FCC Equipment Testing Firm

MET Laboratories

Testing Firm Registrations:

MET Laboratories - Austin, TX

Firm Name: MET Laboratories
Location: Austin, TX
Expiration Date: 2017-03-31 0
Contact: Frank Casbolt
Contact Title: Quality-Certifications Manager
Address: 13501 McCallen Pass
City: Austin
State: Texas
Postal/Zip Code: 78753
Country: United States
Contact Email: frank.casbolt@metlabs.com
Phone Number: 512-287-2500
Fax Number: 512 287 2513
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1127

FCC Licenses Certified With MET Laboratories

CompanyFCC IDProduct
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOODAS9M-2-WLGCell GSM
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOODAS9M-4E-WLGCell EGSM
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOOFSN-809019-1InterReach Fusion FSN-809019-1
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOOFSN-8519-1FSN-8519-1 InterReach Fusion Remote Unit
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOOUNS-CELL-1UNS-CELL-1
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOOUNS-EGSM-1InterReach Unison EGSM
ADC Telecommunications Inc.NOOUNS-IDEN-1InterReach Unison IDEN
Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.S2OADRFTECH003Epoch- M1P Repeater
Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.S2OADRFTECH004Epoch-M1C-AF, Epoch-M1C-BF & Epoch-M1C-FF 800 MHz
Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.S2OADRFTECH005Duo-i6525 RF Repeater
Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.S2O-EPOCH-HP-20Epoch-HP-20, Epoch-HP-10, Epoch-HP-05 1900MHz band
Agere Systems Nederland B.V.IMRMPCIDE1Orinoco Mini PCI-3A
Airspan Networks Finland OyURK-ASNBTSLG2Wireless communication, PtP/PtMP Link
AirWalk Communications, Inc.R4HAW10R19AF1AW10R19AF1 Pilot Beacon
AirWalk Communications, Inc.R4HAW96R19AB7AW96R19AB7A01 Pico MiniCell
AirWalk Communications, Inc.R4HAW96R19AF7AW96R19AF7 MiniCell
Applied Wireless Identifications Group Inc.OGSM26EARFID Reader 2.6e Module
Applied Wireless Identifications Group Inc.OGSR26EA011LR-911 and 2010AR RFID Reader
Audio-Technica CorporationJFZDRM141Microphone
Azalea Networks USA, Inc.URP-MSR2000802.11 a/b/g Wireless Mesh Networking Device
Brivo Systems, Inc.O9UBRIVOBOX100External Delivery Box - monitoring
Broadcom CorporationQDSBRCM1018USB Bluetooth Module
CalAmpAPV01030Cellular Module
Carlson Wireless Technologies IncOPA-TB24-58Trailblazer 2.4 – 5.8
Carlson Wireless Technologies IncOPA-TB49Trailblazer TB 4.9
Carnegie Technologies, LLC2ARIP-0006AAA
Carnegie Technologies, LLC2ARIP-0002CR123
Carnegie Technologies, LLC2ARIP-0001Bridge between sensor tags and hub
Continental Wireless, Inc.TIGR5000-L-49Broadband Wireless Router
Core Analog Inc.TJOCORECRSV10Portable RFID timing system with attached loop ant
Crossbow Technology, Inc.SHU004MTP400MTP400CA Wireless Network Sensor Node
Crossbow Technology, Inc.SHU005MPR1000902-928MHz, Frequency Hopping, Wireless Network
Crossbow Technology, Inc.SHU006SSM1000Wireless Soil Monitoring Network
Cyberonics, Inc.RW62000TRXThe Model 2000 Programming
Digital Security Controls Ltd.F5305SKYCLCellemetry Alarm Communicator
Ericsson Mobile Communications (UK) Ltd.OHLR290SATMobile Phone for the Globalstar/ GSM network
Firetide Inc.REP-3500-3HotPort 3500-5001
Firetide Inc.REP-3500-4HotPort 3500-5003
Firetide Inc.REP-3600-2HotPort 3600-5000
Firetide Inc.REP-4600-1Hot Point 4600 (outdoor unit)
Firetide Inc.REP-6100-1HotPort Wireless Node
Firetide Inc.REP-6200-1HotPort Wireless Node
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.RUN-USBKW24DUSB Dongle
HID Global CorporationJQ6-OK5027OMNIKEY products support any smart card for any application on any computer.
HID Global CorporationJQ6-X002200This is a color card printer on a plastic identification cards
HID Global CorporationJQ6-ICLASSR10FR10F product supports any smart card for any application on any computer.
HID Global CorporationJQ6-5127MODMINThis reader designed to support any smart card for any application on any computer and support all relevant operating systems from all Windows platforms to Linux and Mac OS.
HID Global CorporationJQ6-RB25FRFID reader
Infinet Wireless LimitedT3DR5000-LInfiNet Wireless 5.8 GHz Wireless Router
Infinet Wireless LimitedT3DR5000-OInfiNet Wireless 5.8 GHz Wireless Router
Infinet Wireless LimitedT3DR5000-SInfiNet Wireless 5.8 GHz Wireless Router
Laserscope, Inc.UEA-10-007XRFID sub-system for the GreenLight HPS
Line 6 Digital Wireless Inc.UOB91699TX94900MHz ISM Band Digital Audio Transmitter
Line 6 Digital Wireless Inc.UOB91699TX95900MHz ISM Band Digital Audio Transmitter
Meshify Inc2AQ34-LDUS-05-02LoRaWAN Water Leak Detector
NEC Corporation of AmericaUI3SN8158CSEV1.9GHz Wireless Base Station
NoiseAware, LLC2AQIP-NA3N101Indoor Noise Sensor is a WiFi-enabled noise monitoring device
NoiseAware, LLC2AQIP-NA3N102battery-powered noise monitoring device that can be mounted in a wide range of locations with a screw, zip-ties, or mounting tape
OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc.DZO-LDV-AETHERWireless module for connected lighting
PelcoU8L-EW5000SERIESVideo Encoder, Video Access Point/Bridge
Polycom Inc.M72-PANOVisual Collaboration Device
Power Monitors, Inc.RO9E2003Eagle Class PQ Wireless Power Monitor
Powerwave Technologies IncE675JS0042Linear Feed-Forward Power Amplifier
RF Code, Inc.P6F4LTXAsset Tracking and Event Transmitter
Sanyo Electric Co LtdAEZNPM-2000-C310NPM-2000 Wireless Base Station
Sensoria CorporationTVJ-ER51Dual Radio Outdoor Mesh Router
Sensys Networks, Inc.TDBVSN240VSN 240 Wireless Sensor & Repeater
SOMA Networks, Inc.POZCPE700006553DCPE-300-2C0 (SOMAport Subscriber Terminal)
SOMA Networks, Inc.POZCPEPCS004886CSOMAport Subscriber Terminal
SOMA Networks, Inc.POZCPEWCS005239BSOMAport Subscriber wireless terminal
SOMA Networks, Inc.POZNPM700007168AFBS Wireless Base Station (NPM-2500)
SOMA Networks, Inc.POZNPMWCS005777ANPM Wireless Base Station
Tehama Wireless Design Group Inc.TS4-TWB-049Wireless Monitor System
Trilliant Networks, Inc.RV7-DBE101005RTri-Band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wireless LAN
Trilliant Networks, Inc.RV7-SD1085Tri-Band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wireless LAN
Trilliant Networks, Inc.RV7-SD1087SkyExtender and SkyGateway units
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-LS2T2.4 GHz Wireless Mini-PCI Card for Outdoor Wireles
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-LS5T5 GHz Wireless Mini-PCI Card for Outdoor Wireless
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-LS9900 MHz wireless mini-PCI module
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-SR44.9GHz mini-PCI card
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-SR4CSuper Range 4 Public Safety 4.9Ghz mini-PCI module
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-SR9900 MHz wireless Mini-PCI card
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-SRX802.11a/b/g 34mm PCI Express Card
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-XR33GHz Wireless PCMCIA Module
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.SWX-XR9900MHz Wireless PCMCIA Module
VeriFone IncB32VX670WIFIVX670 WiFi Point of Sale Terminal
Weir Group Management Services Limited2ANXR-STXMPMmonitor the operation of components of a drilling rig
Zebra Technologies CorporationQJEWMC6300704PCMCIA Card