A1763 Headphones – BeatsX by Dre

The A1763 Model Headphones are Beats In-Ear Headphones Manufactured by Apple Inc. This device received FCC Certification on 2016-12-19 and it is expected to come to market no later than 2017-06-14.



As of 2017-01-13, there are no other public certification details available besides anticipated certification numbers.

Industry Canada Certification Number: 579C-A1763

Anatel Certification Number: 03276-16-01993

Serial Number Format: PPPYWSSSCCCC

Apple Model Number: A1763


3 thoughts on “A1763 Headphones – BeatsX by Dre”

  1. Does anyone know the SAR rating of this bluetooth headset? I just spent over 20 minutes on the phone with Apple support and got nothing. They had no idea.

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