How to decode an emission designator?

Emission designators are codes between 3 and 9 characters which describe a wireless signal.
In codes with at least 7 characters, the first four characters represent the bandwidth of the signal and the remaining characters describe the signal methods, modulation type used, and class of data being transferred. In older 3 character emission designators the bandwidth is not included in the code.

You can decode an emission designator and find some additional details with this simple form:

What does an IC ID look like?

The Industry Canada IC ID is comprised of two parts, the first part is a manufacturer’s identifier. This is a short alphanumeric identifier that is unique to each manufacturer of a device. This part of the identifier can contain numbers and letters.

The second part of the IC ID is a manufacturer chosen model identifier. This part of the IC ID can contain numbers, letters, and hyphens. Older IC IDs (pre-1995) may also contain parentheses and periods, but these are no longer acceptable characters for IC Identifiers.