FCC ID PL3-100B, Improper Frequency Transmission

According to reddit user, /u/foreverska, FCC ID PL3-100B “Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell” operates on a frequency of 315 MHz rather than the FCC ID authorized 433.92 MHz.
The schematics indicate CS5211DGO as the transmission chip, as well as the Circuit Description confirming 433.92 MHz operation.
Assuming the device /u/foreverska tested is genuine, it’s likely Pebble Smart altered their designs after FCC ID certification to use 315 MHz for power, cost, or range improvements. This magnitude of a change would require re-certification of the device with the FCC.


The DMR Digital Transceiver manufactured by Ailunce and sold under model number HD1 does not appear to have a valid FCC ID.
The FCC ID listed on the labeling is indicated as 2AAR8AILUNCEHD1, but no corresponding registration for that FCC ID exists.
The grantee code 2AAR8 is a valid code for “HENAN ESHOW ELECTRONIC COMMERCE CO., LTD”, a manufacturer of 2-way radio equipment, but it appears no FCC IDs have been issued to that company for this specific equipment.

Ailunce DMR Digital Transceiver HD1 Labeling
Ailunce DMR Digital Transceiver HD1 Labeling

Per the labeling, this device operates in 2 frequency ranges, 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. The device is also labeled Shenzhen Retevis Technology Co., Ltd

FCC ID BCG-E2186A [Apple iPhone 6S A1633]

FCC ID BCG-E2186A is not a valid FCC ID, however, as FCC ID model codes and IC ID model codes tend to correspond, and the FCC code E2186A is listed alongside the Industry Canada code 579C-E2946A, the proper FCC ID for this device is likely BCG-E2946A.

Model Number: A1633
IC ID: 579C-E2946A
FCC ID: BCG-E2186A [BCG-E2946A]

FCC ID NHVWB1U523 [Keyfob]

The FCC ID NHVWB1U523 is unregistered in the FCC.gov system. The first few characters (NHV) indicate this key is manufactured by Tohoku Alps Co Ltd, but the remaining characters (WB1U523) do not match any of their FCC licenses. The key does have a valid Industry Canada filing, indicating an operating frequency of 433.0 MHz – 434.0 MHz.

P/N SET.38010-S5A-A.Tx:72147-S5A-A

Canada: 3495 104 709A

ALPS Electric Co., Ltd Japan

FCC ID NHVWB1U523 Back Image
FCC ID NHVWB1U523 Back Image
FCC ID NHVWB1U523 Front Image (Honda Keyfob)
FCC ID NHVWB1U523 Front Image (Honda Keyfob)

FCC ID A3LGT805S [Samsung Tablet]

Recently received an image of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S10.5 with the FCC ID A3LGT805S. Although the grantee code of A3L matches Samsung’s filings, the FCC ID appears to be invalid as there is no matching (or closely matching) model code of GT805S. This FCC ID does not appear to be a typo, but perhaps a clerical mistake of printing an unlicensed FCC ID.

Galaxy Tablet S 10.5 Back
Galaxy Tablet S 10.5 Back
            INTERNAL STOREGE :  2 GB
            DEVICE  STORAGE : 501GB
            FULL HD
           MODEL NUMBER :  T805S
           ANDROID VERSION : 5.12

FCC ID L6ABBA1002 / L6ABBA100-2

As of 2018-05-03, there is no registered FCC ID L6ABBA1002 for the BlackBerry DTEK60 BBA100-2 mobile phone.

The FCC filing for L6ABBA1001 carries the same model of the phone (DTEK60), so the FCC filing for L6ABBA1001 may be the proper FCC ID for this device. Either way, the device is either not properly labeled or there is no license with the FCC for this device.

Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device User Manual FCC ID 2AFMU-1613538 / 2AFMU-1613570

Update 2017-12-18: Bayer now has 2 FCC registrations 2AFMU-1613538 & 2AFMU-1613570

As of 30 May 2017, the FCC ID registration for the Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device is missing ( FCC ID 2AFMU-1613538 / 2AFMU-1613570 )

There are no registered products under the grantee 2AFMU, Bayer Healthcare LLC

User Manual for Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device:



Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-3 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-4 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-5 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-6 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-7 Aleve-Direct-Therapy-TENS-Device-User-Manual-8