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TASER International Body Worn POV Camera System

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— Compliance Testing, LLC
’ " Testing since 1963
Appendix F
DAE Calibration Certificate
Calibration Laboratory of
Schmid & Partner
Engineering AG
Zeughausstrasse 43. 8004 Zurich, Switzerland
3 Schwelzerlscher Kalibrierdienst
c Service suisse d'élalonnage
Se 0 svizzero di tamura
3 Swiss Calibration Service
Accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) Accreditation No.: SCS 0108
The Swiss Accreditation Service is one of the signatories to the EA
Multilateral Agreement ior the recognition at calibration certificates
Client Compliance Testing LLc , , Certificate No: DAE3-49,3_May16'
Object DAE3 4 SD 000 DOS AA — SN: 493
Calibration procedure(s) QA CAL-06.V29 ,
Calibration procedure for the data acquisition electronics (DAE)
Calibratlon date: May 13, 2016
Thls calibration certificate documents the traceability to national standards, which realize the physical units of measurements (SI).
The measurements and the uncertainties with conlidence probablllty are glven on the lollowing pages and are part of the certificate.
All calibrations have been conducted In the closed laboratory lacility: environment temperature (22 : 3)"C and humidity < 70%.
Calibration Equipment used (M&TE critical for calibration)
Primary Standards lD “ Cal Date (Certificate No.) Scheduled Calibration
Kelthley Multimeter Type 2001 SN: 0810278 09-Sep-15 (Not17153) Seprie
Secondary Standards ID it Check Date (in house) Scheduled Check
Auto DAE Calibration Unit SE UWS 053 AA 1001 05«Jan»16 (in house check) In house check' Jan-17
Calibrator Box v2.1 SE UMS 006 AA 1002 DS-dan-l 8 (in house check) in house check: Jan-17
Name Function Signature
Callbrated by: Dominique Steflen Technlclan %—
Approved by: Fin Bomholt ' Deputy Technical Manager r V g M
, I t . ,
Issued: May 13, 2016
This calibration certificate shall not be reproduced except in lull without wrihen approval ol the laboratory.
te No: DAE3-493 Mav16 Pace 1 015
. . t...,,,,l
Calibration Laboratory Of xiv/z Schwelzerischer Kalibrlerdienst
Schmid & Ffartner §I*\\.—//” Service suisse d‘étalonnage
Engineering AG 2 fl \ Servizlo sviuero di taratura
Zeughausstrasse 43. 8004 Zurich, Switzerland 24/1/r\\\ s? Swiss Calibration Service
"Ill|l\‘\‘ ‘
Accredited by the Swiss Accreditatlcn Service (GAS) Accredihtlon No.: SCS 0108
The Swiss Accreditation Service Is one of the slgnatorles to the EA
Multilateral Agreement for the recognition of calibration certificates
DAE data acquisition electronics
Connector angle information used in DASY system to align probe sensor X to the robot
coordinate system.
Methods Applied and Interpretation of Parameters
. DC Voltage Measurement: Calibration Factor assessed for use in DASY system by
comparison with a calibrated instrument traceable to national standards. The figure given
corresponds to the full scale range of the voltmeter in the respective range.
0 Connector angle: The angle of the connector is assessed measuring the angle
mechanically by a tool inserted. Uncertainty is not required.
0 The following parameters as documented in the Appendix contain technical information as a
result from the performance test and require no uncertainty.
. DC Voltage Measurement Linearity: Verification of the Linearity at +10% and -10% of
the nominal calibration voltage. Influence of offset voltage is included in this
0 Common mode sensitivity: Influence of a positive or negative common mode voltage on
the differential measurement.
- Channel separation: Influence of a voltage on the neighbor channels not subject to an
input voltage.
0 AD Converter Values with inputs shorted: Values on the internal AD converter
corresponding to zero input voltage
. input Offset Measurement. Output voltage and statistical results over a large number of
zero voltage measurements.
0 Input Offset Current: Typical value for information; Maximum channel input offset
current, not considering the input resistance.
0 input resistance: Typical value for information: DAE input resistance at the connector,
during internal auto-zeroing and during measurement.
0 Low Batten/ Alarm Voltage: Typical value for information. Below this voltage, a battery
alarm signal is generated.
- Power consumption: Typical value for information. Supply currents in various operating
-- DnnADA‘R
DC Voltage Measurement
A/D - Convener Resolution nominal
High Range: 1LSB = 6.1uV , full range = -100...+300 mV
Low Range: 1LSB = 61nV , lull range = -1 +3mV
DASY measurement parameters: Auto Zero Time: 3 sec; Measuring time: 3 sec
I Calibration Factors | x v I z 4
High Range 404177 i o.02='/° (k=2) 404.415 t 0.02% (k=2) 404.897 1 0.02% (k=2)
Low Range 3.95152 1 1 .50% (k=2) 3.92072 i 1.50% (k=2) 3.96684 i 1.50% (k=2)
Connector Angle
l Connector Angle to be used in DASY system I—
2780 °:l: 1 °
Dane 51 hi 5
Appendix (Additional assessments outside the scope of SCSO108)
1. DC Volta e Lineari
High Range Reading (uV) J Difference (IN) Error (%)
-.——— ——‘-
Channel X + Input 20003026 -8.82 -0.00
l_Channel X + Input 2000355 ,1_45 L— -0.01
Channel X - Input -20002.00 2.86 -0.01
IEhannel Y + Input 20003000 4.44 +— -0.00
Channel Y + Input 2000125 -3.77 -0.02
Channel Y - Input -20007.77 -2.82 0.01
1- —'—-—
Channel 2 + Input 20003064 6.46 000
Channel Z 4- Input 1999745 »7.52 -0.04
Channel Z - Input 2000609 -1.11 0.01
I- —r—
Low Range Reading (uV) Difference (uV) Error (%)
Channel X + Input 4 2000.89 -0.50 003 4
IChannel X + Input 201 .64 0.17 0.08
Channel X - Input l” -1 98.21 0.39 -0.19
Channel Y + Input 2001.37 0.16 0.01
Channel Y + Input 201.00 -0.34 -0.17
Channel Y - Input 499.43 43.80
Channel Z + Input 2001 A3 0.18 0.01
Channel 2 1» Input 200.06 -1.29 -0.64
Channel Z - Input -1 99.83 -1.16 0.58
2. Common mode sensitivity
[EASY measurement arameters: Auto Zero Turns: 3 sec; Measuring time: 3 sec
Common mode High Range Low Range
Input Voltage (mV) Average Reading (uv) Average Reading (uV)
Channel X
200 -0.12 -2.00
- 200 2.58 1.16
200 -3.06 -3.33
1.53 1.35
200 -13.77 414.36
-— i
- 200 12.86 12.61
Channel Y
Channel Z
3. Channel separation
DASY measurementlajameters: Auto Zero Time: 3 sec: Measurin time: 3 sec
lnputVoItage(mV) ChanneleV) ChannelY(uV) ChannelZ(uV)
ChannelX {3.44
Channel Y
Channel 2
4. AD-Converter Values with inputs shorted
DASY measurement parameters: Auto Zero Time: 3 sec; Measuring time: 3 sec
High Range (LSB) Low Range (LSB)
1 5868 1 6100
Channel X
Channel Y
Channel Z 16182 15990 |
5. Input Offset Measurement
DASY measurement parameters: Auto Zero Time: 3 sec; Measuring time: 3 sec
AveragemV) min.0flset(uv) max.01fset(uV) S"'°“'“"°“
Channel X
channel Y
Channel Z 028
6. Input Offset Current
Nominal Input circuitry oliset current on a
ll channels: <251A
7. Input Resistance Mica“ values for information)
Zeroing (kOhm) Measuring (MOhm)
Channel X
Channel Y
Channel 2
OW Battery Alarm Voltaggfl'ypical values tor information!
3. L
Typical values Alarm Level (VDC)
Supply (+ Vcc) +749
Supply (- Vcc) —7.6
9. Power Consum_p_tion (Typical values for information)
Switched off (mA) Stand by (mA) Transmitting (mA)
l-Typi4:a| values
Supply (+ Vcc)
Supply (- Vcc)
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