What is the IC ID on a router?

An IC ID (sometimes just IC) on a wireless router is the regulatory certification number used to certify the router complies to wireless emissions standards in Canada. Using the IC ID, you can lookup the wireless frequency the router uses (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), the radiation you may be absorbing by using the wireless router in your home, and other technical information about the device. IC IDs must be on all routers and other wireless transmitting devices certifying they are approved for use in Canada.

Are “IC ID” / IC Numbers Unique?

Industry Canada ID (IC ID / IC) numbers are unique to a device model, but not to each device.

For example, A company may produce two types of laptops with significant variation in each laptop. They give one laptop the model APPLE 1 and the other APPLE 2. The APPLE 1 computer will get the IC ID: 579 APPLE1 and the APPLE 2 computer will get the IC ID: 579 APPLE2. Every model of APPLE 1 and APPLE 2 will get the same IC ID regardless if 1 device is produced or 1,000 are produced.

How To Search an IC ID

Finding details on a wireless device with an IC ID is fairly simple. First, you will need to locate the label on the product. IC IDs may be printed on the label in the battery compartment and perhaps under the battery, many models list just “IC” rather than “IC ID”.

Once you have the IC ID, using the following form or at this IC Search Page
The device details page will include information such as “Approved Operating Frequencies” in MHz