FCC ID BCG-E239A / CMIIT-ID 2015CP3266

As of 2018-04-02, FCC ID BCG-E239A and CMIIT-ID 2015CP3266 are not associated with any FCC Licenses or Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Approval codes.

FCCID.io has received a report the R11 Max Phone is being sold from China under these two approval codes. We are unable to validate the CMIIT and the FCC ID is strictly invalid as it contains the Grantee code of Apple (BCG).

R11 Max TD-LTE Digital Mobile Phone; CMIIT ID: 2015CP3266
R11 Max TD-LTE Digital Mobile Phone; CMIIT ID: 2015CP3266

5 thoughts on “FCC ID BCG-E239A / CMIIT-ID 2015CP3266”

    1. You’ll have to contact the distributor for a refund. I would ask for legitimate FCC registration info. (Please share if they provide any!)

  1. I have rhe same phone too, titled as R11 plus. And it has some sticker extra. Do anyone have at least ROM or ide where I could find it? The seller is not on Wish app anymore

  2. I purchased a similar product From except it is labeled as an M10 model. Wish.com. Will never buy there again. Same CMIIT ID.

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