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This is a short guide
on how to use Elvie.
Please download the
Elvie app for more
detailed instructions.
Welcome to Elvie, your most
personal trainer. Designed by
women for women, Elvie makes
it possible to get more out of
your kegel exercises.
Download the Elvie app to begin
our interactive five minute
workouts. As you exercise, the
Elvie gem will move up and
down on the screen and you
will be able to see your LV score
increase as you improve. We are
always adding more workouts
and levels, so please let us know
how we can keep improving the
experience for you.
Congratulations on joining the
growing Elvie community.
Tania Boler, CEO Elvie
For other languages,
visit elvie.com/languages
What’s inside
What’s inside
In the box you will find:
1. Elvie
Use to track your pelvic floor
2. Carry case
Keeps Elvie safe and doubles up
as a charger. Push to open.
3. Micro USB cable
Connects the carry case to a USB
power supply for charging.
4. Extra cover
Provides custom sizing for extra
Charging Elvie
Before you start
1. Place Elvie in the carry case
and close it. The tail needs to be
on top, pointing towards the USB
port. If using the extra cover,
please remove before charging.
Before first use, please
remember to:
2. Use the cable provided to
connect the carry case to a USB
power source, such as your
computer or phone plug.
2. Download the Elvie app
Elvie only works with the Elvie
app. Download the app through
iTunes or Google Play. Once
installed, open it and follow the
on-screen instructions.
3. Check that the light above the
cable on the carry case turns on.
The light will turn off when Elvie is
fully charged.
When using Elvie, the app will
alert you when it needs charging.
1. Charge Elvie before first use
See p.5 for details.
The app is available on the iPhone
4S and newer models (iOS7 and
above) and Android phones
version 4.3 or newer that support
Bluetooth Low Energy.
3. Get comfortable!
Change into loose, comfortable
clothes, and make sure to wash
your hands and Elvie (see p.15 for
4. Switch on the bluetooth on
your phone
Using Elvie for
the first time
Open the Elvie app to be guided
on how to use Elvie for the first
1. Connect Elvie
Elvie has a sensor inside that tries
to connect to your phone when
you squeeze it (with your hand or
pelvic floor muscles). To connect
your Elvie for the first time, simply
squeeze it in your hand for 3
2. Insert Elvie
Elvie is easy to insert; similar to
using a tampon, the pebble
shaped part goes inside your
vagina and the tail remains
outside, facing forward. (images
2a & 2b).Be sure to fully insert the
pebble shaped part, but not too
high up. If you pull down gently,
you will feel a slight resistance
against the vaginal opening. If
Elvie doesn't feel comfortable, try
using water-based lubricant.
Using Elvie for
the first time
Extra cover
3. Find the right fit
Elvie can feel too small or loose
for many women. Try with and
without the cover to see what
feels best. To put on the extra
cover, simply thread the Elvie tail
through the cover and pull over
the pebble-shaped part (image 3).
4. Pick exercise position
We recommend you try
exercising standing up with your
legs shoulder width apart (image
4a). If this doesn’t feel comfortable, try lying down, knees up,
legs apart (image 4b). For best
results, please set your targets
and keep on exercising in the
same position over time.
How to exercise
How to exercise
The pelvic floor is a powerful little
set of muscles that stretches like a
hammock between your pubic
bone and your tailbone. When
healthy and toned, they lift up
your pelvic organs for a strong
core and great control.
When exercising, remember to:
If you aren’t sure what it feels like
to exercise your pelvic floor,
Imagine that you are trying to
keep yourself from passing gas.
This muscle movement is what
you need to master. (But don't
keep doing it while you're
• Make sure your stomach,
buttocks and thighs remain
relaxed and don’t hold your
• Take a deep breath to relax and
as you breathe out squeeze your
pelvic floor inwards and upwards
The Elvie app provides more
guidance as you exercise. You
can also check out elvie.com for
videos and more information on
how to perfect your exercise
Elvie works the best when the tail
is not obscured by clothing or
flesh. Always keep your legs open
when exercising and your phone
in the line of sight with Elvie, as
detailed in p.10.
At the beginning of each exercise,
you need to squeeze your Elvie to
make it start trying to connect to
your phone. It can take up to 15
seconds to connect Elvie,
depending on your phone's
If Elvie disconnects during the
exercise, it should reconnect
automatically. If you are having
troubles reconnecting, try
squeezing Elvie for 3 seconds. If
that doesn't work, take out Elvie
and try squeezing it in your hand.
Taking care of
your Elvie
Taking care of
your Elvie
Clean Elvie before and after every
use with warm, soapy water.
Remember to rinse thoroughly.
• Keep Elvie clean, dry and snug
in its carry case
• Make sure the tail is on top and
facing outwards as per the
diagram below
It is important that Elvie is
completely dry before you put it
back in the carry case.
• Wash it in boiling water
• Sterilize
• Use cleaning agents
• Microwave
• Clean it in a washing machine
• Leave it trapped under
• Use Elvie in the bath
Things to avoid
• Extreme heat
• Extreme cold
• Sustained pressure
Safety & technical
Safety & technical
Do not use Elvie if
For further questions, please
refer to the FAQs on the Elvie
app or drop us an email:
• You are in the first trimester of
• You have given birth within the
last 6 weeks
• You experience persistent pain
when inserting or using Elvie,
even with water-based
• You have a medical condition
affecting your pelvic health
(for example, abnormal vaginal
discharge or severe prolapse)
Elvie is not a medical device; it is
an exercise tracker for core
muscle strengthening. It must not
be used to treat or prevent any
medical condition. If you are
unsure whether or not you should
use Elvie, please consult a
qualified medical professional.
IC: 20167-EL0115
Carry Case:
IC: 20167-EL0215
Certification markings can be
found under the Elvie tail and
inside the carry case.
For all certification & approval,
visit elvie.com/certification
For hygiene reasons, do not share
your Elvie.
Do not leave your Elvie in for
more than four hours at a time.
Elvie is made from medical grade
silicone and is backed by a limited
manufacturer’s warranty against
any defects in materials and/or
workmanship, for 1 year from the
date of purchase.
Any warranty claims must be
supported with reasonable
evidence including proof of date
of purchase, alongside these
warranty conditions. Chiaro must
be notified of any defective Elvies.
We will then provide you with a
Return Merchandise Authorisation
number, which must be displayed
on the outside packaging. In the
event that Chiaro decides to
replace your Elvie any replacement Elvies will not extend the life
of this warranty.
Defects discovered within the
warranty period should be
reported to Chiaro. Chiaro
reserves the right to exercise its
discretion in determining whether
or not to replace the defective
Elvie free of charge.
This warranty does not cover
cosmetic deterioration or damage
caused by general wear and tear;
physical or natural destruction;
accident; misuse; neglect or
other external causes.
Any attempt to take Elvie apart will
invalidate this warranty.
Users of Elvie do so at their own
risk. Neither Chiaro nor its retailers
assume any responsibility or
liability associated with or for the
use of this product. Chiaro
reserves the right to revise and/or
update this manual without being
obliged to notify any users.
Download: EL0215 Elvie User Manual Manual_Design_DoublePagev20_rb Chiaro Technology Ltd
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