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Dana. OSAKA 574cm; JAPAN
PHONE: 072-870-43119
Request for Modular Transmitter Approval
Applicant: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
This transmitter, model: U9W3l is designed by us.
May 11, 2018
It complies with the modular transmitters basic requirements (Item 1 to 8) in FCC Part 15 Subpart C Section
l5.212 as indicated below:
Modular Approval Checklist:
Modular approval requirement
(1) Have its own RF shielding.
(2) Have buffered modulation/data inputs,
(3) Have its own power supply regulation,
(4) Comply with the antenna and transmission system requirements
nf§ 15.203, 15.204(b) and 15.204(c).
(5) Tested in a stand-alone configuration.
Unless the transmitter module will be battery powered, it must
comply with the AC line conducted requirements found in FCC §
15.207. AC or DC power lines and data input/output lines
connected to the module must not contain fel'rites, unless they will
be marketed with the module. Tile length ofthese lines shall be the
length typical ofactual use or, ifthat length is unknown, at least 10
centimeters to insure that there is no coupling between the case of
the module and supporting equipment. Any accessories,
peripherals, or support equipment connected to the module during
testing shall be unmodified and commercially available.
(6) Equipped with either a permanently affixed label or must be
capable of electronically displaying its FCC ID,
If the FCC 1.1) is not visible when the module is installed inside
another device, then the outside of the device into which the module
is installed must also display a label referring to the enclosed
(7) Comply with any specific rules or operating requirements that
ordinarily apply to a complete transmitter and the manufacturer
must provide adequate instructions along with the module to
explain any such requirements.
(8) Comply with any applicable RF exposure requirements in its
final configuration: The modular transmitter complies with FCC
radiation exposure requirement
7 gear
Takeshi Tsuchida
Funai Electric C0,, Ltd.
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