A1430 IPAD WITH 802.11 abgn BT EDR / LE / GSM / WCDMA / LTE [Re-Sent]Sample Request Email [May 18 2012] Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. IPAD WITH 802.11 abgn BT EDR / LE / GSM / WCDMA / LTE

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To: Marc Douat
From: Philip Hardt
FCC Equipment Authorization Branch
Applicant: Apple Inc.
731 Confirmation Number: TC794983
Date of Original E-Mail: 5/18/2012
A hard copy of this request is also being sent by postal mail. Please include the proper SIM/USIM cards, conducted
power measurement cables and all other accessories required for power and SAR measurements.
Pursuant to Section 2.943 of the Commission's Rules, please forward a sample of the above referenced equipment to
the FCC Laboratory for the purpose of sample testing. If a production sample isn't available, please submit the
equipment used for generating the FCC Test Report or a prototype identical to it.
You will have a period of 30 days from the date of this letter to supply the requested sample, or your application
may be dismissed pursuant to Section 2.917(c). We have determined that 30 days is a reasonable time limit in
which to supply the requested sample. Requests for extension of this time will be accepted in writing only, and
must provide an explanation of the circumstances which necessitate an extension. A request for extension will only
be granted under extenuating circumstances.
The sample and all related accessories including connecting cables used to generate the test results should be
submitted. ALL samples and accessories must be properly labeled with the IDENTICAL identification as
referenced above.
The sample MUST be shipped with charges PREPAID. To avoid delays in testing and return of the equipment, a
copy of this correspondence and the return shipment information listed below should accompany your shipment.
Please address the shipping container to the attention of the sender of this correspondence.
Instructions for shipping samples may be found on the Internet at www.fcc.gov/oet/faqs.
In order to expedite the testing and return of the sample please submit the following information with the sample:
1) Provide a list of each piece of equipment submitted, it's FCCID, model number, and serial number.
2) Provide the complete shipping address along with the name, email, and US phone number for the
contact person to which the sample should be returned.
3) Indicate whether or not the equipment should be returned when testing is completed.
4) Indicate the preferred carrier for return shipment and the account number.
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