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FCC, Request for non-disclosure Date: 16-Jul-10
RF_501, issue 6 Page 1 0“
Company Name: Hltron Technologies Inc.
Address: No.1-8, Li-Hsin tst Rd. Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu 30078, Taiwan
To: Telefication B.V., Dept. FCC TCB
Edisonstraat 12A
The Netherlands
Subject: Request for confidentiality FCC ID: 2AHKM—CODA4782
Reference number: ##1##
1. Long-Term Confidentiality
Pursuant to 47 CFR Section 0459(a) & (b), we hereby requests non-disclosure and confidential treahnent
of the following materials submitted in support of FCC certification application:
Bill(s) of Material IX Block Diagrams
E Operational Description E Schematic Diagrams El Tune-up Procedure
Above materials contain secrets, proprietary and technical information. which would customarily be
guarded from competitors under 47 CFR, section 0.457(d)(2). Disclosure or publication or any portion of
this company confidential material to other parties could cause substantial competitive harm and provide
unjustified benefits for competitors.
2. Short-Term Confidentiality (STC)
Pursuant to Public Notice DA 04-1705 of the Commission’s policy, in order to comply with the marketing
regulations in 47 CFR §2,803 and the importation rules in 47 CFR 52.1204, applicant hereby requests
Short-Term Confidential treatment of the following materials (note 1):
El internal Photos I] User's Manual Test Set-up Photos I] External Photos
Planned Release Date STC: {notes 2, 3, 4, 5)
Date: 201519123 Name and signature of applicant: Joe
1) A document or type of document can only have ONE type of omfidsnliaifly!
2) Short-Term confidentiality is in plincipls [or 45 days from date a! grant; it can be extended max 3 times (total time 180 days max)!
3) FCC must be infomed when markeflng beglns earlier.
4) Release takes place automatically thus extension must be requested in time. Tslsflcafion does not remlnd you of mid
5 Request for extension orforrelease must be received by Teleflcali'on at least 7day: before date of actual marketing or before
sxpiranbn afthe src period
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