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Prepared (also subject responsible if other)
EDAVBOL [David Bolzon]
1 (1)
Nemko Canada Inc.
303 River Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1V 1H2
Federal Communications Commission
Authorization & Evaluation Division
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046-1609
23 January 2018
FCC ID: TA8AKRC161749-1
Subject: Request for Permanent Confidentiality – Class 2 Permissive Change
To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to Sections 0.457(d) and 0.459 of the FCC Rules, We, Ericsson Canada / Ericsson AB, hereby
request the Exhibits/Items listed below be withheld from public inspection or disclosure. This is based on the
following reasons:
This product is intended for use in an Ericsson Radio Base Station (BS) designed and built to state of the art
technical specification and implemented with innovative solutions for a highly competitive market. Competition
in this market is very intense and therefor the necessity for confidentiality is essential to protect Ericsson IP and
trade secrets.
Ericsson AB / Ericsson Canada confidential exhibits / documentation contain Ericsson company proprietary
information (or that of our suppliers and contactors), in addition to trade secrets and proprietary information that
are not intended for public disclosure. The confidential exhibits in this application are provided exclusively for
the radio authorization submission and approval process and therefore need to be protected from public
Ericsson AB / Ericsson Canada has invested considerable time and materials in research and development to
produce the referenced product. Disclosure of the permanently confidential portions of this application to
competitors would not only give them significant competitive advantages in developing similar products, but
would also disclose successful implementation of unpublished, leading edge technology and solutions
developed and / or implemented by Ericsson, with actual and patents pending.
The Confidential Exhibits listed below contain highly technical and confidential information about our product
and are only available to trained and authorized service personnel. This equipment is not available to be sold
to the general public, (nor is it a consumer product) and can only be accessed and installed by trained service
personnel under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with Ericsson. In addition, this product is only serviceable
by the licensee or his designated / authorized technicians. As per Exhibit 13 “Commercial in Confidence” all
sales of this product are under a NDA, including third party sales.
Confidential product information can be found in, but not necessarily limited to, internal photos, block diagrams,
schematics diagrams, and parts lists as well as certain documents, such as the user’s manuals. Internal
photographs contain product details not disclosed to or accessible by the general public. Under Special
Circumstances, we (Ericsson) therefore request the inclusion of Exhibit 09 Internal Photographs and Exhibit
08 User Manuals to be held for Long Term Confidentiality based on the above justification.
Product: KRC 161 749/1 Radio 4449 B5 B13 - Long Term Confidentiality List:
Exhibit 12 Operational and Technical Descriptions
Should additional information be required, please contact the undersigned:
DAVID BOLZON Sr. Engineer - Regulatory Approvals
FCC Registration Number (FRN) 0013476155
Ericsson Canada Inc.
349 Terry Fox Drive
Ottawa, On, K2K 2V6, Canada
Phone: +1.613.963.6998
Mobile: +1.613.219.5892
Email: david.bolzon@ericsson.com
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