I9-4 Unlimited Moxibustion User Manual 1 Shenzhen Dr. Moxibustion Medical Science & Technology Company Limited

Shenzhen Dr. Moxibustion Medical Science & Technology Company Limited Unlimited Moxibustion

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Maln Units
i9-4 Unlimited Moxibusilon is composed of
Change! Bax. Moxibustion Head Pad
Unlimited Moxibustion
User Manual
Trinspaany Cover
changer Bax
Moxibustion Head
Chalgy Connector
Nmed: When you charge n, you need power adamer, any g6
power adapter which meet elelricity input: Acioo-
249v,so/som_ elemcny output: DCSV,2.1A, the output
line should be use comm.
Usage Method
17 Red llehtbfim means Muxibusliun head put inn: 1' Red Iigmbrim mus in
(anneflad chargerhnx mgmdmrgpw margin;
2, ”a! limunuyinn menus 2,Graen nun brim. mum
dixmmmmm 1 full buttery
Unlimited Moxlbusucn
Paste Pad aligned with Moxibustion Head
Paste to the selection acupoint
Bluetooth Operation
1.0pen your cellphone Bluetooth.
2.Get the moxibustion head from the charging box, if your hands
feel a little shake during take out the moxibustion head, that
means the hluethooth of moxibustion head is started.
3.0pen Dr. Moxi APP, enter into the moxibustion health module,
agreed to open the bluetooth system.
4.The distance of your cellphone and moxibustion head should be
beyond3 meters, APP system can automatically connect
5.After successful connect, the APP interface will shows file
connection signal status.
Noted: If you haven't press agree buttom in your APP Bluetooth
system, you need to open Bluetooth in your cellphone setting
system, or your cellphone will disconnect moxibustion head.
13'3SOkill 81.?09-100
Warm Prompt
'When Moxibustion head is working, the temperature is very higher, it's forbidden to
use it without pad! And hrbidden to touch!
'During the treahnent, the temperature varies depends on different person, during
treatment should be feel comfortable, after treatment Hie skin has small blisters
and litter burns are common sense, but perferto no blister, no burns.
'During the treatment, the different acupoints and meridians match different heat level,
so should be according to different acupints adjust temperature in input and
output respectively.
'During treatment, can't sleep, at all times observe whether moxibustion head is
attached to the pad, ensure mat moxibustion head is not shift or slippage, avoid
to burn the skin,
'The main disadvarrtageof Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) "Indirect moxibusitpn"
is easy to blisters, although our unlimited moxibustion has reduced the
possibility ofblisters, but still posible has small blisters; If blisters mishaidled,
may leave sca rs; long time treahnent may cause the skin dark. Base on these two
problems, please strict and think twice to use, If you are doing treatment with
friends or family, please clear to inform your family and friends what will happen
after treatment, and must get their agreement before doing treatment
'If personal use Unlimited Moxibustion, we sugpst under the guidance of local doctor
or Dr. Moxi online doctors
The Application Range of Unlimited Moxibustion
It is a tool for user is in family or office
Unlimited Moxibustion Work Condition:
1) the environmental temperature: 5 °C to 40 'C
12) the relative humidity: m
3) the atmospheric pressure: 56 kPa N 106 kPa
:4) charging input: DCSV, 2.1 A
5) moxibustion head working voltage: DCSJ +I - 05 V
The Replacement of Charger Box 8. Moxibuslion Head
charger Boll
ll yoi need to replatement or charger boii, please contact the sale Agent or
Dr. Moai to mange wah Afterasalas Sew oe Department!
Mox bustion head
If yor need to change Moiribustion head, please oontaet the Sale Agent or Dr.
Molt to change with the After-sales servrte Department!
Assasory replarement please contact: lull-9663157
Emergency Handle Methods
1. rfihere is abnorma oocurs when charging please immediately pull the
2. if there is a fault cannot be solved by self, please do not remove or repair
the axessones by sea, to avoid the dangerous should immediately contact
withcompany assigned sale Agent or Dr. Moxi Aflerssales service
Department: Dr. Moxi oontact number: Aim—56641187
3. if the power cord dimage, it is prohibited to use
llepair and Maintenanoe
1. pay attention to late good care of charger oox and Mmtihustlon Head,
don't stress the body of unlimited Moxibustion.
2. it is strictly prohibited to remove the charger Box and Moxibustion Head.
lf yoi have any function troubles during doing treatment please
mmidiately contact Dr. Moxi AfterSale Service Department.
The Pad Function
A, Hot cushion, prevent lnoxillusliort head burns the skin;
B, Personality pad, prevent crossing infection;
c, it personal use Unlimited Moxibtlsimn, suggest using the pad
which has Artemlsia argyi or moxa floss;
Doctors use Unlimited Moxibustioll. should aooording to clinical
need to iill'rtg dirterent items nstead of tmditioiial "indirect
moxlbltslio After treatment, the pads may pastetoo tight, so
when you rerntwe pads should ire gentle and soft to avoid hurt
the skin
Used pads
pad is a one me oonsunie. used pads is aooordirig to Medical Administration
waste Management Regulation!
ratioa. Wm, min-a possum-om rain. in Maximum
Adverse Reactions and Prooess:
Unlimited Mmtihustion is Instead of Traditional Chinese Moxihustlon and
"warm moxibustion', is a new typeof appartus, the main disavantage of
traditinal Indirect moxlbusllon easy get blisters, but Unlimited
Moxibllsiwn reduce the blisters, but it may still have small blisters
during treatment rorthe blisters, ilwe handle improper, it may leaoe
scars in our s I lfyou use Unlimited Moxi ustion has blisters, or burns
a little, please folloihi' blister handle methods"
9. For the first time treatment. adult temperatllle Shall! be M ml! than 45 'C, llllll
should he not moretlian 3o minutes. and children, theslrin delism. iiabetes. peripheral
nerve damage, and heat insensitive, the temperature think] he not more than 40 'C,
tiriie should be not more than an minutes. and closety observe duimg the treatment.
adjust the output temperature in ninety.
10. ilthere is aoodentaliy blisters alter treatment, please don‘t be iiervoristollovrthe
-tlistei haiide inettod- or ask our cs seivioe deparnnentr during the haters heaiiig you
willfeel asrght itch please doirt scratch it.
u. rlyori use nnoileohone. tablets etc mobile tenntial operation. those devioes ian't
leave the operation intertaoe, oairt leave islietooth signal mige, so that ityou feel
temperature is high, you ‘in airyiist temperature outpirt in tinery.
among the tieahnent, nie body or imtrs un't press on the moaihustion head, and
moribusoon head ian't cover the heavyweight thaigs- preverning moribusoon head and
stun mum too tight to mate the star temperature too high and cause there
13. Medial padsardslrinniaypastetootiglt, sowhenyou removepads, please he
isaretnlaiid gentle to avoid hurt the sin. Specialty pay attention tor anidren. women.
the people Mia are delicate s
u. when you removed the niotiibustlori head, please put nioxibitstion stayaraaylrom
rlammatile items to avoid aodderils,
15. Motibusttori Head is strictty prohibited soak-g m use the PCBA shortdrcuittaiised
an aotidem, -
' speche detail notes aiidwamirig please download from the vietisite
E Performance Details Parameter
P-l- hid ii, imam - y y
“w VAC.5WEI’MZ W IBZWHIriclittie Cit-met
mg m Dc“ a. ano ironinusuon ireaoi
i94:alJVA mm "“1 BF IWINMMK
. is-e l'lnI Att-irnuui rattan no names tau
: h murmur“ “n" mm” "W“
Moxlbtinhi audanietartrzt “Ill-m M twat)
, muslin
s— : ineithrhnrn “”99
Special tnstructionstor Famity Security Usage
1. This apparatus is instead oftraiitiorlal nioxioirstion and warm rrtoiiibustion. ain't
instead of drugs.
2. Mme when you use uniniried Moritusron please undertie guidanoe or loial doctor
and Dr. Mm nnllm doctor.
3. when your symptom tsstill not remission atter treatment, pease immediate» visit
4. please read prnduct manuals oareiulty heinre iisag uiilimitat Monbusoon. and stristty
complyitnth the instruction of the “maindiramr’.” notes". 'vramirig'.
5. Ifarirpm who has caroao paoemairer, stent. and metal |nside hasty. Must be guided by
local doctors.
a 53 t ~ 56 'C is the high temperature area, please be careful to use.
7. not reammend pregnant women and children underrive years old to iae.
a it is forbidden tor utildieti play and operate, espedaly not to touch heating
surface or Moxibuslion head.
Health San Fran Hem...
Manufamrrer: Zhengahan liarurn Medical Immmem Campany tinned
Product name: r94
spear-cation: 4 charm
Usage period: a years
Mannamrreraddress: Thirdlloorseoond nuilang No.15 Kangdnllg mh Road,
HeruIan Town, znongdran Gly, China
cement Number: m1
rranchisee: shenzhen Dr. Mmhast'nn Medial snenre x. reamhgy company limited
rrauchrsee addrera- no. 1206flnli zlugu nuildrug, uuxian Mad, nanaran nisrriu,
sheruherr my. arm
Wehsne: wwwjrdaifumm
liner—sale canran number: MIA-9668157
mnpkd date: "member zluls
FOE Wlming mmam
charges or modificatians um expresdy approved by the uany responsible for
oornpnanre oould void ire users auihomy to operate ihe ipparalm. This apparaius
has been tated and found in comply with the limits for a Class B d'g'rral deuce,
pursuamro Pan 1501": FCC Rules, these imns are designed to provide tumble
proeeulon lgzlnfl harrrlul inrerlerenre er a rendenhal Imallatmn. This apparahis
gerreraies uses and can rariare min frequency energy and, t not ilstalled and used in
accordance wnh rhe immnns. may cause harmful interference to radio
wmmlmialium. However. here ls no guarantee that rruerierewe wil not own ru a
panicular inslallaiiml. lmris apparims does cause harmful inierlerenoe re radio av
releuimn rerepmn, whim can he determiled h, turrlr‘ treawarahis olfand on. the
user is encouraged In um mnen lhe irnerferenoe by one ur more onhe fnlbwing
-- mt a! ml! If: “Mr; llfllnnl.
7* rmease me separat'nn between the equ|plvlem and reeeiler.
7* Connect lhe equipment m an outlel on a mun Meremfrun lhat w whim the
receiver is connected.
-- axiom the dealer ar an experienced Mariam rechnrcul domr [or help.
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