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Date : August 30, 2017
Subject : Modular Approval Declaration Letter
FCC ID : ZABAZATMZOO is seeking FCC equipment authorization as
IX Single Modular Transmitter
Single Limited Modular Transmitter
Equipment Under Testing (‘EUT‘) satisfy the requirement for
IX Single Modular Approval
Single Limited Modular Approval
as detailed in FCC Public Notice DA00—1407
FCC Requirement of Modular Approval
1. The modular transmitter must have its own RF shielding. IX YES NO
2. The modular transmitter must have buffered modulation/data inputs. IZI YES NO
3 The modular transmitter must have its own power supply regulation. IE YES NO
The modular transmitter must com | with the antenna re uirements of section
4' 15.203 and 15,204tc). p V q '2' YES NO
5 The modular transmitter must be tested in a stand—alone configuration. IXI YES NO
6. The modular transmitter must be labeled with its own FCC ID number, IE YES NO
The modular transmitter must comply with any specific rule or operating
7. requirements applicable to the transmitter and the manufacture must provide IX YES NO
adequate instruction along with the module to explain any such requirements
The modular transmitter must com I with an a licable RF ex osure
8' requirements. ' py y pp p IZI YES NO
Note :
- Limited modular approvalmay be granted IfEUT does not meet all oltne requirement shown above
- Limited modular approvalmay tie granted in case that the applicant can demonstrate to retain control over the final
installation of the deince such that compliance orthe end product is assured. in that case, an operating condition on the
limited modular approval lor the module shall state that the module is only designated tor the end product manuiactured by a
speciiic manufacturer
- When limited modular approval is sought, the application tor equipment certification shall state how control of the end product
into which the module will be installed and maintained such that iuli compliance oi the end product is always ensured.
- it shall be provided that clear and specific instructions describing the conditions limitations and procedures for third-parties to
use and/or integrate the module into a host device
- For non-Soltware Defined Radio transmitter modules where soltware is used to ensure compliance of the device, it shall be
provided that the technical description olhow such contml is implemented to ensure to prevent the third party irom modifying
(see KDB 594250).
- Compliance oia module in its final contigurahon is the responsibility ol the applicant. A host device will notoe considered
ceniiied iHIle instructions regarding antenna configuration provided in the original description. or one or more separately
cei-tilred modules it contains, were not lollowed
Example: A sepamtely certified lowpower tmnsceiver module using Bluetooth technology which is housed in a desktop
computer, laptop or peripheral does not require the overall system to be recertified, ii the desktop computer. laptop or
peripheral, as a stand-alone unit, complies with all applicable technical standards
Jongjin Kim/ Deputy General Manager
18103, 531-7, Gajangsaneopdong-ro, Osan—si, Gyeonggi—do, Korea
HACS-F007 Modular Approval Declaration Letter Rev ' 2,1
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