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Storyball Company

To:     SGS North America Inc.
        620 Old Peachtree Road
        SUITE 100
        Suwanee, Georgia
        United States

From: Storyball Company
      31465 Juliana Farms Road.
      San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Regarding:      Confidentiality Request regarding application for FCC ID: 2ASDPSB00101-06

Pursuant to 47 CFR Section 0.459 and 0.457 of the commission’s rules, the applicant hereby request
confidential treatment of the documents listed below, associated with the certification application
referenced above.
Block Diagrams
Operational Descriptions

The documents above contain proprietary information not released to the public. Public disclosure of this
information may prove harmful to the business of the applicant.

Additionally, the applicant requests the following documents be held confidential until the device is
marketed or 180 days from the grant date, whichever is less. If the device is marketed within 180 days of
the Grant Date, the applicant will notify the TCB per FCC KDB 726920 D01 Confidentiality Request

External Photos
Internal Photos
Test Setup Photos
User manual(s)


Chen Lev                                              CEO

Signature: ______________________

On behalf of Company: ​Storyball

Telephone: +972-54-6562665


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