00NB912 WLS912-433, PWLS912-433, WLS912L-433 & PWLS912L-43 Digital Security Controls .

Digital Security Controls . WLS912-433, PWLS912-433, WLS912L-433 & PWLS912L-43

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Laboratory Division
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21046
February 8, 2001
Digital Security Controls Ltd.
3301 Langstaff Road
Concord, Ontario L4K 4L2
Attention: Kevin Harris
Re: Request for withholding from public disclosure proprietary
submitted pursuant to an Application for Equipment
FCC ID: F5300NB912
Your letter dated December 7 2000, requests that the following information
submitted with the application for Equipment Authorization be withheld from
public disclosure:
Schematic Diagrams, Block Diagram.
This request is made under the provisions of Section 0.457(d) of the
Commission's Rules, and Section 552(b)(4) of the Freedom of Information Act.
These sections authorize withholding from public inspection materials which
would be privileged as a matter of law if retained by the person submitting
them, and materials which would not customarily be released to the public by
that person.
We accept your statement that the material for which confidentiality is
requested falls within the scope of Section 552(b)(4) as trade secrets.
Under the provisions of Section 0.457(d), the specified material will not be
routinely available for public inspection. If you have any questions
concerning this matter, please contact Diane Poole at the address above.
Kenneth R. Nichols
Chief, Laboratory Division
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