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Magnadyne Corporation Wireless Repeater

FCC ID Filing: ZGM-MV2458
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MV2458 Router
User Manual
For Technical Assistance, please call (800) 638-
3600, or visit
Establish a WiFi Connection ............... 3
Pair MV24OO ................................... 5
Set SSID ........................................ 6
Set Login Password ......................... 7
Restore Factory Settings ................... 8
Upgrade Firmware .......................... 10
Connection History ......................... 11
Reboot ........................................ 12
Set Date & Time ............................. 13
2 Ccmngm©2c17 Magnadme C(rp MVZACE Somme w Liv—Lima w c. 7
Establish a WiFi Connection
To access the intemet using the MV2458 a WiFi connection must be established with the host WiFi.
Step 1
Press power button on the MV2458
to power up the Router and wait
until all lights are blue and flashing
(approximately 2 min)
or: )(4 MM.
Step 4
Wait until your device is connected
to the AIR/24532.46 Nettl/drk.
Step 2
Go to the WiFi setting on your device
(phone, tablet, lapldp, etc, make sure
your WiFi is turned on) and click on the
MV2458-2.4G Network. lfeveliable,
you can also choose to connect to the
MV2458-5.4G N etwo rk
Step 5
Go to your Web browser and In the
address field type In
and click Go or hit Enter.
Step 3
In the Password field type in the
pa§wurd MV245alAfiFi and
cllck the Jam button.
Password: MV2458WiFi
*Case Sensitlve
Step 6
The Login streen will open. In the
Password field type in the pagword
admit and click the Login button
Password: admin
”Case Sensmye
.agnattyne corp
mm m mmate l.t,t Rwl Ink we. ax r. r
Establish a WiFi Connection
Step 7
Walt until the scanning countdown
has completed.
The Available VlllFl List screen will
appear. Click on the \MFI Network that
you would like the Routerto connect to
lrsmnning does not happen
automatically you may need to oomplete
the ‘Rebool” instructions on Page 12.
The paxword pop-up Window will appear.
Type in the paxword for the chosen WiFi
host and click on the Connect button
Please acquire password from
Vlfi Hostatyourlocation.
If previously connected the
password will refresh automatically
from your connection history.
Walt until the conn ecling
countdown has completed
lithe unlthll not connect at this
step, it may not have finished its
2 minute boot cycle. Start again
from Step1 and Wait 2 minutes
for boot cycle to complete.
Step 10
The Login screenwill open Inthe
Password field type in the password
admin and dicktne Login button. If logln
is summiul, unit will proceed to Step 12.
Password: admin
*0 ase Sensitive
Step 11
lfthe password was not typed oorrectly
a pop-up window will appear stating that
the connection to the Network failed.
Click the OK button. The unit will
return to Step 7 and scan again
Double check that you are typing
the correct Network password in
Step 12
The Status Screen . appear showing
the connected Network under the t'tle
MVZAOO iomsido) Information.
Congratulations, Setup Complete.
iriyma satihare in ny.i Ink he. .2 ant—‘7
Pair MV2400
The MV2458 and MV2400 have been designed to operate cabled by Ethernet orwirelessly. lfthe
WFi system is used wirelessly the MV2400 must be paired to the MV2458 for proper operation.
Step 2
Step 3
Select Settings from the drop-
dnwn menu
‘wwi, W mew
Step 4
After entering the MAC address
clickthe Apply button
In Settings select Pair MV2400.
m :- ma
new—u... m... v..t.
Step 5
Wait until the Pair MV2400
countdown has completed,
lnthe field Enterlvlac Address enterihe
MAC address listed in the user's manual
or the address IISted On the device.
The MAC address Will have the
format of XX XX XX XX:XX XX
(Example 40te5'ef e’lte2'e9)
It is important to enter this number exactiy as
displayed on the dams: or in the user's
manual. The MAC address you enter MUST
match the device you are connecting to.
Step 6
Return to Page 3,51ep e of
“Establish a WiFi Connection".
"Jim ectc
Personalize your WiFi experience and increase the security of your MV2458 wireless
network by changing the SSID and Password.
m. mm m
Step 2 Step 3
Select Settings from the drop- |n Settings select Set SSID. In the field under 5.8(3 WIFI SSID
replace the deiault name MV2458-
5.86 with a name of your choice
down menu.
a nu» in...”
a ,, m in...”
-.._- a)
Step 4 Step 5 Step 5
If you would like to change the required Repeat lhis process for the 2.46 click Apply Wait until the Set
password to connect to the 5 8G WiFi WiFi SSID and 2.4G WiFi SSID countdown has completed.
ssm, enter a new password in the Password to personalize your
field 5.86 WiFi Password to replace connection names and pa§words FEM" 9° Page 325‘s" 2 ”f.
_ Establish a \NiFl Connection
the deiauit MV2458VMFI.
and use new SSID & Passwords.
Please noie . "you forget your login
password, Just use Comm 1 of the
“Restore Factory Settings" instructbns.
li'y'cha so in . 'k fer
Set Login Password
After initial setup, it’s recommended that the default login password be
changed. admin is the default password.
G Sm Password
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Select Settings from the drop- In Settings 55'9“ 591 Login Password- In lhe field Enter Current Password
down menu. type in the current pe§word used
in Iogm to the application.
fi sa Pass-“>16
Step 4 Step 5
In the field Enter New Password Click Apply.
type In the new password to be Waltunhllhe SetLogIn Password
US“ to log I" to the application, countdown has completed.
Reium to Page 3, Step 2 of
‘Establish a VlfiFi Connecticn”and use new password.
Please note . if you forget wuii login password, just use
Option ’l of ma ‘Restore Factory Settings” instructions.
l.\l Rh,
7 Cup,” giii o 23" \i‘ldg' e'J‘JllD Ccip ii mes Sr
Restore Factory Settings - Option 1
The RV Wi system can be restored to factory default settings if it is not functioning correctly. Option
1 resets the system by depressing the reset button on the bottom of the lVlV2458. (This option may
be necessary if you forget your admin password. Default passwords will apply alter reset.)
M... -m...‘
Hold for 8 Sec
Step 1 Step 2 “K“? Step 3
Make sure the MV2458 is powered Using a paper clip press and hold the Walt approximately 2 minutes
on and wait approximately 2 minutes reset button located on the bottom of then ram," ‘0 page 3, gen 2 or
for it to completely start up. the MV2458 for approximately 8 “Establish a WiFi Comedic".
seoonos and then let go
The WFI symbol light. ’2
will go out and the MV2458 will
restore to factory settings.
Restore Factory Settings - Option 2
Option 2 uses the in-software restore option. This option can be used to reset both MV2458
(inside unit) and MV24OO (outside unit) back to factory defaults.
0 Factory Heston
Inlu am».
Int» mum
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Select Settings from the drop- In Settings select Restore If you Went to restore both
down menu. Factory Settings. units to factory settings, first
restore the MVZAOO and then
restore the MV2458.
Step 4 Step 6
To clear and restore the Alb/2400 When complete you will be taken To clear and restore the MV2458
to facton/ settings clickthe Apply to the Logln screen. to facton/ settings clickthe Apply
button below MVZAOO Restore. button below MV2458 Restore.
Return to Page 3 Step 6 of
Well until the MV2400 Restore “Establish aWiFi Connection“ and Wait until the MV2458 Restore
status bar has completed use the apprepiate password. lithe status bar has completed. All
password has not been changed settings will be restored to default
then use admin to login Return to Page 3, step 2 of
“Establlsh aWIFI Connection".
9 Cunt gm © 23
we we l,’»2L.udc‘\t2'eL\l w. "K e, “2.4
Upgrade Firmware
As improvements become available, it may be necessary to upgrade the Firmware of the MV24OO and MV2458.
Check for upgrades at A PC may be needed to download & perform upgrade.
Step 2
In Settings Select Upgrade Firmware.
Select Settings from the drop-
down menu.
Step 4
Click the Upload button located below the
fik: mmc. The dcvioc wll begin the update
process. Folow on screen prompts.
Do NOT turn offthe power
Once the file ls Selected the flle
name Will be dlsplayed In the fleld
nextto the Choose File button.
10 Ct n :ml @373
Step 3
For either the MV2400 or the
MV2458 click the Choose File
button to select the firmware update
file that you Will be using. This file
must be accessible by the devloe
you are using to pertorm the update.
t um... Flmwun
Step 6
Afler the update rs complete. navlgate
to the Upgrade Firrmvare Screen in
Step 3 and ohed< the file name (located
above the Choose File button) to make
sure the update installed correctly.
Connection History
The connection history page shows past WiFi connections that have been made. If a
previously visited WiFi ocation is no longer working for you, clearing the history and
reestablishing the WiFi connection may solve your issue.
«(WWWwJ-Mfg' {WW¢W.
Step 1 Step 2
Select Settings from the drop- In Settings select Connection History.
down menu.
5. .
mefim 7? mm
Step 4
The history can be cleared by When complete, you will be taken
pressing the Clear All button. to the Login screen.
Wait until the Connection History
countdown has completed.
11 Cdflgl glll e 23
.\l n
Occasionally you might have connection issues or difficulty connecting new devices to your
MV2458, to fix this you can reboot the system.
A reboot is not the same as Restore Factory Settings. A reboot only instructs the devices to
refresh and start up again, it does not delete any of the settings.
Step 1 Step 2
Select Settings from the drop- In Settings select Reboot. Click the Apply button and the entire
down menu system (NR/2400 and W2458) will
reboot (approx. 45 sec).
Reboot Mvmoo
. muse
aux \ytuunuh
Step 4 Step 5
Wait until the Reboot countdown RE‘WHO Page 3, Step 2 0*
has completed. ‘Establish a VlfiFi Connection".
‘lR',r «an, Ass
12 Cup,” gm o 23" vidgv u
Set Date & Time
Your MV2458 has the ability to automatically synchronize date and time with the device you are using to
run the application. If it has become desynchronized. follow the steps below to resynchronize.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Select Settings from the drop-
down menu.
G 3,51%. Yin“:
t mmuflunl-nlh‘nmo-‘Il
m... “mum—n.
Wait until the reboot countdown
has completed
In Settings select Set Date 8. Tlme
n... mum syn-u mam“
"nu 1M... .
\n :m 2 a .q;
Return to Page 3. Step 2 of
‘Establish aWFi Connection".
Click the Apply button.
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Changes or moiiiricnlions nul (:xm' 'Iy zinpr'uvud hy
zincc could Void 1hc user’s nulhorilv m uncrnlc th'
linr 5150*5250Wi7, plume ucsd Lhu dcviuc indoor only.
This wuinmunL commits wiLh 11L radiation cxposurc
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inlur' cruncu LhoL
i‘usnonsihlu for oumpli
can i nmcnl.
i'oth for m unuonL
opurziimi wilh minimum [ii
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