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Configure the ereless R0 9 Mo
Tne AP/Rautel rs connecled lo a DSL or cable modem and woes as a regular
wlreless rourar. lrnernel aosess lronl nsl. or caole modem ls avarlaple lor one
user oul more users need to snare lne lnleme|
Must Mon-m
l The mode seleolor musl ee eel lo lne "Roulnr' peslrren lor Router Mode
2 Plug lne AP/Roulel rrno a wall seeker
3 Canned your DsL Modem Wlm lne AF/Romev Wlm ms oaole
4 Follow process a: la u.
5.M|al loggln rn. you mll see me web page oelow-
cook on me neuler Wlum" ouden,
Choose your wm cunnmlon Type
ll nynamle lP ls seleolm, lne Rouler gels lne lP address aulomalroally nom
lne DHCP server erlne lsP No oonllguralron sneuld ee sel and you mu go on
mm are wneless sonfiguranon
ll DSL Dl-I—Up (PPPeEl ls seleued, please enler lne llnv llama and
Password lrom your lsP. Tnese (relds are case senslllve
.ee user
.oe .mkd
ll sea-lo lP le seleeled, please enler lhe lP Address, sulmal '41le n. ult
enemy. ale.
Management Vla Web Browser
wmless Ease conflgurfllgn
Please lollow me lollowlng lnslruslrons. cllsk “Wl-Fl -> asels senlnge"
lodaled al lne weo managemenl rnlerlaoe, lne lollowlng message wrll ee
dlsplayed on your web ororwser
you oodld eennoure lne paslo semng oIereless sedlngs Tor mmmumeahom
such as N-lwnrk Narn- (55m) and Channel The Access Pornl can be an
slmply won only lne mlnlrnum selllnd Hams.
vnrelees sen-u pane selnnos
aeaere. \y r lr
Set lne wrreless parameler It‘s recommended lnal yeu rename an ssln, “WM amp 7
choose a Securily Mode and enler a K “mm is“, WM ‘ 1* . ‘ "‘
W) W; e uuuer plume l
“P .0..." . a
w.relese snalue ere4ess onloll
55‘” "‘9 55'“ WNW/““7“" SSID wueress 5le at me AP/Rnulsl
cnannel Amo lneemrnandl Channel ereless dare lransmrsuon cnannel
some are wrralass oeeurlw and aneryplron lo prevanl pom Sewn me Wrreleee munly and enerypllon lo prayenl lrom
Securlty lype unuulnensed aooess and menllonng 5mm We unuulnensed aooess and menllarlng
Suppons Wm. WM. wwwm emyphm melnods. Supreme selrzeegn wEP, were. warm. wPA/wPAz
.nayp lun mnno e
Seeurlly key rne "Fusswnm' mtheAF/anel
searrny key Tn. Tlswmm' m ln. AF/Ramel
clldr ‘Apply‘ eunon. llwlll reeran
Wan lor a law seoonds your AP/Rouler rs ready for use.
Cllck ‘Apply pullen. Tne AP/Rouler wrll reslan
on no Management gaeeword
peraun password evwlreless Papearer rs “admln”. and We dlsplayed en lne
legln prempl wnen aeeessed lrom web erewser There‘s a secumy nsk llyou
don‘t snange lne delaulr password. smoe everyone can see n Tnls rs yew
lmnoflam wnen you nave wrreless luncllen enaoled
To snange password. please lollow lne lollcwrng rnslrusdons
Please ollck ‘Mananemcnt .> Passwam' menu on lne wee managemenl
lnlerlaee, rne lollowlng message wlll pe drsplayed on yourwee browser
© 4 lrrmrrryrnn laryuvnrl
or eu manure .
ll you wanna keep ongrnal password unchanged, cllck Aceneela
cllok 'Ayply' edllon. Tne AP/thel wlll log all.
Flmlw re l' d
The syslem sonware used oy llns reuler le celled 'flnnw-n',1ust lrke any
applrosllons on your oompuler. wnen you replace lne old appllcamon wrln a
new one. your eompuler wrll ae egurpped wrln new lunollon you can also use
llns nnnware upgrade luncllon la add new lunelrons lo your rouler even llk lne
pugs ol lnls rouler.
Please ellolr 'uenegernerdo Upgndt FIrmw-n' looaled al lne wee
managemenl rnlerlace. and lnen lne lolluwlrrg message wrll pe deployed on
your web erowser
cllek ‘Browi or moose File'pmlan first; you‘ll be prompled |o provrde
llre filename olllrrnware upgrade llle Please download lne laleelnnnware llle
lrom our wepsna. and use n10 upgrade your rouler
Allera llnnware upgrade nle rs seleeled. olrck ‘Uplond' eullon, and llre rouler
wlll slarl firmware upgrade prooedure aulomalrcally The procedure may lake
several rrlrnules. please pa pauenl
NOTE. ever lnronupl lne upgrade procedure oy closrng lne weo browser or
pnysrcally dlsoorlrlecl your dolnpuler lrom rouler ll me nrmware you uploaded
ls in|errupL lne nnnware upgrade wlll Tall. and you may nave lo relurn lnls
roulerlo lna dealer or purcnase to ask for nalp
(Warranty wlll vold ll you inlerrupled lne upgrade procedure).
nD nd Bck Rn!
you can paokup all Samng ollnls rodler lo a file, so you can make several
oopred olroul-rconfiguronon lore-sunny reason
To eaekup er reelare rouler selllng, please lollow lne rollowrng rnslruellona»
Please clrck ‘SaVIIRI/uld sadlrrg- located al rne wep managemern lmlflace.
lnen lne lollowlrlg message wrll oe drsplayed on your wep prowesr.
Press ‘Sayl 'bullorlr you can save II as anelnermenanre ler
drllerenr vars ons. and keep ll n a sale place
save eenlnga
Press ‘Bmwi lo prcka prevlouslysayeo eornrouranen me
«am your compu .r and lnen cllck -uplead...- knerlne
eenrrouranon rs uploaded. lne mulzr‘s oonl‘lguraeon wll lre
raplaoed by Ina lrle you luel uploaded
Load samnss
Rewl Senlnds clrsk lnrs ‘Lold deraun-eunon |o load delaullselllngs
How to connect your computer] laptop
with the AFIRouter
Addingaw ass computers to! APIle r
l. Log on lo ln- oompuler
2 open canneel lo a Network ey llghl—cllckmg W 4'
are network rscnl m or ) ln lne
nouflcatrorl area.
3 cnoosa lne wrreless nelwork nom lne lrsl lnal an
appears. and lnen rlrck Conn-ct. an
4 Type lne nalwork sacumy kay erpasspnrasa u— 4 y
llyou are asked la do so. and lnen drck 0K. ,._ an
You‘ll see a oonmmallon massage when you ._ ,n
are onneeled lo lne neurork. V _ A h
5. To confirm ma| you added me computsn do "I falluwlng:
oper Network oy olroklng me start eunon and men olloklng Control
Pan-L n we seen ear, .ype mum, and than, one new and
Shanna Canter. dick View nalwork columnar: Ind div II. You should
see one m or me eenrourer you aeeee are lorthe other cnmvmers
and «nose war are pan aura network.
nee lryeueen-leeme all la rue ueruenreseruenneuerkeeeeyee
and me sham!!! mlght be turned a"
Addlng a Wl ss compel e lo ln AP/Roul wnlr WPS semen
Tnls rs lne easlesl way lo eslaplrsn a oonneslron lolne AP Flm. sneck
wnellrer your end devrce supporls WPs, Formnher delalls. please read lne
operaung lnsrnrcllons lor your end devloe
l Log on lo lne oompular
2. Press lne WPa pollen on lne APlRoulerlor 3 seconds The WPS LED now
llaslres lor approx 2 mlnules
3 wllnln dress 2 mrnules. please press are oonneslion oudon MP5) on your
end devrce lrorlurlner delallsr please read lne nnemnng lnslmcllons lor
your end devree l
your end devroe lnen aulomalleally oonneoes «2 your APIRouter and applres all
more aerllnge you snould see leans m lor lne eompuler you added and lor
lne olner camplflen and devrces lnen ere panorlne nerrvork
Addlnd a wlred Elnerreel camoulerlo In. AP/an-v
l Plug lne AP/Routvto a sookel. Connecl your compulerl laplop wnlr lne
AP/Romer wnn enclosed ms Cable.
2 To Conllrm deal you added me eonrpuler, do lne [allowmg
Open Nelwork by sllsklng lne sun omlon . . and lnen dioklng Comrol
Panel. ln lne search box woe nelwark. and lnen, under Nelwork and
snanng eenler, olrck Vlaw naework computers and devlees. you should
see ioons lorlne compuler you added and lorlne olneroompulers and
devrce: lnal are parl ellne network.
F01 move rnlorrnadan.
ndp llwrndows mlerosoll eomlenausrwlndowsllAddaadevlceaoraeompuleraloa
nllp llwrndows mlcrosoll com/emus/Wlnoomflsemngrunrarwlrelessmetwork
nllp l/wrndows rmerosoll eornlenausrvvlndeweavlslalsalnnoauoaaawreless
How to configure your computer] laptop
WI h the Network IP Address
l. Log on lo ln- oompuler
2 ollok lne “Stan" eullon lrl should oe loeeled al
lne lower-led comer ol your screen). lnen clrck
"Contml Pannl". Cllrek 'Vlnw uenwenr Slalus l
and raakavvand lnen ellek “Manny. Nntwmll
conneelrane .nght-dlck‘ ncalAru
"carom". lnen seleel “Prwnflles”, wnerr rne
appearseeleclulnlernezP toeolVe n4
[YCPIIPvly' and lnen dlck “Proper“.
a Sellmg lP address manually Type lP address ls
192.168.1011“: from 2 lo 254). and Suonel
mask rs Type lne Runner's LAN
lP address one delaull lP ls 192156.111) rrno
me Delaun galemy field.
was: olreedve a ereduerouperel
u be me we wearer. We we plum-cl we no he led-d ,. hguwd
urges-«Ilean- naneeueew evenern.wraoe aeelrenoeerer
rre leayarng deem mo deems Iqulpnm
— wonder-serumlaroeoeal
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