HWGATE915 Gateway Module Cover Letter Heat Watch

Heat Watch Gateway Module

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                                Heat Watch LLC.

                          818 6"" Avenue — Suite 4N
                                  NY, NY, 10001


Federal Communications Commission
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21046

Subject: Request for Permanent Confidentiality

To whom it may concern:

In accordance with 47CFR Section 0.457 and Section 0.459 pertaining to confidential
material, we hereby request to hold permanently confidential all information contained
within the below identified exhibits/document categories submitted pursuant to radio
equipment certification requirements for FCC ID: 2AQX2—HWGATE915

    1. Block Diagram
    2. Operational Description
    3. Schematics
    4. Parts List / Tune—Up Procedure

The above material contains trade secrets and proprietary information as specified by
47CFR 0.457(d) and technical data, which would customarily be guarded from
competitors. The public disclosure of this information might be harmful to our company
and provide unjustified benefits to our competitors.


Jeffrey Carleton — President

Heat Watch LLC



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