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 Date: Dec 07,2018

 To:      Federal Communications Commission,
           Authorization & Evaluation Division,
           7435 Oakland Mills Road,
           Columbia, MD 21046

                         Re: Wiko
                         ECC ID: 2AMseWUsooAs
                         FCC Part 15C Certification
                         Confidentiality Request


1.     Long—Term Confidentiality

This letter is to comply with 47 CFR 0.457 and 0.459 pertaining to confidentiality material.
Wiko requests that the following documents regarding this submission for FCC ID:
2AMS8GWU3OOAS be kept confidential:

Exhibit Type                          File Name
Block Diagram                         Block Diagram.pdf
Schematics                            Circuit Diagram.pdf
Operational Description               Operational Description.pdf
Part list                             BOM.pdf
Tune up                               Tune up.pdf

2.     Short—Term Confidentiality

Pursuant to Public Notice DA 04—1705 of the Commission‘s policy, in order to comply with the
marketing regulations in 47 CFR §2.803 and the importation rules in 47 CFR §2.1204,
applicant hereby requests Short—Term Confidential treatment of the following materials until
180 days after the Grant Date of Equipment Authorizations.

Exhibit Type                          File Name
Internal Photos                       Internal Photos.pdf
User‘s Manual                         User Manual.pdf
Setup Photos                          Setup Photos.pdf
External Photos                       External Photos.pdf

Those documents contain detailed system and equipment description and related information
about the product which FCC ID: 2AM8GWU300AS considers to be confidential proprietary, a
custom design and, otherwise, not releasable to the general public. Since this design is a
basis form which future technological products will evolve, Wiko considers this information
would be of benefit to its competitors, and that the disclosure of the information in these
documents would give competitors an unfair advantage in the market.

Signature            :    Q’                                         —

Job Title and Dept.       : é—@ou        ((:ec.(qa ‘,cL.,Q rDéfe L\(O *"/         K C@-_D

1, rue Capitaine Dessemond 13007 — Marseille — France

To whom it may concern:

  This is a WLAN,/Bluetooth combination antenna with FCC ID: 2AM86WU3O0AS.
This WLAN/Bluetooth co—existence mechanism is to ensure that the WLAN and Bluetooth
transmitters would not simultaneously operate. Therefore, WLAN and Bluetooth antenna in
FCC ID: 2AM86WU300AS should not be considered to be able to transmit simultaneously.
  Though the users can use WLAN and Bluetooth simultaneously, but the real situation is that
WLAN and Bluetooth are used by time sharing and no overlap transmission.
  Should you have any question, please have my best attention.

Signature :

Job Title and Dept.   :    GQD Iga@ Te,plwfl»‘ L&/O          F\O ire J/o//       K @D

    1, rue Capitaine Dessemond 13007 — Marseille — France


                   declare that the device, FCC ID:
¢                     don‘t operate on Channels 12 and 13. US 2.4G channel 12—13 and
Country code selection are disabled through proprietary software and are not user
        Should you have any question or comment regarding this matter, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Printed Name: Olivier Simon      _       ____—
            @(foM       fiJ\WLa/Q fD :f;

 1, rue Capitaine Dessemond 13007 — Marseille — France

 Date: 2018/12/7

To:    Federal Communications Commission,
       Authorization & Evaluation Division,
       7435 Oakland Mills Road,
       Columbia, MD 21046

And    American Certification Body, Inc.
        6731 Whittier Avenue
        Suite C110
        McLean, VA 22101

To Whom It May Concern:

The Wiko, the undersigned,         hereby authorizes CTTL, Telecommunication
Technology Labs, CAICT to act on the behalf of the Wiko solely in matters
relating to the application for an FCC equipment authorization for ECC ID:
2AM8GWU3OOAS including the signing of documents in connection with this
Application. Necessary acts carried out CTTL, Telecommunication Technology
Labs, CAICT on our behalf of the Wiko in connection with the Application shall
have the same effect as acts of the Wiko. Wiko also hereby certify that no party to
this application is subject to a denial of benefits, including FCC benefits, pursuant
to Section 5301 of the Anti—Drug Abuse Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C. 862.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
Signatory:         zmss       _

Contact name: Olivier Simon
Title: Globle Technical Director
Tel: +33658137760
Email: Osimon@wikomobile.com
Company name: Wiko

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