BNSBB0500 Basketball Bluetooth Speaker Cover Letter Bn sports technology

Bn sports technology Basketball Bluetooth Speaker

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Bn sports technology Co., L.
509 Room, Bulding 4, Tongtal Time Genter, Fuyong Sreet, Bacan Distrct, Shen‘en, China

     Nov. 08, 2018
     Federal Communication Commission
     Authorization and Evaluation Division


     Re: Confidentiality Request
     Pursuant to Sections 0.457 and 0.459 of the Commission‘s Rules, the applcant hereby
     recuests corfidential treatment ofinformation agplied this agpleation as outined below
     1: Blook Diagram
     2: Schomatis
     9: Operatona! Deserigion

     The above materials contain trade seerets and propristayyinformation not customarly
     released to Jhe puble. The publie disclosure of these matters might be hamnfu to the
     applleant and provide unkestifed benefts to ts compsttors
     "The Apglieant understands that pursuantto Rules 0.457, disclosure ofthis Agpleation and
     all secompanying documentation willnot be made before the date of the Grantfor this

     Bn spots technology Co., td
     Contast person Bo Deng

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