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Sharp Smart Phone

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                                            SHARP                                                           TCP
                          1 Takumi—cho, Sakai—ku, Sakai City, Osaka 590—8522, Japan
                                            Tel : 81—743—65—2450
                                            Fax : 81—743—65—2466

                              WIFI Channel 12 & 13 Declaration Letter

To whom it may concern:

We have declared below featured for FCC equipment authorization in regard to 802.11b/g/n channel 12
& 13 operating capability for FCC ID: APYHROOO263.


       {]        Product hardware does not have the capability to operate on channel 12 & 13
                 Product hardware has the capability to operate on channel 12 & 13.
       )         However , these 2 channels will be disabled via software and user will not able to
                 enable these 2 channels
                 Product hardware has the capability to operate on channel 12 & 13.
                 And meeting KDB 594280 DO1 requirement.
                 Pis explain detail here.
                 The control of the WiFi function equipped in this device is not dependent on the
       IX]       information from the Access Point but is performed by "MCC" and "MNC" directly
                 acquired from the network carrier and this operation is according to clause IV.B.1 (b) —
                 (2) of the KDB594280 DO1.
                 Refer to a separate submitted report for actual operation of this device.
                   12—2_WLAN_Software configuration information for restriction_APYHROOOxxx.pdf
       D         Others
                 PIs explain detail here.

Company Name: Sharp Corporation
Address          : 1 Takumi—cho, Sakai—ku, Sakai City Osaka Japan 590—8522
Name / Title     _: Masaaki Nishikawa/ General Manager, Head of Quality Promotion Div.

Signature :% —            Mfi‘
             *            _                 J
Phone        : +81—743—65—2450
Email         : nishikawa—
Date         : October 19, 2018

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