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IntertekTesting Services NA Inc.

Testing Firm Registrations:

IntertekTesting Services NA Inc. - Menlo Park, CA

Firm Name: IntertekTesting Services NA Inc.
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Expiration Date: 2016-10-31 0
Contact: Jay Kogoma
Address: 1365 Adams Ct.
City: Menlo Park
State: California
Postal/Zip Code: 94025
Country: United States
Contact Email: jay.kogoma@intertek.com
Phone Number: 650-463-2900
Fax Number: 650 463 2910
Contract: Y
Accreditation: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Designation Number: US1044

FCC Licenses Certified With IntertekTesting Services NA Inc.

CompanyFCC IDProduct
Abbott Medical OpticsVGESIGACPSAdvanced Control Pedal Slave
Abbott Medical OpticsVGESIGREMM2Advanced Control Pedal & Remote Control Master 2.0
Abbott Medical OpticsVGESIGREMS2Remote Control Slave 2.0
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.2AA4P-ARX2006Zalviso hand-held patient controlled analgesia (PCA) system
Adaptive Digital Systems Inc.PYK-ADS-TX502ATX502
AirWalk Communications, Inc.R4HAW96R19AJ1A01CDMA-2000 IP-Base Station
Altice Labs, S.A.2ACJF-FGW-GR240BGFiber Gateway 4x4
Arrow Electronics, Inc.2AFQA-DB410CDragonBoard 410C
Autonomic Technologies, Inc.2APE8-RC300Pulsante SPG Microstimulator System
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc2AHLA-576253WiFi/BT Module Card
Brain Sentinel2AG2I-SPC15Brain Sentinel GTC Seizure Detection and Warning System
Brooks Automation Inc.N5GATR60LFCANLow Frequency RFID Reader with CAN Bus Interface
Brooks Automation Inc.N5GLF80BC1LF80 Low Frequency RFID reader
Callaway Golf CompanyY9F-MX5911016Golf Course GPS Device
Carrot Sense, Inc.2AJZM-FP20021CO Breath Sensor
Computational Systems IncorporatedNL5-CSI2140M2Portable Vibration Analyzer
Earlens Corporation2AGDU-EL1Earlens Light Driven Hearing Aid
Emberlight, Inc.2AF5C-SE26Emberlight Smart Light Socket
ExploraMed NC7, Inc2AHRJ-07ABreast Pump
FABRICANTES DE BASCULAS TORREY, S.A. DE C.V.X4H792054Wireless Platform Scale with Display
Farpointe Data Inc.T8I-PROXProximity RFID Reader
Fastenal Company2APK7-9705079V1-0FastBin Controller
Fastenal Company2APK7-9705080V1-0FastBin Repeater
Fastenal Company2APK7-9705082V1-0FastBin Reader
Grundfos Holding A/SOG3-HWRALPHAHot Water Recirculation System
Grundfos Holding A/SOG3-HWRPUSHHot Water Recirculation System
Grundfos Holding A/SOG3-HWRREPHot Water Recirculation System
Grundfos Holding A/SOG3-HWRSENSHot Water Recirculation System
IOSiX, LLC2AICQ-2042IOSiX OBD-II Datalogger v4.2
JAVAD GNSS, Inc.WJ4HPT204VHF Radio Transceiver
Keyscan Inc.WFW-KSMART3K-SMART3 Contactless Smartcard/BLE Reader
Levven Automation Inc2ADH9-GSWWire-free switch
Levven Automation Inc2ADH9-G2CFWire-free switch
Liquid Robotics Inc.2AHZH-IGM9603PCBA, VMC GPS+Iridium Module
Liquid Robotics Inc.2AHZH-IGM9603NPCBA, VMC GPS+Iridium Module
LL Building Products, Inc., subsidiary of GAF Materials CorporationTHE-GC621964Remote for Tandem whole house fan
Nexkey Inc2AO3ACOR01Electro-Mechanical Lock Cylinder
Novi Security Inc.2AF7M-NR2415PNovi Relay Station
Novi Security Inc.2AF7M-NS2415PNovi Sensor
Orbotix, Inc.SXO-RAV1BB-8 App Enabled Droid
Orbotix, Inc.SXO-RWC1BB-8 Wireless Induction Charger
Orion Labs Inc2AFBMONX2Wearable Bluetooth communications device
OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.2AKKO-3AcceleDent Optima
Orthofix Inc2AHVN-OFIX-5000-001Orthofix PEMF Device
Orthovia Inc.V6T-0999Orthopedic Computer Mouse
Penumbra Inc2AQU7-REAL00REAL Immersive System
Penumbra Inc2AQU7-REAL00SREAL Immersive System
Proxess LLC2AKUZPX101CProxess C-series Locks
Psion IncGM37505BTMWHandheld Computer
Qolsys, Inc.2AAJXQS-ZWAVEZwave Module
Qolsys, Inc.2AAJXQS-ISImage Sensor Module
Qolsys, Inc.2AAJXQS-IQPANEL2IQ Panel 2 Home Security Panel
Radial Medical, Inc.2AOQW-FG-0053Compression Device
S and C ElectricU3D-TSIIDONGLE2TripSaver II SCC USB Transceiver Dongle
S&C; Electric CompanyU3D-TSIICONTRL2TripSaver Service Center Configurable Controller2
Saunatec Inc.WKGK200HBWireless Steam Room Interface Device
Saunatec Inc.WKGK200RCWireless Steam Room Control Device
Scientific Games Inc.2AQ8B-1494712Modular Card Reader with Proximity Sensor
Smart Wires, Inc.QPS01004Power Guardian System
Smart Wires, Inc.QPS01005SmartBypass
Smart Wires, Inc.QPS01006SmartBypass
Solar Power Technologies IncorporatedZRV-SPGClarity Wireless Gateways
Solar Power Technologies IncorporatedZRV-SPMClarity Monitors
Tile, Inc.2ABXLT2001Tile Slim-Bluetooth Location Finder
Tile, Inc.2ABXLT3001Tile Mate-Bluetooth Location Finder
Tile, Inc.2ABXLT4001Bluetooth Location Finder
Tile, Inc.2ABXLT5001Bluetooth Location Finder
Topcon America CorporationLCB-050901GPS Survey Receiver
Topcon America CorporationLCB-060501GPS Survey Receiver
Topcon America CorporationLCB-5434Wireless Excavator System
TowerView Health, Inc.2ANUG-PBXV2-5-USAConnected Pillbox
Trapeze Software Group, Inc.RZ3MDC0V01Wireless mobile data computer with GPS and AVL
Universal Devices, Inc.2AOFQ-ISY994Z-Wave Automation Controller
VeriFone IncB32M400WIFIBTMultilane Point of Sale Terminal
Vocera CommunicationsQGZV5000Vocera V5000 Smartbadge
WiDeFi, Inc.T27-WDF1001Wi-Fi Repeater
Xplore Technologies Corp of AmericaQ3QAWM7519ABGMotion Computing Tablet PC LE1700 (Model T006)