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F2 Labs

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F2 Labs - Middlefield OH

Firm Name: F2 Labs
Location: Middlefield OH
Expiration Date: 2017-11-30 0
Contact: Wendy Fuster
Address: 16740 Peters Road
City: Middlefield
State: Ohio
Postal/Zip Code: 44062
Country: United States
Contact Email: wfuster@f2labs.com
Phone Number: 301-253-4500
Fax Number: 301-253-5179
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1105

FCC Licenses Certified With F2 Labs

CompanyFCC IDProduct
ActiGraph, LLCDFW-02Wireless Activity Monitor
ActiGraph, LLCDFW-03Wireless Ambulatory Activity Monitor
ActiGraph, LLCDFW-04Ambulatory Activity Monitor
Alliance ID2AKVC1001RFID reader
Avnet Inc2AF62-AVT3620CAvnet Azure Sphere Wi-Fi SoC module for highly-secured IoT applications
Babyation LLC2ANWWBP1Breast Pump
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10RD900Receiver in the 902-928MHz band
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10TD9001HH4Wireless door activation / sequencing device
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10TD900HH4Hand held transmitter in the 902-928MHz band
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10TD900PBPush button transmitter in the 902-928MHz band
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10TD900TRWireless pushplate for door activation, compatible with BEA 10RD900.
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10TD900PTRITransmitter operating in the ISM band (902-928 MHz), compatible with BEA 10RD900 Receiver, implementing frequency hopping, intended to be used as wireless door activation pushplates in the pedestrian automatic door industry
BEA Incorporated2ABWS-10BR29002 relay logic module and wireless receiver in the ISM band (902MHz-928MHz)
Brain Sentinel2AG2I-SLU01-90001SeizureLink
Centurion Medical Products2AF4Z-CWHG001Battery powered, disposable pressure transducer with an integrated display
Centurion Medical Products2AF4Z-CWM001Wireless Transceiver for blood pressure measurement
Cervis Inc.LOB2H06SmaRT Portable Radio
Cervis Inc.LOB9H06SmaRT Portable Radio HH-9H06
Cervis Inc.LOBMRF450LongRT Radio
Cervis Inc.LOBSRF305SRF305 Receive/Transmit Module
Cervis Inc.LOBSRF309Radio Module, DSSS, 10mW, 900MHz
Cervis Inc.LOBSRF310900MHz Radio Module
ClearCount Medical Solutions Inc.WWQCCMS002Detects & counts surgical items with RFID tags.
ClearCount Medical Solutions Inc.WWQCCMS003Detects and counts surgical items with RFID tags.
Command Electronics, LLC2AHCZPOWERMATEPROBluetooth vehicle accessory remote control
CSE Corporation2ADSZ-12122014SR2000 Self Rescuer
Diebold IncFQ341020285RFID device oper at 13.56 MHz, read/trans data
Duncan Parking Technologies Inc.UIBLNGLA002Processing and Communications Module for OEM parking products
Embedded Planet, Inc.PZSLORA-DC-8LoRa Module
Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation2AEO5PT-000320Range Module
Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation2AEO5-PT-704Module for railway devices
Heat Watch LLC2AQX2-HWGATE915Gateway Module
Heat Watch LLC2AQX2-HWSEN915Wireless temperature sensor
HolidayCoro2ANC4HCELFMComputerized lighting control system with audio broadcast functionality
Infinite Biomedical Technologies, LLCO7Q-MORPH2RFID controller for powered upper limb prosthetic components
Innovative Developments LLC2ABH4INNDEV001Mycestro is a 3D Wearable Human Interface Device
Intellirod Spine, Inc2ADUW-007-1002The Intellirod Spine LoadPro System is a disposable intraoperative biomedical telemetry system that measures the strain on a 5.5mm titanium rod used during corrective spinal surgeries.
Kichler LightingYNE-CP300334908.42/908.40MHz Z-Wave Wireless DC Controller
lushSensor, LLC2APTWGW0001Data gateway for Horticulture Sensor
lushSensor, LLC2APTWSR0001Horticulture Sensor
Magnum Energy Solutions2ANUH-LSTM300UWireless Transceiver
oNotes, Inc.2AHYTCYR171Digital Scent Diffuser
Salient Systems Inc. (division of Portec Rail Products, Inc.)Y8SINTLITRKCOMBattery Powered 802.15 to Bluetooth translator
SEEGV9S929TX-USElectromechanical torque wrench with RF transmission
Shanghai Qiangling Electronic Co LtdNIRA19BT001LED A19 Bulb with Bluetooth Technology Color Temperature Changing e26 base
Shanghai Qiangling Electronic Co LtdNIRA19RGB001LED A19 Bulb with Bluetooth Technology Color Changing e26 base
Silent Beacon LLC2AIND052576SBBluetooth device that allows you to instantly make phone calls and send multiple alerts in emergency situations
Sonic Notify, Inc.2ACB9470-ACAudio/Bluetooth based beacon for proximity marketing
Sonic Notify, Inc.2ACB9470-DCAudio/Bluetooth based beacon for proximity marketing
Sound Quest, LLC.2AC2WSQ-U56A wearable sound amplifying device intended to compensate individuals with impaired hearing, with MFI wireless feature options
Spectrovation.ComO64R5N001Communications module for OEM parking products
Spectrum Brands Inc. dba United Pet Group2AJF819765-603Remote Control for LED Lights
STERIS Corporation2ABQIVHPX10VHP X10 Biodecontamination Unit
Structured Monitoring Products2ARN8-SMPVG01VetGuardian animal alert sensor
TimeKeeping Systems IncMTDTAG001Wrist-worn location tracking device.
Transducers Direct LLC2ACGE-TDWPGWireless Pressure Transducer with Display
Transducers Direct LLC2ACGE-TDWLBG2Wireless Pressure Transducer
Vapor Communications2AHYTCYR161Cyrano is a loudspeaker for scent.