10.6 MHz

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ITU # 7 - HF High frequency – Shortwave Radio and aviation communications (3-30 MHz)

Frequency Details

Terahertz1.06E-5 THz
Gigahertz0.0106 GHz
Megahertz10.6 MHz
Kilohertz10600 kHz
Hertz10600000 Hz
Wavelength28.282 meters
Time 94.3396 ns
IEEE Standard 521-1984 Bands
DesignationLower FrequencyUpper FrequencyWavelengthPurpose
I0200up to 1.2 metersObsolete
EU / NATO / US ECM Radio Bands
DesignationLower FrequencyUpper FrequencyChannel Width
A Band025015

Devices at this Frequency

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