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Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corporation

Testing Firm Registrations:

Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA

Firm Name: Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corporation
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Expiration Date: 2016-09-30 0
Contact: Kaveh Moraghebi
Contact Title: Quality Manager
Address: 1274 Anvilwood Avenue
City: Sunnyvale
State: California
Postal/Zip Code: 94089
Country: United States
Contact Email: kaveh@baclcorp.com
Phone Number: 408-732-9162
Fax Number: 408 732 9164
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1129

FCC Licenses Certified With Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corporation

CompanyFCC IDProduct
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQC1000AWireless 11n VDSL2/GigE Modem Gateway
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQC2000AWireless 11n VDSL2 Modem Gateway
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQF2250Wireless 11n VDSL2 Modem Gateway
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQF2300F2300-Wireless 11ac Ethernet Gateway
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQPK5001AWireless 11n ADSL2+ Modem Gateway
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQSG250Gateway Device with Z-Wave Home Control and Optional WiFi
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQT2200HWireless 11n VDSL2 Modem Gateway
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQWCB3000Wireless Coax Network Adapter
Actiontec Electronics IncLNQC3000A802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOO-F0674-011Tri-Band Remote Antenna Unit
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOO-F0684-112Remote Access Unit for InterReach Fusion System
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOO-F0687-012Remote Access Unit for InterReach Fusion System
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOO-S2791-012InterReach Spectrum Remote Access Unit
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOO-S2793-112InterReach Spectrum Remote Access Unit
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOO-S2795-012Remote Access Unit for InterReach Fusion System
Adero Inc2AQNK-TF10Smart Tag
Adero Inc2AQNK-SF10Smart Taglet
Aerobar Edge LLC2AFTR-AE100ACCycling Training Product
Afero Inc.2AGLL-ASR-2KLWi-Fi /BLE Communications Module
Alphawave Golf (Pty) Ltd2AO3F-EA-XRN-9000Radar Sensor
Amimon Ltd.VQSCB390802120528RGB
Anaren IncO2R-226MSWi-Fi Module
AnyDATA CorporationP4M-ACT10OBD Vehicle Tracking Device
AnyDATA CorporationP4M-ACT210OBD-II Vehicle Tracking Device
AnyDATA CorporationP4M-ACT231CDMA Vehicle Tracker
AnyDATA CorporationP4M-ACT611Vehicle Tracker
AnyDATA CorporationP4M-ACT613Vehicle Tracker
AnyDATA CorporationP4M-APT230CDMA Personal Tracking Device
AOR USA Inc.NVJARDV1Communications Receiver
Arch Systems Inc.2AJS3-BTC1A modular Bluetooth radio for industrial sensor applications
Arrayent Inc.Y4B-ACM1110Arrayent Connect 900 Module
August Home Inc2AB6UMD01August BLE Radio Module
Axon Enterprise, IncX4GS00947BAxon Fleet 2.0 Front Camera
Axon Enterprise, IncX4GS00146BAxon Fleet 2.0 Rear Camera
BlackBox Biometrics Inc.2AHN8LIAS10Impact Sensor
Brava Home Inc.2AOGABRAVAONEConvection Oven
Canam Technology, IncTCJ-M4BBDAVMARK-IV Broadband (Class-B) Signal Booster
Canam Technology, IncTCJ-M4DBDA7MARK-IV Digital Narrowband (Class-A) Signal Booster
Canam Technology, IncTCJ-M4DBDA8MARK-IV Digital Class-A Signal Booster
Cao Gadgets, LLCZGW05Wireless Sensor Tags
Cao Gadgets, LLCZGW06Wireless Water/Soil Moisture Sensor
Cao Gadgets, LLCZGW07Door/Window KumoSensor
Cao Gadgets, LLCZGW08Infra-Red KumoSensor
Cellphone-Mate Inc. dba SureCallRSNCM5000Bi-Directional Amplifier
Cellphone-Mate Inc. dba SureCallRSNCM-EHPROCellular Repeater
Cellphone-Mate Inc. dba SureCallRSNCMFLEX-ACellular Repeater
Cellphone-Mate Inc. dba SureCallRSNCMFLEX-TCellular Repeater
Cellphone-Mate Inc. dba SureCallRSNCMFLEX-VCellular Repeater
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS0023-Series Security Keypad
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS003ZigBee Garage Door Controller
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS0043-Series Garage Door Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS005ZigBee Micro-Motion Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS006ZigBee Micro-Door Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS009Home Automation Gateway
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS010Zigbee Emergency Pendant
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS011Smart Key Fob
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS012ZigBee Smart Button
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS013ZigBee Micro-Door Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS014Micro Motion Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS018IRIS Motion Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-SS019ZigBee Micro Motion Sensor
CentraLite Systems, Inc.T3L-TS004Zigbee Thermostat
Cisco Systems IncLDKCALAB0676Cisco 1120 Connected Grid Router (CGR 1120)
Cisco Systems IncLDKIR829GW-LTEIR829 Integrated Services Router
Code & Modules Inc.2APEM-PXBDPixieBoard, Single Board Computer
Commsignia, Inc.2AOZ5-CM-OB4DSRC On-Board Unit
Communications Specialists IncCFXTXR-2Ankle/Wrist Homing Transmitter
Consumer 2.02AH4JRBDB01Enterprise Bluetooth Lock
CourtMatics Corp.2AO22-S30000Smart Tennis Dampener
Culvert-IoT Corporation2AQ98-UNOAsset Tracker
Dash Robotics2AF5B-KRB0001Toy Robot Kit
Delphi Electronics & SafetyL2C0064TROn-Board unit, 802.11p, with V2X Transceiver Radio
Delphi Electronics & SafetyL2C0072TROn-Board Unit
Ecolink Intelligent Technology, Inc.XQC-WST612Wireless Flood/Freeze Sensor
Enflux Inc.2AL7O44X101Enflux Motion Capture Clothing
Everex Communications, IncTF7WX-31-1000Digital Analog 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller
Everex Communications, IncTF7WT-23-1000Wireless Thermostat with an IEEE802.15.4 2.4GHz DSSS Radio
Exalt Wireless, Inc.TTM-105P25UeMIMO 100
Fanhattan, Inc.S2E-C0818Digital Media Receiver
Fanhattan, Inc.S2E-L0815Digital Media Receiver Remote Control
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB103Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB150Wireless Activity Tracker Dongle
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB201AFitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB301Wireless Activity Tracker
Fitbit, Inc.XRAFB401Wireless Activity Tracker
Flextronics International2AF5R-QD10Wireless Charger
FORM Lifting, Inc.2AIZQFC1000Smart weightlifting collar
Fujitsu Component LimitedSQK-MBH7BTZXXC2Bluetooth Module
Full Spectrum Inc.X27-FS-218Point to Multipoint Licensed Wireless Broadband Data Radio
Full Spectrum Inc.X27FS-CP757787FullMAX Cobalt-Plus
G-Way Microwave / G-WaveQ8KBDALTEUC3390CUpper C LTE Bi Directional Amplifier
G-Way Microwave / G-WaveQ8KPS82070MIndustrial Signal Boosters
Gainspan CorporationYOPGS2011MIEUltra-Low Power Wi-Fi Module
Gainspan CorporationYOPGS2011MIZUltra-Low Power Wi-Fi Module
Gainspan CorporationYOPGS2100MIEUltra-Low Power Wi-Fi Module
Gainspan CorporationYOPGS2100MIPUltra-Low Power Wi-Fi Module
Gainspan CorporationYOPGS2101MLow Power 802.11b/g/n20 Wi-Fi Module
Gainspan CorporationYOPGS2200MLow Power 802.11 b/g/n20 Wi-Fi Module
Geoforce Inc.OWA00GTXBattery Powered GPS Tracker
Glooko, Inc.2ACSCGMBGlooko MeterSync Blue
GoPro, Inc.CNFCHDHN302Wireless Portable Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFCHDHX302Wireless Portable Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFHWBD1Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFHWHL1Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFHWHM1Action Sports Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFHWPP1Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFHWRP1Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFASST1Video Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFHWMR1Video Camera
GoPro, Inc.CNFSPCH1Wireless Video Camera
HAP Innovations, LLC2AIA7-SPN02Smart in-home medication dispenser
iControl IncorporatedW2E-ICHIME-M10Wireless Data Communication Module
iControl IncorporatedW2E-ISCAN10Wireless barcode scanner equipped with 2.4GHz 802.14.5 radio.
iMetrikus Inc. DBA Numera Inc.RLU-NL-100Mobile Personal Emergency Alert Device
iMpak Health2ABEF-KMB121Handheld, Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled, Medication Compliance Device
Infinition IncPDG-LABRADARRadar, Velocity Detector
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND20Sports Activity Device
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND19Sports Activity Device
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND18Wearable Glasses
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND24Smart Watch
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND23Smart Watch
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND26Smart Watch
Intel Corporation2AB8ZND27900 MHz Radio Device
Intelibs, Inc.Z69D01T4JX4Radio Hub Unit (RHU)
Intelibs, Inc.Z69D01T4X3DAS Remote Unit-ASW Band
Intelibs, Inc.Z69D01T4JX5Radio Hub Unit (RHU)
Intelibs, Inc.Z69D01T4JX6Medium power Remote Unit (MRU)
Invensify Corporation2AOHRFZ8J6YLBluetooth Enabled Temperature Sensor
KHN Solutions IncS8B-BTBLE40Bluetooth Module for use with Breath Alcohol Detector
KHN Solutions IncS8B-C6Breathalyzer
KHN Solutions IncS8B-C8Breathalyzer
Kit Check, Inc.2AFEQ-AC001RFID Syringe Inventory System
Lectrosonics IncDBZDBWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHHAA1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHHAB1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHHAC1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHMAA1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHMAB1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHMAC1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLMBA1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLMBB1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLMBC1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLTA1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLTB1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLTC1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSSMA1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSSMB1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSSMC1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSSMB2Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMWBC1Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZM2TDigital IEM Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZDHUDigital Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZDBUDigital Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHHA9Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZHMA9Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMV9Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZDCHTDigital Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMQV22AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMQV19AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMQV20AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMQV47AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMQV21AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZWM47AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZWM19AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZWM20AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZWM21AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZWM22AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZWM23AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMQV23AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLTA1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLTB1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLMBA1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZLMBB1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSSMA1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSSMB1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMDWBA1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZSMDWBB1AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT419AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT447AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT420AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT421AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT422AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT423AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lectrosonics IncDBZIFBT494AWireless Microphone Transmitter
Lightpointe Communications, Inc.PHVABG80PLUSWireless Point-to-Point Radio
Lightpointe Communications, Inc.PHVAK80Point to Point Wireless Bridge
Looxcie, Inc.YJ8-LX4Looxcie HD Mountable Video Camera Product with Integrated 802.11b/g
Looxcie, Inc.YJ8-LXQ1Looxcie Standard Definition Mountable Video Camera Product with integrated 802.11 b/g
LUMO BodyTech, Inc.OS7LB0100Posture Device with Bluetooth 4.0(LE)
Macari Baby, Inc.2AJEY-401ATBaby Monitor (Camera Unit)
Macari Baby, Inc.2AJEY-401AMBaby Monitor (Movement Unit)
Macari Baby, Inc.2AJEY-402ARBaby Monitor (Monitor Unit)
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.UAYK402IoT Development Kit
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.UAYK501IoT Development Kit
Midland Radio CorporationMMAGXT200022 Channel GMRS/FRS Handheld Two-way Radio
Mimosa Networks, Inc.2ABZJ-100-000015 GHz Point to Point Back Haul
Mimosa Networks, Inc.2ABZJ-100-000145 GHz Point to Point Back Haul
Mimosa Networks, Inc.2ABZJ-100-00014PSPoint to Point Device
Mimosa Networks, Inc.2ABZJ-010-0008324 GHz Backhaul Radio
Mimosa Networks, Inc.2ABZJ-100-00085Mimosa C5x
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBRB81975Consumer Wideband Bi-Directional Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBRBUZ81975Consumer Wide-band Bi-directional Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBRM22050Consumer Wideband Bi-Directional Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBST22023Consumer Wide-band Coupling Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBST22030Dual Band Bi-directional Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBTUX623Consumer Wide-band Coupling Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBMU650Consumer Wide-band Booster
Mobile Communications Inc.S4RBBU672Consumer Wide-band Booster
MS Magnet Solutions Ltd.2AKJA-S1500W2PiXcell Smallcell Wi-Fi Router
MS Magnet Solutions Ltd.2AKJA-S1500W4PiXcell Smallcell Wi-Fi Router
MS Magnet Solutions Ltd.2AKJA-S1500W5PiXcell Smallcell Wi-Fi Router
Next Thing Co.2AF9F-HELLA1337Linux Computer Module
NVIDIA CorporationVOB-P1761WTegra K1 Tablet
NVIDIA CorporationVOB-P1761WXTablet
NVIDIA CorporationVOB-P2290WSHIELD Tablet
NVIDIA CorporationVOB-P2450ATegra 4 Portable Gaming Device
OLogic, Inc.2AH6T070613Educational Robotics Kit
PAX Labs, Inc.2AJWD-ERAElectronic Vaporizer
PAX Labs, Inc.2AJWD-PAX3Electronic Vaporizor
Paypal Inc2AB8CDCBNEE01USB Dongle
Peninsula Engineering Solutions, inc.QFT-HR-11500HR-11500 Microwave Linear Heterodyne Repeater
Perceptimed Inc2AJ8D-READER-G1ScripClip Pharmacy Prescription Tracker Reader
Perceptimed Inc2AJ8D-HNGBAG-G1ScripClip Hanging Bag Pharmacy Prescription Tracker
Perceptimed Inc2AJ8D-CLPON-G1ScripClip Clip-On Pharmacy Prescription Tracker
Perceptimed Inc2AJ8D-WANTXRX1-G1Simplex WAN Base Station
Performance Designed Products, LLCX5B-PL8622AFTERGLOW PRO CONTROLLER FOR WII U
Pink Donut LLC2AOUG-RBK1001Portable Wireless Record Player
ProteinSimple2AHGG-MAURICEProtein Detection Instrument
Punch Through Design LLC2AAV5-LBM313-2540Bluetooth 4.0 Module
Punch Through Design LLC2AAV5-PTD1503001BLE Starter Kit
Purple Communications, Inc.RC5SMARTVP01Video Calling Device
Raveon Technologies, IncorporatedSRS-M8S-VC220 MHz OEM Data Radio Modem
Renesas Electronics America, Inc2AFST-G1DBluetooth Low Energy Module
Renesas Electronics America, Inc2AFSTSK-S7G2Microcontroller Developer Starter Kit
Roku, Inc.TC2-R1016IP-STB
Roku, Inc.TC2-RCB16IP-STB Remote Controller
Roku, Inc.TC2-R1019IP-STB
Roku, Inc.TC2-RCB14IP-STB
Roku, Inc.TC2-R1018IP-STB
Roku, Inc.TC2-R1017IP-STB
Roost Inc.2AE5ATOSVWireless Battery
Roost Inc.2AE5A-RSW2002.4 GHz Wi-Fi Module
Roost Inc.2AE5A-RSW200A2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Module
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9G-MPE5AC33A802.11ac mini-PCI Express Radio Module
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GR300IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GR500IEEE 802.11ac Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GSC8800IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GT300IEEE 802.11ac Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GT504IEEE 802.11ac Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GTDBAC22N802.11ac AP Radio Module
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GZF7372802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GZF7372EIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.S9GZF7441IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point
SAMYUNG ENC Co., LtdRN6SMR-3700LCD Color Marine Radar System
Savari, Inc.2AADT-SAV-RSU2StreetWAVE RSU 2
Savari, Inc.2AADT-SDR1000Road-Side Unit & On-Board Unit Module
SecureALL CorporationY29SA-PWR-CWireless Wall Reader Module
Sensity SystemsSXNLSNM-0001-ALight Sensory Network Module
Sensity SystemsSXNLSNM-0002-XLight Sensory Network Module
Sensys Networks, IncY8XVSN240MMicroRadar Used to Detect Bicycles and Vehicles
Shireen Inc.YEF18862PICOAMPPico Cell Amplifier
Shireen Inc.YEF18892PICOAMPPico Cell Amplifier
ShotTracker Inc2AC4B-S4N1ShotTracker BLE Net Sensor
ShotTracker Inc2AC4B-S4W1ShotTracker BLE Wrist Sensor
ShotTracker Inc2AC4B-S6P1ShotTracker Location Player Sensor
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.XSB2300BACUSON Freestyle Ultrasound System
Sierra Innotek, Inc2AIQA-CMVAD100Low Enforcement Body Wire Transmitter
Silver Spring NetworksOWS-IMU521Radio Module for Gas Meter
Silver Spring NetworksOWS-NIC40Access Point
Silver Spring NetworksOWS-NIC42Wireless Ethernet Bridge
Silver Spring NetworksOWS-NIC45Dual band radio
SmartThings, Inc.R3Y-STH-ETH200Home Automation Gateway
South Pacific Electronics Ltd.OHKFMT154154.6 MHz Transmitter
South Pacific Electronics Ltd.OHKGLT27088 Channel Hand Held 27MHz Transmitter, GLT2708
South Pacific Electronics Ltd.OHKPCK4334 Button Keyring Remote Control, PCK43304
South Pacific Electronics Ltd.OHKFOB433Keyring Remote Control
South Pacific Electronics Ltd.OHKFOB433WPKeyring Remote Control
Spire, Inc.2ACF5S1Wearable Activity Tracker
SpotterRF LLCCO6-C20-LICRadar Security Sensor
SpotterRF LLCCO6-C950-LICGround Surveillance Radar
SpotterRF LLCCO6-CK-UNLGround Surveillance Radar
SpotterRF LLCCO6-A2000-LICGround Surveillance Radar
Streetline Inc.V2ISL-EPSVehicle Sensor
Streetline Inc.V2ISL-RPPSensor Repeater
Streetline Inc.V2ISL-SPSVehicle Sensor
SunPower CorporationYAW503252DTMAC Advanced Solar Tracker Controller
SunPower CorporationYAW523917SunPower STAC (523917)
Takex America, Inc.TO5MW50H100AH24 GHz Microwave Security Sensors
Takex America, Inc.TO5MW50L100AL24GHz Microwave Security Sensors
Teledesign Systems IncJWFTS4000GHRadio Modem
Teledesign Systems IncJWFTS4000GLRadio Modem
Teltronic S.A.U.WT7PTHTT500760BDigital Handheld Terminal
Teltronic S.A.U.WT7PTMDT500760BLand-Mobile and/or Fixed Radio Transmitter and Receiver
Teltronic S.A.U.WT7PTRNKTBSR75760Digital RF Transceiver
Teltronic S.A.U.WT7PTRNKTMBS800MBS Unit-N Digital RF Transceiver
The Detection Group, Inc.2AK4V-DT-502Wireless Sensor
The Detection Group, Inc.2AK4V-DT-500Smart Base Station
The Detection Group, Inc.2AK4V-DT-503Valve Controller
The Detection Group, Inc.2AK4V-DT-501Wireless Communication Hub
The Procter & Gamble Company2AG9A416010Smart Air Freshener
The Q-Track CorporationVJ3-Q-DOSESimulated Dosimeter
The Q-Track CorporationVJ3-QT-640-TAGTag Transmitter
Tigo EnergyXMYMD100AB148IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee Module
Tigo EnergyXMYSILICONAIR2ZigBee 802.15.4 RF Module
TPL Communications IncBBD3-125RF Power Amplifier
TPL Communications IncBBD3-60RF Power Amplifier
TracStar Systems, Inc dBa Cobham SATCOM2ADHY-ROJ-5075GExplorer 5075GX VSAT Terminal
TransAct Technologies IncorporatedRBP-920DLRMPrinter/Plotter, Direct Thermal Color
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-6829395GPS Receiver + 900 MHz + Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Radio
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-76577WFBTWi-Fi+Bluetooth Combo Module
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-8311891GNSS Receiver with 900 MHz FHSS Radio
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-9091191GNSS Receiver+900 MHz+Wi-Fi+Bluetooth
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-95807WFBTWLAN+ Bluetooth Combo Module
Trimble Navigation LtdJUP-90912GNSS Receiver
Trimble Navigation LtdKEAADL352Advanced Data Link, Padre (ADL35-2)
Trimble Navigation LtdKEAADL351Advanced Data Link, Padre (ADL35-1)
Trimble, Inc.JUP-106900GNSS Smart Antenna
Tropos Networks, Inc.P9J-142402802.11 b/g/n Radio Module
Tropos Networks, Inc.P9J-49024.9 GHz PCI Module
Tropos Networks, Inc.P9J-642401Bluefin 2.4G
Tropos Networks, Inc.P9J-645801Bluefin 5G
True Wearables, Inc.2ALHN282203Wireless, continuous, fully disposable, single-use pulse oximeter
TruePath Wireless LLCZJ3-TPWLR58B1TPWLR58B1-Long Reach BTS
Tyto Life LLC2ALVS-OB100Electronic Door Lock with Keyless Entry
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-R5MUOutdoor Wireless Access Device
Venstar IncMUH-SEN6Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor
Venstar IncMUH-SKYPORT3Thermostat with Wi-Fi Module
Venstar IncMUH-SKYPORT4Wi-Fi Module, for a Thermostat
WashSense Inc.2AJ87-SENSEX1Environmental Sensors
Westhold CorporationNKBTXLI-03RMS TXLI03 Transmitter
Whoop Wireless LLC2AEQJ-CP4-001CP4 Coverage Node
Whoop Wireless LLC2AEQJ-HE4-001HE4 Head End
Wi2Wi, IncU9R-W2CBW0015WLAN+Bluetooth Module
Wi2Wi, IncU9R-W2CBW0016Wi-Fi b/g/n+Bluetooth 3.0 SIP
Wi2Wi, IncU9RW2SW0025Wi-Fi Module, 802.11 b/g/n 20 MHz only, 1x1 SISO
Wi2Wi, IncU9RWM825Wi-Fi Module
Wi2Wi, IncU9RWM828CC6Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Module
Wireless Cables Inc.SQCBLE1KBluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Single Mode Module
zBoost, LLCSO4YX550-AWS-ALTE4G Cellular Signal Amplifier
zBoost, LLCSO4YX741-PCS-CELIndustrial Booster