Find FCC ID Certification for Homologation in Colombia

If you need to use your mobile phone in Colombia, you may be looking for the FCC ID certification for homologation. Try these methods to find it.

Finding the FCC ID

  1. Dial *#07# to bring up the device information.
    • Calling this number will not charge you anything or use any minutes
  2. Check your device settings. You may be able to find the FCC ID under the Legal & Regulatory information on your device
    • Settings > About > Legal Information > Regulatory
  3. Search your device model in Google using the keyword
    • include your model number

Get the TCB Certification Form from the FCC ID

Once you locate the FCC ID for your device, you will need the TCB authorization file. Obtain the TCB authorization by searching your FCC ID using the FCC Homologation Search Tool.

The TCB certification for homologation can be located by clicking the “Grant” icon for the 800 MHz row. tcb grant icon The “Lower Frequency In MHz” and “Upper Frequency In MHz” must be between 800 and 900 MHz for the grant to be valid in Colombia. Example:

Click on the proper Grant for the 800 MHz bandwidth for your device FCC ID
Click on the proper Grant for the 800 MHz bandwidth for your device FCC ID

Why is FCC ID certification needed? The CRC requires devices to be certified. Uncertified devices may be texted and disable from using the network.

“Tu celular no ha sido homologado ante la CRC y podria ser bloqueado”

To learn more about the requirements of the CRC and FCC ID certification, please see this video.