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Chip Declaration Letter
We Santok Limited state:
Product: Smart phone
Model Name: HERO LITE
These requirements are met by way of the operation of the chip setup.
15.247 (g) and (h)
(g) Frequency hopping spread spectrum systems are not required to employ all available
hopping channels during each transmission. However, the system, consisting of both the
transmitter and the receiver, must be designed to comply with all of the regulations in this
section should the transmitter be presented with a continuous data (or information) stream.
In addition, a system employing short transmission bursts must comply with the definition
of a frequency hopping system and must distribute its transmissions over the minimum
number of hopping channels specified in this section.
(h) The incorporation of intelligence within a frequency hopping spread spectrum system
that permits the system to recognize other users within the spectrum band so that it
individually and independently chooses and adapts its hopsets to avoid hopping on
occupied channels is permitted. The coordination of frequency hopping systems in any
other manner for the express purpose of avoiding the simultaneous occupancy of
individual hopping frequencies by multiple transmitters is not permitted.
Date 2017-6-10
Name: Gordon Macfadyen
Title: Manager
Company: Santok Limited
Address: Santok house, Unit L, Braintree Industrial Estate Braintree Road, South Ruislip
Middlesex, HA4 0EJ United Kingdom.
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