4.945 GHz to 4.985 GHz

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ITU # 10 - SHF Super high frequency – Radars, Mobile Phones, and Commercial Wireless LAN (3000-30000 MHz)

Frequency Details

UnitFrequency LowerFrequency CenterFrequency Upper
Terahertz0.004945 THz0.004965 THz0.004985 THz
Gigahertz4.945 GHz4.965 GHz4.985 GHz
Megahertz4945 MHz4965 MHz4985 MHz
Kilohertz4945000 kHz4965000 kHz4985000 kHz
Hertz4945000000 Hz4965000000 Hz4985000000 Hz
Wavelength6.063 cm6.038 cm6.014 cm
Time 202.2245 ps201.4099 ps200.6018 ps
IEEE Standard 521-1984 Bands
DesignationLower FrequencyUpper FrequencyWavelengthPurpose
C band400080003.75 cm to 7.5 cm long-distance radio telecommunications
EU / NATO / US ECM Radio Bands
DesignationLower FrequencyUpper FrequencyChannel Width
G Band40006000200
C Band (Alternative)39006200

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