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                                                                        1033 McCarthy Boulevard,
                                                                        Milpitas, California 95035 USA
                                                                        Office +1 408 745 9600

Date: 2018-10-08

To the attention of
Federal Communications Commission
Authorization and Evaluation Division

                         Permanent Confidentiality Request

Pursuant to Sections 0.457 and 0.459 of the Commission’s Rules, the Applicant hereby requests
confidential treatment of information accompanying this Application as outlined below:
  Operational Description
  Software Operational Description

The above materials contain trade secrets and proprietary information not customarily released to
the public. The public disclosure of these matters might be harmful to the Applicant and provide
unjustified benefits to its competitors.
The Applicant understands that pursuant to Rule 0.457, disclosure of this Application and all
accompanying documentation will not be made before the date of the Grant for this application.
Sincerely yours,

Rick Linford
Regulatory Compliance Engineer
SonicWall Inc.
email : rlinford@sonicwall.com
Phone : 408.962.8798
Fax Number: 408.745.9300

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