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RF Exposure evaluation
Product Description: Ear muff
Model Number: 2AI7L-488131
FCC ID: 2AI7L-488131
According to 447498 D01 General RF Exposure Guidance v05 The 1-g and 10-g SAR test
exclusion thresholds for 100 MHz to 6 GHz at test separation distances ≤ 50 mm are
determined by: [(max. power of channel, including tune-up tolerance, mW)/(min. test
separation distance, mm)] ·[√f(GHz)] ≤ 3.0 for 1-g SAR and ≤ 7.5 for 10-g extremity SAR,
f(GHz) is the RF channel transmit frequency in GHz
Power and distance are rounded to the nearest mW and mm before calculation
According to the follow transmitter output power(Pt)formula:
Pt=(E x d)2/(30 x gt)
Pt=transmitter output power in watts
gt=numeric gain of the transmitting antenna (unitess)
E=electric field strength in V/m
d=measurement distance in meters (m)
According to the formula described above:
Emax=93.59dBuv/m=0.048V/m, d=3m, gt=1
Pt=(E x d)2/(30 x gt)=(0.048x3)2 / (30x1)=0.0006912W=0.69mW
The result is rounded to one decimal place for comparison
Worse case is as below: [2402MHz -0.69mW output power]
(0.69mW / 5mm)*[√2.402(GHz)] = 0.21 < 3.0 for 1 - g SAR
Then SAR evaluation is not required
NOTE: For the maximum power, you can refer FCC test report.
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