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Report Number: 60.790.18.051.01R01
9 Appendix A General Product Information
Radiofrequency radiation exposure evaluation
This exposure evaluation is intended for FCC ID: 2AA2X-1500011824.
According to KDB 447498 D01v06 section 4.3.1, For frequencies below 100 MHz and test
separation distances 50 mm, the Numeric threshold is determined as:
Step a)
[(max. power of channel, including tune-up tolerance, mW) / (min. test separation distance, mm)] · [ f(GHz)]
3.0 for 1-g SAR
Step b)
{[Power allowed at numeric threshold for 50mm in step a)] + [(test separation distance – 50mm) · (f(MHz)/150)]} mW
Step c) 1)
For test separation distances > 50mm and < 200mm, the power threshold at the corresponding test separation distance at
100MHz in step b) is multiplied by [1 + log(100/f(MHz))]
Step c) 2)
For test separation distances
multiplied by ½.
50mm, the power threshold determined by the equation in c) 1) for 50mm and 100MHz is
>> The fundamental frequency of the EUT is 125kHz, the test separation distance is
(Manufacturer specified the separation distance is: 20mm)
Step a)
>> Numeric threshold, mW / 50mm * 0.1GHz
Numeric threshold 474.3mW
Step b)
>> Numeric threshold
Numeric threshold
474.3mW + (50mm-50mm * 100MHz/150)
Step c) 1) & c) 2)
>> Numeric threshold
Numeric threshold
474.3mW * [1 + log 100/100MHz] * ½
>> The transmitter strength of EUT measured is: 49.52 dBµV/m
The power calculated is 0.000001786487mW
Which is smaller than the Numeric threshold.
Therefore, the device is exempt from stand-alone SAR test requirements.
TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch
Building 12&13, Zhiheng Wisdomland Business Park, Nantou Checkpoint Road 2, Nanshan District,
518052 Shenzhen, CHINA
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