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Request for Linlited Modular TransElitter Approval
Apri1 27,2016
Applicτ ntt Canon lnc.
This transmitter,modelI WM237 is designed by us.
It complies with the modular transm撤 ers basic requirements(Item l t0 8)in FCC Pa五 15 Subpart C Section
15.212 as indicated belowi
Modular Approval Checklst:
Modular aDDrOVal re(Iuirement
(1)HaVe■ s Owil RF shieldも 叱
(2)Have buffercd modulation/data inputs.
(3)Have itS()wn powcr supply reguttion.
The stable voltage(DC3.3V and
DCl.8V)is cOnstalltly provided
とom the host device regardless of
input voltatte.
(4)Comply wih he antenm alld ttansmission system requrements
ofS 15.204(c).
(5)Tested in a stand… alone condguration.
Unless he ttansmitter module will bc battely powered,it must
This ttansmitter is installed h end
comply wih the AC line conducted requttments fomd in FCC§
products by professional hstallcrs
15.207.AC or DC power lhes and data hput/output lhes
connected to he module must not contah felrhes,unless they will
be marketed witt he module,The length ofhese lhes shall be he
length typical ofactual use or,ifhatlength is ulttnown,at least 10
centheters to hsure hat here is no couphtt bebⅣ een tte case of
hc module and supporting equlpment,Any accessories,
pcriphcrals,or suppOrt equipment connected to hc module durh8
tcsthЯ shall bc llШ nodifled and colxlmercially available.
anently attxed labcl or must be
(6)Equipped wih cihcr a peェ ェ
capable ofelec,onically displayhg its FCC ID。
If he FCC ID is not visblc when he module is hstalled hsidc
another device,then the outside ofhe device into whiOh the rnodule
is installed must also display a label referh8 tO tte enclosed
(7)Comply wm any Specftt rules or opertthg requrements that
ordh前 ly apply to a complete ttansm性 er and he manufacturer
must pro宙 de adequate hsttuctions along witt he module to
expla■l any such requrements.
(8)Comply wih aり
applic'able RF exposl巌
re requments h tts
fmal conigurationi Thc modular ttansmitter complics wih FCC
radiation exposllre requrement.
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