FCC ID A3LGT805S [Samsung Tablet]

Recently received an image of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S10.5 with the FCC ID A3LGT805S. Although the grantee code of A3L matches Samsung’s filings, the FCC ID appears to be invalid as there is no matching (or closely matching) model code of GT805S. This FCC ID does not appear to be a typo, but perhaps a clerical mistake of printing an unlicensed FCC ID.

Galaxy Tablet S 10.5 Back
Galaxy Tablet S 10.5 Back
            INTERNAL STOREGE :  2 GB
            DEVICE  STORAGE : 501GB
            FULL HD
           MODEL NUMBER :  T805S
           ANDROID VERSION : 5.12

2 thoughts on “FCC ID A3LGT805S [Samsung Tablet]”

  1. Sir,
    have purchased this tab from Bangkok
    but still sim card not detected both sim slot.
    Please help, what to do?
    FCC ID:A3LGT805S

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