreless signal. repeat and extend rt to a longer range where
rt is ten tar awayter the renter eraeeess paint to reach The APtRenter
simultaneously supports 2 ts and 5:; Wireless network connection It has
External Antennas prenrdtne eyen better wrretess perlerrrtance. trensrnrssren
mlss, steettrty technology enrernetrcetly avaltts chum-I oennlets nsrne
ohannel selectron tcatrrre
Peeling. Contents
aetore yeu start to use ttrrs
renter, please check rt there's
anything rnrsnng tn the padoaga,
end centeet yenrdeater et purchase
to clarrn lor rnrssrrre rterns.
t x mm AP/Reuter
i x RJ-45 Networking Daple
l x Qumk installation
Hardwear Overv ew
o 3 x Wm Stpnal
Pewer LED
WPs when 5 seconds
Mode Selectot
POWER enroll
LAN Pert
m Reset Eullan 3 seconds
90609 900°
Dehult Parlmeten
DetenlttP 192 (no.1
URL http trap setup
Learn Name. adrnrn
2 46 sle, Wlnless-N
Ste/Ac 5le lttnretmutc
Pesswerd edrntn WilelessKaleo
W o . YM DMD. tspawtran
E“ are the Device e not vzozmnq elmnul power
mt ON rte srnenetpeneeerheater
s err; The shenet penis urroenneeter
LAN/WAN Flanhlnl: "morning see errrernsntnerk tune.
stealth... is mnnvcltuntl uubtlsllmolWPS tenet at
w” more. dense r. expect“
Mea- ee 1 m trumpet...
AMI-um ON ON ON wistsrrmrattpntwu..rrert
station lmwon
0“ 0N 0" mmlmwmiomulaw
0" “N 0“ reheat-remotes”
0“ W 0" sourceoentuuazsr.
hum err err presenter»
Getting Started
Setting up a WIreIess Irtlrastructure Network
Peta typical wireless setup at herrte tas shewn eelewt, please do the tettewrne
Press MODE Switch autten ter AP/ Repeater l Router modes.
The AP/Router is connected to a wrred
nemrk tha| Iransiom the wrred trtternet
access into wrrelsss so ntrrhtpla dovroes
an share the internal. Thrs rs surtaole tor
etitee, hente and places where only wired
network is ayarlaple
The AP/Routercepres and rernterces the
eustrne wireless srenal to extend the
ooyoraoe etthe signal Don't change the
nemrk’s name mint and password yet.
This mode rs aspacrally uselul tor a large
space to eliminate SlunaHzlmd corners.
SD this nrede is lit terteree house, etttee.
warehouse or other spaces where the
existing srgnat rs weak.
Ron r tried.
The AP/RDuI-r ls oenneetad to a Dst or
cable modern and works as a regular
wrretess renter SD thts rnede rs filter the
envrrenntent which lntlml| access lrorrr
DsLor cattle modern rs awrrlaple tor one
user ttnt nrere nsers need to share ttre
Configure the WI r Repeater M0
The is the mstestwey te eenhenre the APtReuter Prrst, check whether your
wireless router supports WPs Fortunherdetarls. please read th- operating
rnstrnotrens tor yeurwrreless renter,
t The mode selector nrust oe set to the "Repeater“ posltmn tor Repeater
2 Plus the AP/Rerrter rnte a wall socket
a Press the WP5 putten on the APIRDmeT tor at least 3 seconds.
The Wl-Fl/WPS LED new tlestr-s tor spent 2 rnrnutas
t wnhrn these 2 rnrnutes, please press the WP: outton plyeurwrreless
APtReuterelreetty ter 2 . 3 seconds (Fat turtherdeterls, please read the
The APtRenter ttrert automatically cenrtects to your wrretess renter and eeptes
wrretess kay ot the settings
The AP/Router can be accessed we 5le and the wireless key oi your
wrretess renter
Ymt can :anflgure the WlaFt Repeater Mode tty cannectlng lt wrth yeur
computer/laptop wnh enclosed RJAS settle arwrrelesely
A.Conllgure the Wl-Fl Repeater Matte wltrelessy.
A1. The mode s-l-oter must pa sat tn the
'Renlaul" positron tor Repeater Mode
Plug thEAF t Renter into a well 5Dcket
A2 ctrck on the network roen lmorEt on the
ngm bnhom ot your desktop. You writ hne the
stgrtet [mm the W" Ins-AC er wtr. asst.
Click on ‘Connlcl' than mil lot a fsw
Mime E
A3 open web bmwsev and type Wflllt‘IZJEasWJ or Mtpulapoetrrp tn the
orewsereddress box Thts nurrteer rs ttre detentt tP address ter ttrrs daylee
1.1:, genesis: welt server a 'lndvvs
0-7,. is re .s.
pint n. to in sum
Now Please check whether the AP/Rerrter accord wrth taclory dciarrtt
settings once you can't entered http:ttts2.tu.tn.t, lt yen are still net sure
you can reset the AP/Rptrter. rust nose to pr-ss the RESET button ter
3 seconds. then try again
tut. The ngIn screen petmy writ appear Enter the user Name and Password
then click “Submit" te legrrt The detentt User narrte ts “.dmln" and
Password rs "aflmln".
A5. Aher logging in you wrll see the wet paoe bllow
click en the ‘Rop-alerwlnm' entten
Al. me the trst, seleete wrreless network with which yen want to connect the
AF/Routlr by choosing the conespendrno network in the ”SDI-cl" field,
A1. Alter hayrng selected a Wireless network. you must then speory the
network security key etyenrwtretess renter
Altercernptetrng the entry. dick en the “Ayply” entten
Alt-rth- rapoot has e- n melatld. the AP/Reuter rs accessible under the
sen: and the Wireless key at your wireless router
Esta-mgr". th- wtfi Rayner Mndl with Rus Cihll.
1, Plug theAP/Router into a wall socket. Connect your computerl
laptop with the AP/Routerwrth RJ45 Cable.
2, Follow process A3 to A7 to configure your AP/Reuter.
Configure the Wireless AP Mode
use the AP Mode to obtain a 'vtnretess Aeeess Palm' The wrretess end
devices will connect to thl AP/Ronter in this rnede You can also use this
made. tor example. to rneke a tennerly nenwrretessenapted router wrrelese
ForAP Mede. please connect the Device (WAN/LAN pen) to your
Router (LAN port) as shown pelow 'fln LAN pen oi
the Device is tor the wired connection to your computer.
WAN/w Poll
The tottowtrvs message will he displayed on your wlb browser
sstD ‘Ml
s: sstp Dim-APIRnutll
t The nrade selector nrnst he sette the up" positron terAP Mode
2 Plug the AP/Routar into a wall socket.
3. Follow process A2 to At.
4. Mar lpeerne rn. ynu will s the web page below
click on the "AF Wizard“ prrtton.
Setup the wlMasE security and errayptlen le preyent
Security we unauthenxed access and rnenrtenne
Suppm WPA. Wm. WPNWFAZ encryption methods
Security key The ~Passwerd- elmsAF/Rottter
ctrek eh ‘Apply' button, The AP/RDttler wrtl restart
Alter the reeoet has oeen completed, the AP/Router rs accesstple under the
sstD and the wrretess key
losslfiltifié'é , XREEIJEH , fig. , R9“ : 80X110mm
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