Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device User Manual FCC ID 2AFMU-1613538 / 2AFMU-1613570

Update 2017-12-18: Bayer now has 2 FCC registrations 2AFMU-1613538 & 2AFMU-1613570

As of 30 May 2017, the FCC ID registration for the Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device is missing ( FCC ID 2AFMU-1613538 / 2AFMU-1613570 )

There are no registered products under the grantee 2AFMU, Bayer Healthcare LLC

User Manual for Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device:



Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-3 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-4 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-5 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-6 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-7 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-8



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