0YX0MU03019 USB Reader 3 MF Cover Letter 2 Y Soft a.s.

Y Soft a.s. USB Reader 3 MF

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Date: January 29, 2019
To: Federal Communications Commission,
Authorization & Evaluation Division,
7435 Oakland Mills Road,
Columbia, MD 21046
Re: Y Soft Corporation a.s.
Confidentiality Request
To Whom it may concern:
This letter is to comply with 47 CFR 0.457 and 0.459 pertaining to confidentiality material.
Y Soft Corporation a.s. requests that the following documents regarding this submission for
FCC ID: XUY0YX0MU03019 be kept confidential:
Exhibit Type
Block Diagram
Operational Description
File Name
Block Diagram.pdf
Operational Description.pdf
Those documents contain detailed system and equipment description and related
information about the product which Y Soft Corporation a.s. considers to be confidential
proprietary, a custom design and, otherwise, not releasable to the general public. Since this
design is a basis form which future technological products will evolve, Y Soft Corporation
a.s. considers this information would be of benefit to its competitors, and that the disclosure
of the information in these documents would give competitors an unfair advantage in the
Yours Sincerely
Contact name: Michaela Sebkova
Title: Logistics Manager
Y Soft Corporation a.s.
Email: Michaela.sebkova@ysoft.com
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