AX200NG Intel Wireless -AX200 Cover Letter 7265NGW FCC - C2PC letter Intel

Intel Intel Wireless -AX200

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American Certification Body
6731 Whittier Avenue Suite C110
McLean, VA 22101

Date: 4/24/2019

Ref: FCC Class II Permissive change for FCC ID: PD9AX200NG (Original Grant
  date: 03/05/2019)
   Dear Examiner,
This is to request a Class II permissi ve change for FCC ID: PD9AX200NG
(granted 03/05/2017).

The major change filed under this application is:

      Change #1: This change is to request approval for portable category specific
      host notebook PC, HP model number - HSN-I24C-4, with antenna AWAN
      part no 6036B0235501 (Tx1) and 6036B0235601 (Tx2), HongBo part no
      260-27293 (Tx1) and 260-27292 (Tx2) and WNC part no 81EEA415.GF6 (Tx1) and
      81EEA415.GF5 (Tx2).

      Antenna is of the same type and lower gain from original approval. SAR
      testing was performed to demonstrate RF compliance.


Steven C. Hackett
Product Regulations Engineer
Intel Mobile Wireless Group
TEL: 803-216-2344
CELL: 803-315-6704

                                                        100 Center Point Circle
                                                        Columbia, SC 29210

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