97715 Medical Implant Transmitter RichText Medtronic, Inc.

Medtronic, Inc. Medical Implant Transmitter

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To: Charles Farlow,
FCC Equipment Authorization Branch
Applicant: Medtronic Inc
FCC ID: LF597715
731 Confirmation Number: EA272123
Date of Original E-Mail: 10/28/2013
Subject: Deferral Date Notice, Form 731 Confirmation Number: EA272123 FCC ID: LF597715
This is notification that this application is approaching the grant deferral date of 11/01/2013. Please notify the FCC
on how to proceed with the application before the deferral date. Taking no action may result in the application
being granted. The deferral date my be modified on the FCC Electronic Filing site by clicking on the link
"Add/Modify Grant Deferral Date".
For questions concerning extending short-term confidentiality, please e-mail easadmin@fcc.gov. Do not hit the
reply button for this email.
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